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Chapter 4
The Cure Suppressed

All truth passes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Second it is violently opposed. Third it is accepted as self evident.
- Arthur Schopenhauer, German Philosopher

In my first book, Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About, I reveal the natural non-drug and non-surgical ways to cure and prevent disease. In my second book, More Natural Cures Revealed: Previously Censored Name Brand Products That Cure Disease, I list the specific products that have been proven to be more effective than drugs, inexpensive, and with no side effects. In both books I, as a former insider, expose the secrets of how multinational corporations, in conjunction with governments and the news media, suppress the truth about these inexpensive natural alternatives to drugs and surgery. I detail how this occurs and why this occurs. The suppression of truthful information relating to natural inexpensive products that cure and prevent disease is not some kind of conspiracy theory. It is purely economic. Every publicly traded corporation is legally obliged to increase shareholder value. That's the law. The officers and directors of these corporations have only one responsibility and goal: increase shareholder value. This means every publicly traded corporation must increase profits and growth. It is publicly disclosed, and reported on in financial newspapers around the world, that these corporations must continue to sell more and more of their products to more and more people. This is not a secret, but no one ever thinks about it. In order to sell more and more products to more and more people, corporations always do two things. they lie about the effectiveness and safety of their product, making them appear better than they are; secondly, they must crush any competitor's products. This happens in every business; it happens in politics as well. Political candidates tell you how wonderful they are and how horrible the other candidates are. Companies always say how wonderful their products are and how horrible the competitor's products are.

Corporations employ thousands of lobbyists who get lawmakers to pass laws crushing competitors. In many cases these lobbyists and corporations use illegal tactics, bribes, and payoffs to achieve this result. This is common knowledge today. Hundreds of lawmakers around the world have been convicted of accepting bribes and payoffs from lobbyists and corporations to give them competitive advantages in the marketplace. In America, an unknown lobbyist by the name of Jack Abramoff recently admitted to paying off over sixty congressmen and senators so that his corporate clients could make more money.
Multinational corporations, specifically in the drug industry and food industry, indirectly control the boards of most of the media outlets. This means television networks, radio networks, newspapers, and magazines are no longer bastions of free speech and independent journalism. The media no longer independently reports objective truthful information. The media outlets today are, in effect, propaganda machines used by multinational conglomerates to spread information that ultimately increases sales of their products while simultaneously crushing competitors.

Remember, every publicly traded food company only wants to get more people to buy more food. This is achieved by purposely producing food that gets us physically addicted to the food like a drug, increasing hunger, and making us fat. The food produced today containing genetically modified substances, high fructose corn syrup, monosodium glutamate, artificial sweeteners, antibiotics, and over 15,000 other man-made chemicals has been specifically engineered to make the hypothalamus operate abnormally, thus making us fat.

Remember, the food industry and drug industry are, in fact, controlled by the same group of international billionaires. Food is produced specifically to increase obesity and disease. This increases food sales and also increases drug sales. Simultaneously, commonly used drugs such as cholesterol lowering drugs, high blood pressure medication, pain medication, cough syrup, sleep aids, anti-inflammatories, and antidepressants all have an adverse affect on the hypothalamus and other internal organs, increasing hunger and obesity. The fact is every non-prescription and prescription drug can be, in part, responsible for increased appetite and weight gain.

The weight loss industry is generally nothing more than a sub-industry, owned and controlled by the drug industry and food industry. It is estimated to be close to a $150 billion a year market. It is one of the fastest growing market segments in the world. The multinational corporations are excited about this growth potential. It is important to understand that the multinational corporations involved in the drug industry, food industry, and diet industry are looking at billions of dollars in profits as long as people continue to get fat! These industries absolutely want more and more people to become fatter and fatter all around the world. This means astronomical profits for these companies poised to take advantage of this trend. Any company or person that could threaten the increase in obesity must be stopped.

The economics of obesity come down to this there is huge money to be made as long as people continue getting fatter. Diet aids and products can be sold as long as they don't work! Any true obesity cure must be debunked, discredited, and outlawed.

Another major reason why any effective permanent weight loss cure would be suppressed is the fact that every major drug company has invested hundreds of millions of dollars trying to patent an expensive drug, or surgical procedure, that the FDA will approve for the treatment of obesity. You see these outrageous, dangerous, and expensive surgical procedures all over television. The drug companies are currently making billions in profits on these insane surgical procedures. The drug companies never want a non-patentable, inexpensive cure widely used or accepted. If an inexpensive natural cure for obesity was available and used by the masses, these drug companies stand to lose billions of dollars in profits every year. To the drug companies, this is a war. Being publicly traded corporations, they are not interested in what is best for mankind. They are legally obliged to be only interested in their own corporate bottom line profits. This is the major conflict of interest that drug companies and every other publicly traded corporation has to deal with. When doing what is best for mankind adversely affects their profits they must choose profits over what is best for individual people.

The Simeons "weight loss cure protocol" is the only known cure for the obesity condition. Combined with the knowledge of what causes the condition, the patient can achieve a permanent cure to their obesity and overweight condition. The drug companies, food industry, and weight loss industry do not want you to know the truth about this cure.

Simeons' unexpected death remains a mystery. Throughout history people who made spectacular discoveries that ultimately posed major threats to the profits of multinational corporations have all suddenly, and unexpectedly, died under mysterious circumstances or just plain vanished without a trace. If you wonder if large corporations will go to, illegal extreme measures to protect their profits, consider the well-known case of the big three auto makers setting up fake corporations to buy and dismantle public transportation in California so that they could increase automobile sales. In court the big three were found guilty, yet due to obvious payoffs and bribes, received only a one dollar fine! Remember, executives at Big Tobacco had the scientific proof that cigarette smoking caused disease yet lied about it for fifty years! Remember, that executives at Ford Motor Company knew that if they did not recall the "exploding Pinto" thousands of innocent people would die, and be injured. They decided it was more cost effective to deal with the potential lawsuits than to recall their flawed automobile. Corporate executives have routinely chosen profits over the safety of human lives. In just the last ten years, thousands of corporate executives, corporations, and high ranking government officials have been found guilty of fraud, deception, and committing illegal acts adversely affecting the public in general. Corruption is widespread—more than you could ever imagine. I know firsthand...I was directly involved!

Years ago, people in the world were called the "public at large," "individuals," "humanity," or "citizens." Today, governments and corporations only refer to people as "consumers." This means that the only people that matter are those that have the ability to consume or buy products. If a group does not have the ability to consume or buy products they are irrelevant and expendable in the minds of corporations and governments. This is most notable in the way pharmaceutical companies are using poor impoverished people in third world nations as human guinea pigs in secret drug trials. Uneducated, impoverished human beings are given experimental drugs unknowingly so that pharmaceutical manufacturers can test levels of toxicity. This practice is causing deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. These deaths are never attributed to the drugs. The entire practice is illegal and is nothing more than a form of genocide. Although a work of fiction, the movie The Constant Gardner shows in graphic detail this unconscionable act of corporate greed. Watch the movie and be appalled.

Try to remember that every corporation is only trying to increase profits. They are only trying to get you to buy their product and not buy someone else's product. When you see advertisements on television know that the most sophisticated persuasive techniques are being used to motivate you to purchase the product. Deceptions, lies, and false and misleading advertising are at an all-time high. Remember, it's always all about the money.

The Simeons "weight loss cure protocol" was so effective and permanent that news of its success did, in fact, spread in the 1970s. Wanting to cash in on the potential profits available in the weight loss industry, a group of businessmen started a company called Professional Reducing. These were not doctors, or people involved in the medical profession; they were businessmen who wanted to get rich. Clinics were set up in various cities in the U.S. and around the world providing to the patients the Simeons "weight loss cure protocol." The group made a fatal mistake. They put full-page ads in newspapers around the world advertising their weight loss clinics. This caught the attention of the food industry, the existing diet industry, the drug industry, the government and, of course, the media.

The government's public line was that it wanted to protect consumers from weight loss scams and rip-offs that did not work. In reality, the government is used by large corporations to wipe out competition. It is well known today, and has been proven in court, that corporations use lobbyists, bribes, and payoffs to get politicians and government officials in such agencies like the FDA and FTC to do its dirty work in crushing any company or person that could adversely affect these corporations' profits. This is true around the world and has been proven over and over again The government and its agencies do not protect people; they, in fact, protect the profits of the corporations that are paying the politicians.

The drug companies wanted to debunk and discredit the Simeons cure because it would expose how their drugs were partially responsible for obesity. This could adversely affect sales. The Simeons cure also exposed how the food was being manufactured and sold specifically to increase obesity and disease. Knowledge of this could adversely affect drug company sales and profits. The drug companies were also working on surgical methods and expensive patentable drugs for the treatment of obesity, which they intended on selling, resulting in billions in annual profits. Widespread use of the Simeons cure could dramatically, adversely affect these future profits.

The food industry wanted to stop knowledge and use of the Simeons cure because it would result in thinner people, with normal appetites, resulting in less food sold, and lower profits. They also were afraid of being exposed for purposely creating food that makes people obese and gives them disease. They were terrified of being hit with billion dollar class action suits like the tobacco companies were dealing with. This is why, today, food and drug companies are spending tens of millions of dollars trying to get Congress to pass tort reform, which will make them immune to these lawsuits. The drug and food companies know that their products cause obesity and disease, just like the tobacco companies knew for fifty years that cigarette smoking caused disease. The tobacco companies lied about this knowledge for almost fifty years. The drug companies and food companies are lying to us now.

The diet industry was making billions in profits selling diet products and diet food that not only didn't work, but actually made people fatter in the long run. They did not want Simeons "weight loss cure protocol" in widespread use as it would expose them for the frauds and deceivers that they really are. Use of the Simeons protocol could have a dramatic negative impact on the profits of these diet and weight loss companies.

One of the most massive and coordinated negative PR and debunking campaigns was initiated in history. These huge, powerful multinational corporations spent tens of millions of dollars, and paid off government officials and news media executives, with the goal of wiping out knowledge and use of the Simeons "weight loss cure protocol," as being marketed by Professional Reducing.

Newspaper articles came out criticizing and debunking Simeons' method and Professional Reducing. Flagrant lies about the treatment were printed; newspapers, magazines, and television reports claimed that the treatment included injections of urine from pregnant women. This is false and a blatant lie. The reports said that the whole Simeons protocol was a money making scam. The reports ignored the thirty years of proven results and research. The U.S. Government even claimed that they conducted a double-blind study at Edwards Air Force Base showing that the Simeons cure was completely ineffective. This was an absolute lie. The study at Edwards Air Force Base did not follow the Simeons protocol at all! It was purposely set up to fail, thus allowing the news media to publicly discredit the true effectiveness of Simeons's cure.

Professional Reducing was put out of business. The cover-up and deception by the government and news media about the effectiveness of this cure terrified doctors around the world who were using the protocol with spectacular results.

The cure went underground once again.

Today, there are hundreds of doctors, physicians, and medical experts who are using the Simeons cure, and continuing to see the spectacular results. Revealing this cure on a widespread basis puts me in great personal jeopardy. I have personally seen thousands of patient records verifying the successful results. I have interviewed dozens of medical doctors who are using this treatment with spectacular results. I have talked to hundreds of patients who have received this treatment and report their spectacular results. Most importantly, I have personally done this treatment myself and can attest that everything about it is true.

If you have struggled with weight, I believe this is the only true permanent answer. If you deal with intense and constant hunger, food cravings, uncontrollable urges to eat when you are not hungry, and inability to lose fat in the problem areas of your body, I believe the Simeons "weight loss cure protocol" can quickly, easily, and permanently correct the abnormal condition.

I am not a doctor. I have no formal medical training. As a journalist, reporter, investigator, and researcher, I am sharing with you this suppressed truth about the cause and cure of obesity.

Get ready to start a whole new life without deprivation, hunger, or frustration. Get ready to start a new life as a normal, thin, energetic, happy person. Now let me reveal for the first time ever on a mass scale, the original proven time-tested Simeons "weight loss cure protocol".


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