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Chapter 3
The Weight Loss Cure Discovered

A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.

- Max Planck, German Physicist.

In the 1950s obesity was a rare occurrence. In Europe less than a quarter of 1% of the population was considered obese; less than 3% were fat; less than 6% were considered slightly overweight. Europe had just been devastated by the Second World War. Food was scarce. People ate food that was grown and harvested, usually within a mile of where they lived. Everything was relatively fresh. Fruits, vegetables, and grains were not genetically modified. There were no artificial chemical fertilizers Herbicides, pesticides, and insecticides were never used. Cows roamed freely and ate grass and hay. They were not injected with growth hormone, antibiotics, or other drugs. Meat and poultry was killed and butchered in local neighborhoods and purchased fresh Bread was made daily with flour, water, salt, and yeast. Pasteurization and irradiating of food, killing all the enzymes and nutritional value, was not practiced. Microwaving of food was an unheard of technology. Artificial sweeteners like saccharin, aspartame, and sucrolos were nonexistent. High fructose corn syrup, dextrose and the over 15,000 chemical additives commonly used today were an unheard of concept. Monosodium glutamate and other flavor enhancing excitotoxins were not even imagined. People ate real food. Diet sodas, low fat, low calorie, low carb items were not even considered. People ate real, full fat, full carb, full calorie food.

Due to the devastation of the war, people routinely walked over five miles daily as part of their normal routine. Moving their body as the body was intended was part of normal life. Bending, lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying, reaching were not activities done in exercise classes, but rather acts performed in the normal course of living day-to-day. People did not sit for hours in front of televisions or computers, as computers were nonexistent and televisions were scarce. People drank tea and coffee with real sugar and full fat cream. High calorie and high carb beer and wine were the drinks of choice. Being slightly overweight, fat, or obese was a rarity indeed.

It was at this time that a prominent physician, Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, M.D., became interested in the medical condition of obesity. Born in London, Dr. Simeons graduated in medicine summa cum laude at the University of Heidelberg. His postgraduate studies were done in Germany and Switzerland. He was appointed to a large surgical hospital near Dresden. Early in his career he became engrossed in the study of tropical diseases and joined the School of Tropical Medicine in Hamburg. He spent two years in Africa. In 1931, he went to India, where he stayed for eighteen years. He was awarded the Red Cross Order of Merit by the Queen of England for discovering the use of an injectable remedy for malaria, and a new method of staining malaria parasites, now known as the "Simeons stain." During the Second World War he held several important posts under the government of India, conducting extensive research on bubonic plague and leprosy control. In 1949 he moved to Rome, treating patients at the Salvator Mundi International Hospital. During his career he authored several medical books and contributed to many scientific publications.

Simeons, M.D., was regarded as one of the top research doctors in Europe. Traveling the world, Dr. Simeons became fascinated with the unique and rare condition known as obesity. Up until this time in history the majority of people that were slightly overweight, fat, or obese were the rich. The reasons were well known. The rich had plenty of food to eat and did not have to perform any physical labor. Taking in more calories than the body burns through normal metabolism and physical activity creates an excess which must be stored in the body. This creates excess weight. By simply lowering caloric intake and increasing physical activity the body very quickly and easily burned off the excess fat and weight. People today are not so lucky. What Simeons observed was the unique and rare situation where poor impoverished people became obese even though their calorie consumption was quite low and their physical exertion level was quite high. This made no logical sense. Thus began his fascination with the cause and treatment of obesity. Dr. Simeons very quickly became one of the most knowledgeable experts on every known theory relating to the cause of obesity. He also became one of the world's foremost experts on every treatment used around the world to handle the obesity condition. During this time, it was mostly only the rich and famous that had issues with obesity. In today's terms the profit potential or market for weight loss treatments was incredibly small. If anyone was slightly overweight they simply reduced their food intake and increased their physical activity for a week or two and the condition was easily and almost effortlessly corrected. In Simeons' day, obesity was not the epidemic that it is today. The drug and food companies had not yet figured out a way to actually make us fat, make us intensely and constantly hungry, or get us physically addicted to food. The drug and food companies had not yet figured out a way to mess up our metabolisms and fat storing mechanisms, virtually making it impossible for people to lose weight and fat.

Simeons worked with thousands of individual overweight, fat, and obese patients and studied the results with incredible due diligence. Every new theory, every new method, every new lead was considered. He personally tested and critically evaluated everything used around the world for obesity. The results were always disappointing and lacked uniformity. The nature of the obesity disorder was a mystery to every doctor and expert around the world. Remember, at this time obesity was relatively rare. Today, using the same standards as then, over 50% of Americans classify as being obese, and 80% are overweight or fat. The standard theory, which is still what governments and health organizations around the world claim, is that people are fat simply because they eat too much and do not exercise as much as they should. Simeons believed this was neither the whole truth nor the last word in the matter. Simeons believed that overeating is a result of a deeper disorder and not the true cause. For years Simeons tested and studied patient after patient. He completed multiple clinical trials and published these in scientific journals. During his research Simeons received hundreds of inquiries from research institutes and doctors around the world. It seemed that Simeons was the only doctor trying to find the true cause of this condition instead of trying to find a way to profit from the marketing or sale of some "treatment" for the condition. After sixteen years of trial and error, Simeons discovered a theory as to the true cause of obesity. Once believing he knew the cause, he then could come up with a way to cure the condition permanently.

His basic findings were that obesity, in all forms, is an abnormal functioning of various parts of the body. It is a medical conch- don. People suffering from this particular disorder get fat regardless of whether they eat excessively, normally, or less than normal! A person suffering from this disorder will still get fat, stay fat, and never lose the problem area fat no matter how much they diet and exercise. Most importantly, Simeons discovered that when a person is free of this disorder, he will never get fat even if he frequently overeats and does not exercise. When the condition is severe, fat accumulates very rapidly. When the condition is moderate, a person gradually increases fat and weight. When the condition is mild, the weight can remain steady for long periods of time with very slow accumulation of fat, yet fat still accumulates abnormally. Whether the person has a severe, moderate, or mild condition, any loss of weight using any diet and exercise treatments is only achieved with much discomfort, is only temporary, and is rapidly regained as soon as the reducing regime is relaxed or stopped.

In order for Simeons to achieve true success he determined his treatment must be equally effective in both men and women, in all age groups, and for severe, moderate, and mild forms of obesity. This way, Simeons would know that his treatment in fact corrected the underlying cause of the disorder. To further prove that the treatment, in fact, cured the disorder, all patients must have the ability to eat normally any food he pleases in any amounts without regaining abnormal fat or weight after the treatment. These requirements were met during the research. Simeons then could legitimately speak of "curing" obesity rather than just reducing weight. Never before or since has a true cure for obesity been a legitimate claim.

Three Kinds of Fat

There are three kinds of fat in the human body. The first is structural fat. It surrounds the organs and joints. It is important at protecting the organs, arteries, and keeping the skin smooth and taught. It also provides cushioning under the bones of the feet and joints.

The second type of fat is the normal fat reserves used as fuel when the body is dealing with nutritional or calorie insufficiencies. This fat is spread all over the body. Structural and normal fat reserves are in fact normal and needed for good health. Interestingly enough, when people do any type of diet and exercise weight reducing regimes, it is this fat plus muscle that is lost. This is why people who lose weight with every other diet and exercise program have a sore heel, sore feet, sore joints, develop arthritis, and have sagging, old looking skin. They are losing important structural fat, some normal fat, and important muscle mass.

The third type of fat is abnormal, secure reserves of fat. This third fat is a reserve of fuel, but unlike the normal, readily accessible fat reserves spread throughout the body, this fat is located in what is called the "problem areas." In women this is most often the hips, thighs, and buttocks. In men it is most often the waist and upper chest. This fat is stored as a survival mechanism and is only released in the most severe nutritional emergency when the body is close to near starvation. It is also released during pregnancy to ensure the survival of the unborn fetus. In obese patients the body abnormally stores most of its fat reserves in these areas. This creates a grotesque disfiguration of the body shape and guarantees that the person will virtually find it impossible to lose weight and fat in the future.

When an obese person tries to lose weight using any diet and exercise program he loses normal fat reserves, structural fat, and muscle. The patient feels weak and hungry. They look tired and their face and skin become drawn and haggard. To their frustration, the hips, thighs, buttocks, belly, and upper arms show little improvement. The problem areas and grotesque body shape that the patient wants so desperately to correct stays virtually the same. The important structural fat covering their bones gets less and less. Their skin wrinkles and they look old and miserable. This is why dieting and exercise programs can be one of the most depressing and frustrating experiences a person can have.

Because this is a medical physical condition, obese patients feel horrible when trying to reduce. They actually feel physically better when they are staying at their current weight or gaining weight.
Remember, because this is an abnormal physical condition, the basic theories of simply reducing calories and increasing physical activity to lose weight are not true. Many obese patients actually gain weight when reducing calories and increasing physical activity, going against the conventional wisdom held by the majority of the medical community. Every doctor who has studied obese patients under strictly controlled conditions knows this is true even though it is beyond accepted medical knowledge and understanding.

As part of Simeons' research the thyroid gland, the pituitary gland, the pancreas, the adrenals, the gallbladder, and over 100 other physiological functions were tested. No direct, consistent correlation between obesity and these various body functions were found. The only common denominators in all obese patients were a constant and abnormally intense physical hunger, abnormally low body metabolism, abnormally high food cravings and desires to eat when not hungry, and the body's abnormally storing excess fat in the secure problem area fat reserves. Therefore, the theory that obesity is caused by overeating and not enough exercise and can be cured only by under-eating and exercising more is categorically false and leads to misery in the patient and utter failure.

Simeons' greatest discovery was that these conditions were caused by an abnormal functioning of the hypothalamus gland. The hypothalamus gland remains a mystery in the medical profession. Little knowledge as to its functioning is known. Doctors and medical experts simply do not know what the hypothalamus actually does and how it does it. The question that Simeons wrestled with was if the hypothalamus is functioning abnormally in obese people, what caused this abnormality? The next question was how could this abnormality be corrected? The third question was could this abnormality be corrected permanently so as not to return, thus curing the condition of obesity forever?
During the time of Simeons' research, DNA testing and other medical diagnostic technologies were not available. In many respects Simeons had theorized. Today's advancements in medical diagnostic techniques are proving that his theories were correct. His first theory was that the hypothalamus abnormality was caused by a genetic abnormality. If a person was born with a hypothalamus that did not function properly, their obesity simply wasn't their fault. The second theory as to why a person's hypothalamus would be operating abnormally leading to obesity was that at some point in the person's life their hypothalamus was massively and abruptly overtaxed. Simeons believed that this could be caused by a massive and sudden dramatic, stressful, or emotional event, or series of events, that occurred in a person's life. This would produce an incredible release of hormones, shocking the hypothalamus and, in effect, resetting abnormally high its fat-storing regulators and hunger-producing regulators.

Simeons also concluded that when a person consumed massive amounts of calories in a short period of time this would also cause the hypothalamus to function abnormally. He found the situation worsened when a person ate little or nothing for twenty-four hours right before this large consumption of food, and if the food lacked sufficient amounts of fiber, and was super highly refined.

As I previously mentioned, it is interesting to note that a common denominator of obese people today is that they do this exact regime almost on a daily basis. For example, a fat person today eats dinner at 7:00 p.m. They go to bed, and wake up and skip breakfast. They work all day and skip lunch. They go home in the evening and consume a massive meal twenty-four hours since their last intake of food. This causes a severe negative reaction to the hypothalamus. In Simeons' day, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, monosodium glutamate, growth hormones, and other chemical man-made additives were not present in the food supply. Today's research is conclusive that these substances make the problem 100 times worse.

Eating a meal in a fast food restaurant is a guaranteed way to mess up your hypothalamus and push it into an abnormal state, lowering metabolism, increasing hunger, and guaranteeing large amounts of fat will be stored in the problem areas making it virtually impossible to lose. A standard meal in a fast food restaurant consists of over 2,500 calories! Combine that with the massive amounts of man-made trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, MSG, etc. and you have the absolute perfect method to create an abnormally operating hypothalamus guaranteeing you'll become obese. The fast food industry has done this purposefully. This is not a conspiracy, this is pure economics. It is in the financial best interest of the fast food industry to make you fat, and get you physically, chemically addicted to the food like a drug. Fat people buy and eat more food.

Simeons also discovered that constant dieting also creates this abnormal hypothalamus condition. After the Second World War, Simeons observed 6,000 grossly underfed Polish refugees. These Poles were housed in a British refugee camp in India. They were fed normal British army rations; they were not overeating, and engaged in more physical activity than 90% of Americans do today. Surprisingly, within about three months 85% of these Poles were suffering from obesity! This is why dieting doesn't work. Dieting does not address the cause of obesity; dieting makes the condition worse.

Simeons also observed that another cause of the creating of an abnormally operating hypothalamus was the massive consumption of highly refined food with little fiber. Highly refined food, such as white flour and white sugar, causes slow digestion and a dramatic spike in insulin secretion by the pancreas, thus overtaxing the hypothalamus causing is abnormal function resulting in low metabolism, intense and constant hunger, and the storing of fat in the secure fat reserves.

It is interesting to note that in Simeons' day Candida overgrowth was virtually nonexistent. Today, however, over 80% of the American population has a Candida overgrowth. This Candida overgrowth leads to a slowing of the digestion, which leads to overtaxing of the hypothalamus, leading to its abnormal functioning, which creates obesity. In Simeons' day highly refined food was not common. Today, fast food restaurants, and regional and national chain restaurants, serve food that is over 90% classified as highly refined. Much of this food is more than highly refined; it is classified as super highly refined. These include trans fats, which is anything hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated, and high fructose corn syrup. This is another reason why 80% of Americans can be classified as being overweight, and 50% being classified as obese. The food we are being sold is causing the hypothalamus to operate abnormally, creating the condition of obesity.

Believing he had discovered the cause of obesity was an abnormally functioning hypothalamus gland, Simeons' task now became finding a way to correct this abnormal functioning. Most discoveries are made during a "eureka moment." Simeons had such a moment. Being excited with the fact that he truly believed he had found the root cause of obesity, he was also skeptical that he could discover a way to cure the condition. The question that persisted in his mind was if these secure problem fat reserves were in fact normal in small amounts, what would trigger the body to release this fat in those who had abnormally high amounts of this abnormal secure fat deposits? The eureka moment came.

Simeons recalled that while traveling in India, he observed pregnant women giving birth to full-size, full-weight healthy babies. This was not unique in itself. What was interesting was the fact that India was a third world country devastated by the war. Food was scarce. People walked for miles and engaged in high amounts of physical activity. The pregnant women were eating a few hundred calories a day. They were walking for miles and doing strenuous physical chores. Two interesting observations were made. The babies delivered were full size and weight and perfectly healthy. The second was the women, after delivering their children, were skinny. Simeons theorized that these secure fat reserves were a survival mechanism, and during pregnancy were released in order to ensure the health of the unborn baby. It was known that when a woman became pregnant a hormone-like substance was created in the body. Where this substance was created, why it was created, and how it was created was a mystery to the medical profession. The substance is called "human chorionic gonadotrophin," or hCG.

Simeons also recalled that a rare medical condition was becoming rather common in India at this time Young boys were not developing their sexual organs normally. They were called "fat boys." They had underdeveloped genitals. They also possessed abnormally large breasts, hips, buttocks, and thighs, and abnormal fat around their bellies. The medical treatment of this condition was a small amount of hCG. The observations were that these patients would immediately lose their ravenous appetite. Surprisingly, they neither gained nor lost any weight. What was strange was that their body shapes changed dramatically. The hips, thighs, buttocks, belly, and breast fat all seemed to melt away. Simeons believed that this reshaping of the body meant that fat deposits that were held in these secure abnormal reserves were being burned as fuel. The boys' energy increased, appetite and food consumption decreased, and their dispositions were elevated. They seemed to be happier.

Simeons wondered if hCG could play a role in getting the hypothalamus out of its abnormal operating state back to normalcy, therefore normalizing metabolism, hunger, and the storing of fat in the secure area fat reserves. He wondered if hCG combined with a complete protocol could release the secure fat deposits in obese patients, thus reshaping their bodies, making them slimmer and more aesthetically beautiful than they could ever imagine. He wondered if this could be a way to keep the structural fat and muscle while simultaneously have the body release and burn off these abnormal grotesque bad fat deposits.

Thousands of test patients and years later, Simeons had perfected his "weight loss cure protocol." The results were astonishing. Almost 100% of patients were losing approximately one pound per day while on the protocol. They were not losing structural fat or muscle. They were losing the abnormal secure fat deposits. People's bodies were being completely reshaped. There was no hunger or feeling of deprivation during the treatment; no exercise was required. In follow-up studies almost 80% of the people did not gain the weight back. The surprising observations included the dramatic improvement in various medical conditions. Patients with diabetes dramatically improved or were totally cured of their diabetes. Rheumatism, arthritis, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, gout, and peptic ulcers all improved or were completely cured. Simeons was ecstatic with the results. More importantly, his patients felt like his miracle weight loss cure had given them a new life.

Simeons opened his clinic as part of the Salvator Mundi International Hospital in Rome, Italy to treat obese patients. Doctors from all over the world flocked to Italy as the word spread about this breakthrough medical discovery that was curing obesity. Medical journalists, researchers, scientists, and physicians wanted to see firsthand how Simeons was administering his weight loss protocol to patients.
Although obesity was not common at the time, those patients dealing with the affliction were in many cases desperate to find a cure. In his book Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity, Dr. Simeons recalls one such patient. "I remember the case of a lady who was escorted into my consulting room while I was engaged on the telephone. My back was to her when she sat in the chair in front of my desk. When I turned to greet her I saw a woman who seemed to have the symptoms of anorexia. Her dry skin hung loosely over the bones of her face. Her neck was scrawny and collar bones and ribs stuck out from deep hollows. I was confused as why she would seek an appointment with me knowing that I specialize in curing obesity. I asked what I could do for her. She replied that she needed to lose weight. I tried to hide my surprise, but she must have noted the astonished expression on my face. She smiled and said, 'I know you think I'm mad, but look at this.' With that she rose and came around to the side of my desk. Jutting out from a tiny waist were grotesquely enormous hips, thighs and buttocks. I became excited knowing this would be a true test case. She received the protocol and a virtual medical miracle occurred. The hips, thighs and buttocks were transferred evenly to the rest of her body that had been severely depleted of important and healthy structural fat from years of severe dieting. At the end of the treatment this very small woman had lost an astonishing eight inches around her thighs. Her face looked fresh and full of life. The ribs were no longer visible. Her skin was tight and wrinkle free. She looked like a new person. Because the protocol releases abnormal fat reserves and promotes healthy fat distribution for the structural fat, she experienced one of the most dramatic body reshaping and sculpting I had ever seen. Not surprising to me was that her weight stayed the same."

This is a unique case. The woman did not need to lose weight, she needed to lose the abnormal fat reserves while at the same time regain the healthy structural fat so she would look proportionately correct and regain her health.

A bizarre twist that would lead to Simeons' "weight loss cure protocol" becoming one of the most closely guarded medical secrets of all time was about to occur. Remember, in the 1950s and 1960s being overweight, fat, or obese was relatively rare. The majority of people dealing with this condition were upper class and very well-to-do. The vast majority was very slightly overweight or considered very slightly fat. By today's standards these same people would be called average, normal, athletic, or even thin. A very small percent were considered obese at this time. It's interesting to note that these very same obese people of the 1950s and 1960s today would only be called stocky, or chunky. The fact is today's fat people are actually morbidly, grossly obese. It's hard for people in America to really grasp this fact. While I was living in Australia I had a friend who was always called the fattest guy in Sydney. Wherever we went he stood out like a sore thumb because he was so fat. He was fatter than everyone else by a very wide margin. On one occasion we decided to take a trip together to Las Vegas. He loved to eat and wanted to visit one of the famous Las Vegas food buffets. As we stood in the buffet line with dozens of other people my friend smiled and said to me, "I'm not the fat guy here!" He was right. Comparing him to the others in the buffet line, my friend would not have been considered fat. Think about it.

Simeons, therefore, had a clientele that included well-to-do, high society, wealthy individuals from around the world. Although much of Simeons' research was published in prestigious medical journals, news of his cure spread mostly by word of mouth. At this time, it was an embarrassment for most people to say they were receiving treatment for obesity. The news about his cure and spectacular results spread slowly. Not surprising to Simeons, the amount of professional jealousy within the medical community also stifled the spreading of the truth about this medical breakthrough that cured obesity.

Professional jealousy is hard for the average person to understand. We assume when a breakthrough medical discovery is made, the medical community, the news media, and governments around the world would embrace and rejoice in such a discovery that is for the betterment of mankind. Throughout history this has proven to never be the case. Imagine a room filled with 100 people trying to solve a puzzle. The first person that correctly solves the puzzle will be given worldwide accolades, praise, and achieve high status and wealth. All the people in the room want to win the contest. They all want the glory that goes along with being the discoverer of the answer. When one person finally solves the puzzle and wins the prize, are the others ecstatic and happy that they failed? Are they happy that they will remain in obscurity while the lucky victor gets all the glory? No. They wonder if he cheated; they claim the solution to the puzzle is not correct at all. Human nature dictates that they loath and despise him. This happens in all areas of research. It is more prevalent than any average person can imagine. In 1850, a German philosopher noted, "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed; second, it is violently opposed; third, it is accepted as self-evident."

The fact is medical breakthroughs are always ridiculed and violently opposed. History proves that it takes decades before new discoveries become generally accepted in medical circles. They are always criticized, debunked, and discredited.

This is made clear in the movie Sister Kenny (1946). This movie discusses the treatment of polio. At the turn of the century polio created the same fear that the word cancer does today. The established profitable medical treatment was to put affected limbs in irons to prevent distortion. Unfortunately, this resulted in paralysis for life. Sister Kenny was not a medical doctor. She was merely a nurse working with patients who were afflicted with polio. Sister Kenny worked with thousands of patients proving that muscles could be reeducated and the patients could walk again She proved that the irons actually inhibited the recovery of patients and were an ineffective treatment. The arrogance and professional jealousy within the medical community prevented her "cure" to be accepted in medical circles. Medical experts believed only "qualified doctors" could develop treatment methods. The movie chronicles how the medical establishment not only debunked and discredited her effective treatment methods, but actually stopped her from continuing to cure children of their polio affliction. Only after twenty years did the established medical hierarchy accept Sister Kenny's proven and workable treatment for patients afflicted with polio. In the minds of the medical elite Sister Kenny, or anyone outside the medical hierarchy, couldn't possibly discover or develop a useable treatment that was better than what the established medical scientific community had failed to produce. This movie looks like fiction. When you watch it you cannot believe the stonewalling, jealousy, and profit motives involved in health care and medical treatments. Watch the movie. It proves fact is stranger than fiction. The movie is a completely accurate historical portrayal of how breakthrough medical discoveries produced outside of the established scientific medical community, with the potential of disrupting the status quo and pharmaceutical profits, are always stonewalled, debunked, and discredited.

Simeons' "weight loss cure protocol" discovery received similar treatment. Although no one could deny the clinical evidence of its virtual 100% success rate, critics and opponents of his treatments became widespread. None of these critics ever used the protocol on patients. They did not interview patients who had received the treatment. They did not even read the abstracts, double-blind studies, or any of the extensive detailed clinical research produced. Simeons was not dismayed. He continued to treat patients and achieve almost 100% success.

Since most of Simeons' patients came from the wealthy elite from around the world, news of Simeons' success in treating obesity reached a member of one of the leading royal families in Europe. Due to a promise of confidentiality, I will not release the name of this family. The princess of this royal household was ridiculed for her obese condition. Under the most secret circumstances, the princess was treated by Dr. Simeons using his "weight loss cure protocol" for a period of six weeks. The results were nothing less than miraculous. The princess lost almost sixty pounds. More importantly, the reshaping and re-sculpting of her body allowed her for the first time to be photographed in a swimsuit. This photograph made the front page of major newspapers around the world. Speculation as to how she was transformed from an obese, grossly disfigured woman to this new sexy starlet became the talk of high society circles around the globe.

The secret of Simeons' treatment was revealed covertly through royal households, Hollywood celebrities, and the rich and famous. Virtually overnight Simeons was bombarded with requests from these well-known public figures to treat them, yet keep their participation, as well as the treatment itself, a closely guarded secret. The enormous amounts of money offered Simeons convinced him to do just that. For the next ten years Simeons' clinic and treatment went underground. He treated thousands of the super rich, celebrities, and royalty. He continued to refine his treatment. The results continue to be virtually 100% successful.

Even under the veil of secrecy rumors began to circulate about this mysterious doctor secretly working out of a hospital in Rome, with a miracle cure for obesity. Thousands of doctors would travel to Rome trying to find if there was a real obesity cure or if the rumors were merely myth and legend. Simeons rarely, but on occasion shared his secret with only the most prominent of doctors under the promise to keep the treatment secret and not reveal it in the public domain. These doctors in turn treated wealthy patients in their own clinics around the world in a nonpublic and rather secretive way. All were amazed at the spectacular consistent results they achieved with their patients. One thing is for sure, you can't keep a secret secret.

Doctors being so excited about the results would share Simeons's cure with other doctors.

At an anti-aging seminar in Amsterdam, Holland, a young up-and-coming pioneer in anti-aging live cell therapy, Dr. Fritz (per his request, this is not his real name), inadvertently overheard a most prominent Dutch physician explaining to a colleague a weight loss cure that he was using with his patients with miraculous results. Dr. Fritz inquired from the Dutch physician wanting more information. The Dutch doctor refused to give Fritz any details claiming confidentiality promises. Over the next few months Dr. Fritz, practicing in Germany, made repeated attempts to get more information from the Dutch doctor. His requests went unanswered. Fritz was undaunted. He persisted with phone calls, telegrams, and letters. For over two years Fritz attempted to communicate with this doctor and get any information anywhere in the world about a so-called weight loss or obesity cure. Fritz knew that this Dutch doctor was one of the most prominent, well respected physicians in the world. He knew that if this doctor was doing something that was having miraculous results with obese patients it had to be legitimate. Finally, after two years of searching and coming up empty, Fritz traveled to Holland and made an unannounced visit to the Dutch doctor. Fritz was politely told the doctor was unavailable for a private visit. Fritz was relentless. He stayed in Holland two weeks. Each day he would visit the doctor's clinic and home asking for an appointment; each time he was denied. Fritz traveled back to Germany without answers. For the next year Fritz forgot about an obesity cure. He focused on his anti-aging live cell therapy. He appeared on Oprah, made speeches to the rich and famous in New York, Hollywood, Chicago, and Palm Beach. He developed a super wealthy clientele including kings of several countries, some of the most famous Hollywood celebrities, and billionaires from some of the most well-known families in the world.

It was over a year since Fritz traveled to Amsterdam and made his futile attempts at talking to the famous, prominent call from the very doctor that he had been trying to communicate with. The Dutch physician apologized for his inaccessibility. He explained that the obesity cure was real, but because of a promise of strict confidentiality he could not reveal the exact protocol. Now, however, the doctor was retiring and was impressed with Fritz's curiosity, open mindedness, and tenacity. Fritz himself had become quite well known in well to do circles. The Dutch doctor was impressed with Fritz's work and his prominent clientele. If Fritz would travel to Amsterdam, the doctor would share the "weight loss cure protocol."

In Amsterdam Fritz learned of Dr. Simeons' research. He was told the history of how "the weight loss cure protocol" was discovered. Fritz reviewed the patient records and was astonished at the seemingly miraculous weight loss results. The before and after pictures of the patients were startling. The fact that the patients kept the weight, fat, and inches off after the treatment was equally impressive. Results like this never existed. Fritz promised to keep the protocol secret and make it available only to his private patients. Simeons was still operating his clinic in Rome at the hospital at this time. Fritz decided a trip to Rome to watch the treatment administered by the discoverer himself would be invaluable. Little did Fritz know, time was of the essence.

Dr. Simeons received yet another hug combined with tears of joy from a grateful patient. Over the years, patient after patient would come in desperate, despondent, and depressed about their inability to become thin. Each time, a few short weeks later, these same patients would be ecstatic, joyful, and exuberant over their dramatic weight loss, reshaping of their bodies and new lives as a thin person. Simeons had been struggling for years with the fact that there were millions of people around the world that were suffering needlessly with their weight issues when the cure was available. In the 1950s and 1960s very few people had major weight problems. Each year the percentage of people who were dealing with this condition was dramatically increasing. Simeons knew that publicizing his work could be disastrous. He knew that like all medical discoveries, it would be highly criticized, debunked, and discredited. Professional jealously within the medical community was more intense than ever before. There were many groups, organizations, and industries that absolutely did not want a weight loss cure to be accepted. The drug companies wanted to patent drugs for weight loss. Food companies wanted fat people, not thin people, so that they could sell more food. The diet food industry was beginning to blossom and those companies didn't want anything that could adversely affect their products' market share. Releasing the cure publicly would result in personal ridicule and could be personally financially devastating.

Simeons decided to go half way. He thought that he would write a small manuscript, publish it himself, and make it available only to doctors. The manuscript would detail "the weight loss cure protocol." This way people around the world who were suffering with an overweight condition could finally end their misery; at the same time, being a small self-published manuscript not available to the general public, would allow the cure to fly under the radar, preventing widespread and massive criticism and ridicule.

Simeons did not know, however, how corporate espionage works. Today we know that virtually all major corporations engage tens of thousands of investigators that do secret, covert, undercover work against competitors or anyone doing anything that could be potentially adverse their profits. We know today, as reported in the news, that the chairwoman of Hewlett Packard was indicted criminally for having her company engage in illegal investigations of staff members and members of the media. These investigations include going through people's trash, hacking into their computers, planting listening devices in homes, offices, and cars, wire tapping telephone calls, and reviewing private e-mails. Corporate executives today admit that this is common practice and is done by virtually all corporations.

Simeons was not aware that such eavesdropping was taking place. The fact was that Simeons' weight loss cure was something the drug companies, food industry, and even governments did not want revealed. Remember that Simeons first discovered the causes which make the hypothalamus act abnormally, thus making people fat. The food industry at this time had discovered the same thing. They, however, were using this knowledge to specifically create food that would create obesity. There was great fear that Simeons' research would expose the food companies' plan to create an obese world.
Simeons wrote his manuscript; he self-published the work, printing only a few hundred copies. That was enough to seal his fate.

The year is 1970. Fritz called Simeons to set up a meeting He was introduced to Simeons by the Dutch doctor, which guaranteed Fritz an audience with Simeons. Simeons was in the process of quietly releasing his self-published manuscript to doctors around the world. Fritz and Simeons agreed to a visit in three weeks. Fritz could stay as long as he wanted to review files, interview patients, and observe the administering of the protocol. Fritz's idea was to return to his clinic in Germany and offer this obesity cure to his private patients. He had not planned promoting or publicizing the fact that he was treating obesity. His clinic would go on as usual and Fritz would have the gratification of seeing his patients cured of their obesity dilemma and be able to live normal, happy, healthy lives.

Three weeks later Fritz arrived in Rome. Arriving at the clinic to meet Dr. Simeons, Fritz was greeted by the head nurse. The clinic seemed abuzz with activity and confusion. Apprehension seemed to fill the air. When Fritz asked the head nurse to see Dr. Simeons, the nurse nervously said, "You need to call the doctor's wife, here is the number, and there is the phone." Fritz walked to the reception desk and dialed the number. Upon introducing himself the woman on the other end of the phone said sharply, "You need to come to the house immediately," and gave Fritz the address. Grabbing a taxi, Fritz headed for the address given. He knew something was wrong. Twenty minutes later, he arrived at the doctor's home and knocked on the door. There was a long pause, and then the door swung open. A terrified woman stood before Fritz—"He's dead."

Fritz talked to the doctor's widow and discovered Simeons had died just a week before. It was said he died in his sleep from natural causes. It was sudden and unexpected. Simeons' widow was gracious, but obviously distraught. There was no immediate family and Simeons' widow seemed to be having a hard time dealing with all the details and pressures one would expect having a spouse, and the only breadwinner, die so unexpectedly. Fritz politely asked if he could be of assistance. Simeons' widow said yes. Fritz wound up staying in Rome over a month helping Simeons' widow and the clinic deal with the issues that arise when such a tragedy occurs. During this time Fritz interviewed the clinic's staff, gaining insights to the weight loss cure. He reviewed patient records, research notes, internal clinical studies, and the detailed data relating to Simeons' work. He interviewed patients, some of whom were treated ten years earlier. The more Fritz reviewed the facts about the "weight loss cure protocol" the more impressed and astonished he became with the results.

Simeons printed only a few hundred copies of his manuscript detailing the "weight loss cure protocol." Most of these were sent out to doctors the week before his death. There were less than thirty copies that remained in the possession of Simeons' widow. Fritz intuitively knew that securing the manuscripts was vitally important. Simeons' widow felt an obligation to Fritz for his help. Fritz went back to Germany with the last 30 remaining copies of Simeons' manuscript!

Back in Germany Fritz began using the "weight loss cure protocol" and achieving the same spectacular results. Thousands of the most famous Hollywood celebrities, kings, queens, princes, princesses, and some of the wealthiest people in the world have come to Fritz's clinic and received treatment. For over thirty years now, Fritz has enjoyed a private, non-public medical practice. He lives with the self-satisfaction that comes from seeing people's misery, pain, and suffering turn to joy, happiness, and elation. He embodies all the good and pure attributes of a physician whose only goal is to see his patients cured of their afflictions.

When I met Fritz several years ago we became instant friends. But our friendship almost ended when I expressed my interest in writing a book that would reveal and expose this secret obesity cure protocol. We talked for hours; he shared his concerns. He told me about the powerful corporations, associations, governments, and special interest groups that do not want this cure publicized. He let me know that writing such a book would cause me to be personally ridiculed, criticized, debunked, and persecuted in the public and in a very vicious way. He said this could ruin me financially. He expressed deep concern because of the ruthlessness of these groups.

I thought long and hard about writing this book. When I wrote my first book, Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About, everything he said would happen already did happen. I was viciously and mercilessly publicly humiliated, criticized, discredited, and debunked. I was attacked by the news media, the government, the FDA, the FTC, attorneys general, the drug companies, and various lobbying groups. My legal bills were in the millions of dollars—all because I wrote a book telling the truth about how there are natural non-drug and non-surgical ways to prevent and cure disease. I said the unthinkable, that the drug companies, being publicly traded corporations, have only one goal, which is to get more and more people to take more and more drugs on a regular basis. They do not want to cure or prevent disease because doing so would put them out of business. I blew the whistle and exposed the truth about the unholy alliance between the drug industry, the news media, the food industry, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Federal Trade Commission. I blew the whistle and exposed the truth about how natural non-drug and non-surgical methods of preventing and curing disease are being suppressed and hidden from the public. I exposed the truth about how the drug companies lie about the safety and effectiveness of their drugs. I blew the whistle and exposed the truth about how non-prescription and prescription drugs are the number one cause of illness and disease. I blew the whistle and exposed the truth about how the food industry is purposely creating food and putting chemicals in the food that increase our hunger and appetite, get us physically addicted to the food like a drug, and make us fat. From personal, direct knowledge I exposed these secrets.

Yet, with all the personal attacks and persecution I, like Fritz, have lived with the feeling of self-satisfaction from the tens of thousands of letters from people all over the world who read my first two books and have been cured of their pain, illness, disease, and affliction without drugs or surgery.
Exposing the hidden secrets that they don't want you to know about is worth it. Millions of people are suffering needlessly because these secrets have not been made public. I decided that writing this book and publishing it for wide scale distribution, exposing the truth about the Simeons "weight loss cure protocol" was desperately needed by the growing millions who are suffering from obesity. I knew I had to become "the whistle-blower" once again, and I was willing to face the consequences!


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