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Chapter 2
It's Not Your Fault You Are Fat

People are overweight, fat, and obese all over the world. America, however, has the highest percentage of overweight people, fat people, and obese people in the world. In America specifically, more people are on diets, eating diet food, and taking diet pills and products than ever before. More weight loss books are purchased than ever. More "lite", low carb, low fat, no sugar, low calorie, and diet food is purchased and consumed than ever. More people are exercising than ever before. Yet, each year the percentage of people in America that are overweight, fat, and obese continue to rise. This trend is rapidly spreading around the world, but no country comes close to America in terms of the percentage of people that are overweight, fat, and obese. As I mentioned in the last chapter, in the 1940s less than 10% of the population of America was considered fat. Using the same standards as in the 1940s, today over 80% of the population is considered fat. The problem continues to get worse. Every diet system has failed. Even government statistics show that there has never been a diet plan, program, or product that has worked.

The most common myth is that to lose weight an keep it off you must eat less and exercise more. This is even the U.S. Government's "law" in relation to selling weight loss products. Fat people are told they have no willpower or self-control. This is untrue in most circumstances. I am here to tell you it's not your fault you're fat. When you understand the reasons why you are fat and why every diet and exercise program has failed, you will be free to experience "the weight loss cure protocol" and cure yourself of the bondage of being a slave to food, hunger, cravings, deprivation, and obesity once and for all.

The key that no one addresses is that fat people and naturally thin people have bodies that operate quite differently. A fat person's metabolism is abnormally low. A thin person's metabolism is normal or slightly high. This means if a naturally thin person and a fat person ate the exact same amount of food over a one-week period, the thin person would not gain any weight and the fat person would gain weight. When your metabolism is abnormally low your body cannot burn the food as fuel. When food is not burned for fuel the excess must be converted to fat, thus increasing your weight and making you fatter. This is the first condition which must be corrected if you want to experience rapid weight loss and, more importantly, be able to eat whatever you want in the future without gaining any weight. The "weight loss cure protocol" is the only method known that cures this problem.

In addition to having a low metabolism, fat people generally eat larger quantities of food than naturally thin people. This has nothing to do with self-control or willpower. Thin people cannot understand the very real fact that fat people have an abnormally high, intense, and constant real, gnawing, physical hunger. Fat people are hungry with more intensity than thin people. When fat people eat food they do not get a feeling of fullness. When fat people eat food their hunger stays high much longer, causing them to eat more food. Thin people have their hunger mechanism shut off very quickly and their hunger stays low or non-existent for many, many hours after they eat even a small quantity of food. Fat people, on the other hand, get hungry very quickly even after consuming a large meal. This is one of the reasons why fat people are so miserable when dieting. Nothing addresses the intense and prolonged real hunger. If this physical abnormality is not corrected you are destined to live your life in misery an with feelings of deprivation. This intense and prolonged hunger is a physical abnormality which is corrected and brought back to normal with the weight loss cure protocol.

The other reason fat people consume large quantities of food is they have uncontrollable intense food cravings to eat, even when they are not physically hungry. This is sometimes called emotional eating, but is usually a physical abnormal condition. Thin people do not understand just how overwhelming and uncontrollable these food cravings and urges can be. There is not a weight loss program ever developed that permanently corrects this condition. This is another reason why weight loss programs fail. If this condition remains intact, the person trying to lose weight or keep the weight off is constantly struggling with these food cravings and urges; therefore living in more misery and deprivation. Thin people cannot understand that these uncontrollable intense food cravings and urges are no different than a drug addict's cravings for more drugs. The "weight loss cure protocol" corrects this physical abnormality once and for all.

Fat people also eat the wrong types of foods. This is a sub-symptom of hunger and food cravings. When hunger and food cravings are corrected, this system is automatically corrected. Upon completion of the weight loss cure protocol you will no longer have high intense hunger or uncontrollable food cravings for the types of food that make weight gain happen rapidly. This does not mean you will be restricted to certain kinds of food. ON the contrary, when you finish the weight loss cure protocol you will be able to eat any food you want in any amount you want any time you want. What will occur, however, is that because the physical abnormalities have been corrected, your body will no longer crave or have intense hunger for certain types of food. This is a freeing experience leading to a life where you are no longer a slave to food or your uncontrollable cravings.

Genetics play a relatively minor role in obesity. It is true that we all have different genetic make-ups. This means that some people have blue eyes, and others have brown eyes. Genetics determine why some people are tall and others are short. Genetics do, in fact, determine basic body shape and structure. This means some people are genetically programmed to be thin and others to be heavier. This is important. Not everyone has the genetic body type and bone structure to be a tall, skinny runway model. Some people are built naturally wider and thicker. This does not mean, however, that you are destined to be overweight, fat, or obese. It simply means that everyone's body will look different. Remember, there are tens of thousands of people that have been treated with "the weight loss cure protocol" over a 30 year time period. The results are virtually 100% successful. Even if you have a major genetic abnormality resulting in low metabolism or intense high hunger, the weight loss cure protocol will correct this.

If you've read my first two books, "Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About" and "More Natural Cures Revealed", you know that treating symptoms is never the answer. When a symptom is found we must ask, what is the cause of that symptom? When we find the cause or causes of a symptom we must then ask what is the cause of that! We must continue finding the cause until we get to the root cause of the symptom. When we address and correct the root cause, all the symptoms vanish. The first question then is what is the cause of a low metabolism? Remember, almost every fat person has a low metabolism. In order to lose weight rapidly and keep it off forever your metabolism has to be brought back to normal, or even slightly elevated. With a high metabolism you can eat any kind of food you like, in any quantity you want, and your body will burn it off and convert it to fat. This means you never have to diet ever again, and you will never gain weight. This will be achieved when you do the weight loss cure protocol.

So the main reasons for obesity are low metabolism, constant and intense hunger, food cravings, and eating when you're not hungry. There is one more main reason for obesity, which is abnormally storing fat in secure problem area fat reserves throughout the body. We'll talk more about that later. First, let's start be addressing the metabolism.

So why is your metabolism abnormally low? What is the cause, or causes? The number one cause of a low metabolism is the hypothalamus gland operating abnormally. The question then is what causes the hypothalamus gland to operate abnormally, creating low metabolism and a condition where the person cannot burn as fuel all the food they consume even if they are consuming small quantities. This means that a person eating even small amounts of food cannot lose weight and actually gains weight. There are a multitude of reasons why the hypothalamus does not work properly. These include genetics, a clogged liver, Candida yeast overgrowth, a clogged colon, artificial sweeteners, trans fats, food additives, growth hormones and antibiotics in food, monosodium glutamate, lack of sun, lack of sleep, nutritional deficiencies, heavy metal toxicity, parasites, yo-yo dieting, eating eradiated food, eating pasteurized food, eating genetically modified food, lack of walking, non-prescription and prescription drugs, chlorine and fluoride from the water you drink and bathe in, high fructose corn syrup and other man-made sweeteners, propylene glycol and other chemicals introduced into the body through the skin in the form of lotions and creams, carbonated drinks, electromagnetic frequency exposure from cell phones and other wireless devices, and traumatic stressful incidences in our life. There are many other causes.

Let's briefly discuss several of these causes as many of them are themselves caused by other factors. This way you can see the interrelation of these causes and how many actually cause other problems to develop, which in turn can cause additional problems to develop, all leading to the creation of an abnormally operating hypothalamus, resulting in high hunger and low metabolism.

1. Genetics. It is true that everyone is born with different metabolic rates. Some people are naturally born with super high metabolisms. Other people are born with abnormally low metabolisms. This is a physical condition. Your metabolism, if caused by genetics, will be corrected once and for all through the weight loss cure protocol.

2. A clogged liver. Virtually every fat person tested has a sluggish, clogged liver. This is caused by non-prescription and prescription drug use, trans fats, including hydrogenated oils, artificial sweeteners, Candida yeast overgrowth, and many other factors. A clogged liver always results in low metabolism and high storing of body fat.

3. Candida yeast overgrowth. In your intestine you have good and bad bacteria. If you've ever taken an antibiotic in your life, the antibiotic destroyed the good bacteria. This allows bad bacteria, including Candida yeast, to abnormally overgrow. The Candida clogs the colon, making digestion and metabolism slow. It also creates gas and bloating, as well as food cravings for bread, pasta, cheese, and sugar. Over time, the Candida turns into a fungus and spreads throughout the entire body. Unless you correct this problem you will always have food cravings, gas, bloating, low metabolism, slow digestion, and you will never have a flat stomach.

4. A clogged colon. If you are not having three bowel movements a day you have a clogged colon. The colon gets clogged by non-prescription and prescription drugs, lack of water, lack of fiber, lack of walking and exercise, lack of digestive enzymes in the food we eat, and many other factors. In autopsies, medical doctors have found as much as 30 pounds of undigested fecal matter in people's colons. Unless you clean your colon, digestion will remain slow, metabolism will remain slow, food cravings will remain high, hunger will remain high due to lack of nutrients being absorbed properly, and you will never get a flat stomach.

5. Lack of enzymes. Today's food supply is void of living enzymes. Any food in a jar or can has been pasteurized, meaning it has been heated to over 180 degrees for 30 minutes, killing all the enzymes in the food. Microwaving food kills the enzymes. Even commercially grown fruits and vegetables in heavily chlorinated water, and irradiation. Without enough enzymes you will never correct low metabolism and will always have gas, bloating, constipation, and slow digestion.

6. Under-active thyroid. Thyroid production can be low due to non-prescription and prescription drugs, nutritional deficiencies, and fluoride in the water you drink and bathe in. If you have an under-active thyroid, this must be corrected or you will be stuck with a low metabolic rate. The weight loss cure protocol corrects this.

7. Inefficient pancreas. The pancreas secretes insulin. People with a weight problem have a pancreas that is not operating properly and have insulin tolerance problems. This is caused by a multitude of factors, including non-prescription and prescription drugs, Candida overgrowth, nutritional deficiencies, a clogged liver and colon, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, and other considerations. If you do not correct insulin intolerance you will continue to have abnormally high amounts of fat in your body and continue to store more fat abnormally high.

8. Hormonal imbalances. Hormones partially regulate metabolism Hormonal imbalances are caused in part by stress; chemical additives in food; chlorine and fluoride in water you drink, shower, and bathe in; cosmetics, lotions, and creams you put on your skin; Candida overgrowth; a sluggish liver and colon; and many more factors.

9. Artificial sweeteners. All man-made artificial sweeteners slow metabolism. This includes aspartame and sucralose. These go by the trade names NutraSweet and Splenda.

10. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). This is called an excitotoxin. It is a man-made chemical that should never be consumed. MSG is now sometimes listed on food labels as "spices", "flavors" or, in many cases, does not have to be listed at all.

11. Lack of water. Most people are dehydrated and don't know it. Lack of pure water hydrating the cells leads to a low metabolic rate.

12. Carbonated drinks. These block calcium absorption, leading to nutritional deficiencies which lower metabolism. This includes diet drinks.

13. Lack of sleep. This means less than seven hours per night. Research shows that this leads to obesity.

14. Cold water drinks. Drinking ice cold liquids slows metabolism.

15. Lack of sun. The sun stimulates metabolism plus alleviates depression and stress.

16. Nutritional deficiencies. Without proper nutrition your metabolism cannot be normal. The most common deficiencies include calcium, zinc, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin E, and other amino acids and co-factors, including CLA and chromium.

17. Heavy metal toxicity. Most people are loaded with heavy metals, including mercury from amalgam fillings. These heavy metals clog the liver, colon, and affect circulation.

18. Poor circulation. Without proper circulation metabolism will stay low. People's circulation is poor due to clogged arteries, which is caused by trans-fats, homogenized dairy products, and chlorine in the water. Other causes include vitamin and mineral deficiencies, heavy metal toxicity, Candida overgrowth, and misaligned feet and ankles. Lack of walking and exercise are also a factor.

19. Lack of oxygen. Most people have lower than normal levels of oxygen in their blood and cells. This is caused by poor breathing habits, nutritional deficiencies, lack of exercise, a clogged liver and colon. It is also caused by non-prescription and prescription medication.

20. Allergies. Environmental and food allergies are caused by Candida overgrowth, a clogged liver and colon, poor circulation, parasites, heavy metal toxicity, and many other factors.

21. Parasites. Almost 100% of overweight people have parasites. A clogged liver and colon, Candida, heavy metal toxicity, and nutritional deficiencies are the main causes.

22. Yo-yo dieting. Every time you go on a diet and lose weight and gain it all back you are in fact lowering your body's internal thermostat and internal body weight set point. Every time you diet to lose weight your metabolism goes lower.

23. Lack of sweating. The skin is the largest organ in the body. It must breathe and eliminate toxins on a regular basis. Sweating is a natural body process. Lack of sweating leads to a clogged lymphatic system and sluggish metabolism.

24. Low muscle mass. If your body does not have normal amounts of muscle your metabolism will always be low. Increasing muscle mass always leads to a high metabolism.

25. Air conditioning. Research shows that air conditioning lowers metabolism.

26. Breakfast. Eating no breakfast keeps metabolism low.

27. EMS. Electromagnetic frequencies are generated from all wireless devices, including wireless phones, cell phones, laptop computers, and even TV and computer screens. They have an adverse affect on every cell in the body, lowering metabolic rate.

28. Eating before bed. Filling your stomach before bed, with highly refined or super highly refined easily digestible food, promotes low metabolism.

29. Genetically modified food. In America most fruit, vegetables, and dairy products have been genetically modified, creating food that is in fact man-made. The body does not know how to react to these abnormal food products, causing metabolism to be lowered.

30. Food additives. If food is not 100% organic, the food is loaded with herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, antibiotics, and over 15,000 man-made chemicals. This is unique to America. American produced food absolutely, positively, 100% will make you fat.

31. Lack of walking. In America the average person walks less than one-tenth of a mile per day. In other countries people walk five miles or more a day. The body is designed to walk Lack of physical movement results in a constant lowering of the metabolic rate.

The above list is just to give you an idea of some, not all, of the factors that we deal with every day, keeping our metabolism low. The list may seem overwhelming. The bad news is this list is just the tip of the iceberg. The really bad news is if you are fat right now, due to the above factors, and many more factors, your metabolism is so abnormally low that you are virtually a prisoner to your weight problem and lack of energy. The good news is that your metabolic condition can be corrected easily and effortlessly and in a very short period of time using the "weight loss cure protocol." The even better news is once you get your metabolism back up to normal you can keep it there for the rest of your life and not fall back into the trap that has kept you fat.

Low metabolism keeps you tired, fatigued and lethargic. Low metabolism means that even if you go on a low calorie, low fat, low carb diet combined with exercise, you still will have a hard time losing weight. Low metabolism means even if you just look at food you seem to gain weight! When you correct your metabolic rate and bring it back to normal you will experience a dramatic increase in energy, depression and moodiness will vanish, your motivation in life will increase, sexual desires increase, your skin, hair, and nails will look younger and healthier, all body functions become healthier, and your immune system is strengthened. You become less susceptible to colds, flues, illness, and disease. Evidence suggests lifespan increases. You will feel like a brand new person.

I mentioned that fat people seem to be hungry all the time. The intensity of hunger causes the person to consume large quantities of food. The frequency of the hunger causes the person to eat more often. This intense constant hunger needs to be normalized or the person will live in misery and deprivation. What causes this intense and constant hunger? The causes include:

1. Abnormal hypothalamus gland. The hypothalamus is the body's master gland. It is the master gland that regulates metabolism. It is also the master gland that regulates physiological hunger. This gland does not operate in a normal state in fat people. It must be reset and normalized in order to eliminate intense and constant physical hunger. The reasons that the hypothalamus is operating abnormally include genetics, a clogged liver, Candida overgrowth, a clogged colon, lack of digestive enzymes, nutritional deficiencies, stress, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, microwaved food, MSG, lotions and cosmetics put on the skin, non-prescription and prescription drugs, fluoride and chlorine in the water you drink, bathe, and shower in, dehydration and lack of water, carbonated drinks, ice cold drinks, trans-fats, lack of sun, food additives, genetically modified food, heavy metal toxicity, lack of oxygen, environmental and food allergies, parasites, yo-yo dieting, air conditioning, lack of sleep, EMS, lack of fiber, and several other factors.

As you can see, the hypothalamus in an abnormal state is the main cause for both low metabolism and intense constant hunger. There are two other interesting factors that cause the hypothalamus to be in this abnormal state, making metabolism very low and hunger very real, intense, and constant.
The first factor that can cause the hypothalamus to lower metabolism and create intense hunger is the lack of all the various "tastes" in food we eat on a daily basis. The basic tastes that should be present in most meals throughout the day include saltiness, sourness, sweetness, bitterness, and savoriness. "Sub- tastes" include temperature, texture, smells, astringency, fat, tingly numbness, spiciness, lack of spiciness, or coolness. When the body does not get stimulated with all of these "tastes" as well as scents, the hypothalamus is tricked into believing the body lacks food, thus lowers metabolism and increases hunger. In an ideal world all of your meals would have all of these tastes and scents, thus keeping metabolism high and hunger low.

The other factor, and most interesting and significant cause of intense and constant hunger, is that food manufacturers are specifically and purposely creating food, using manufacturing processes, using food additives, and using chemicals that specifically are designed to affect the hypothalamus and increase hunger when you eat the food. Food manufacturers are making food with the sole purpose of creating a physical chemical addiction to the food. I have personally been in the chemists' labs where the directives are to create food that increase hunger, lower metabolism, get a person physically addicted to the food (like a drug), and make people fatter. Food companies are publicly traded corporations. These publicly traded international conglomerates have only one objective ... to increase profits! The only way they can increase profits is to produce food at the lowest possible cost and to get more people to buy and eat more food. This is why publicly traded food companies are producing genetically modified food using chemical poison fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and other dangerous growing methods. This is why food is ripened with poisonous gas, injected with chemical preservatives and flavoring agents, eradiated, pasteurized, bathed in poisonous chlorine baths, injected with antibiotics, growth hormones, and other deadly drugs. Food is produced in an unnatural, abnormal way. Fruits and vegetables are not grown, they are manufactured! They are made to grow abnormally fast, look the same, and last ten to twenty times longer than nature intended. Every bit of commercially produced fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, poultry and fish is purposefully laced with thousands of man-made chemical agents, hormones, and drugs. Every commercially made grain or food product in a bag, box, jar, or can has been altered from the way nature intended. They are all, with the exception of 100% organic, loaded with some of the over 15,000 man-made chemicals that the U.S. Government allows to be put in the food. Most of these chemicals don't even have to be listed on the labels!

The main reason why it's not your fault you're fat is that the American food supply is being produced purposely to make you fat! This is why when thin people from other countries come to America and eat what they think is the same food that they were eating in their own country, they unexpectedly gain weight rapidly. Generally speaking, the bread in America will make you fat. The bread in other countries will not. The milk, butter, and cheese in America will make you fat. The milk, butter, and cheese in other countries will not. The meat, poultry, and farm-raised fish in America will make you fat. The meat, poultry, and wild fish in other countries will not. The pasta, rice, and potatoes made in America will make you fat. The rice, pasta, and potatoes grown in other countries will not. Even the fruits and vegetables conventionally grown in America can make you fat. The fruits and vegetables grown in many other countries will not. You see, it is not the calories, the fat, the protein, the simple or complex carbohydrates, the sodium, or the glycemic index rate of food that is the main culprit that is making you fat. It is the man-made chemicals, additives, and food processing techniques the main issues. It's the man-made trans fats, the man-made high fructose corn syrup, the man-made artificial sweeteners, the genetically modified food, the pasteurization of food, the irritating and microwaving of food, the growth hormones and drugs in the meat and dairy products, the chemicals in the lotions and creams we put on our skin, and the chlorine and fluoride in the water we drink and bathe in that are the real reasons we get fat.

In my first book, Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About, I talk at length about how food is produced in America. I would encourage you to read my first two books, Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About and More Natural Cures Revealed. They will give you an insider's view of how the food industry in America is specifically making you fat.

There is another important cause of why the hypothalamus is operating abnormally, keeping our metabolism low and hunger high. When a person consumes small amounts of food for a 24-hour period, followed by consuming a massive quantity of calories and foods high on the glycemic index, the hypothalamus gets shocked and begins to create the conditions for abnormally storing fat, lowering metabolism, and increasing appetite Think of the average person who goes to bed, wakes up eating little or no breakfast, skips lunch, and then in the evening has a huge meal. This is the ideal, perfect storm scenario to shock the hypothalamus into operating abnormally, thus creating obesity.

It may appear that there is no way out of this trap. It may seem like it is impossible to reset the hypothalamus and normalize the hunger. The good news is the "weight loss cure protocol" will quickly and easily reset your hypothalamus, thus eliminating the intense and constant hunger that you have. The even better news is when you are finished with the protocol you will be able to eat any kind of food you want. You will be able to eat cheeseburgers, French fries, ice cream, cookies, cakes, bread, pasta, cheese, butter, cream, steak, pizza, Mexican food, mashed potatoes and gravy, virtually any kind of food you want. Remember, when your hypothalamus is reset, your metabolism will be high and you will no longer have intense and constant hunger. You will automatically and effortlessly be eating normal quantities of food without ever feeling hungry or deprived. Your body will naturally burn the food as fuel, giving you abundant energy and guaranteeing that you do not gain the weight back.

Let's address the uncontrollable, compulsive urges to eat when you're not hungry, and food cravings. Sometimes this is called emotional eating. It is actually triggered by the hypothalamus. What causes these massive uncontrollable food cravings, making you eat even when you're not physically hungry? The basic causes are: mental and emotional stress, Candida overgrowth, a clogged liver, a clogged colon, lack of digestive enzymes, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, artificial sweeteners, non-prescription and prescription drugs, high fructose corn syrup, food additives, microwaved food, MSG, lotions, creams and cosmetics on the skin, environmental and food allergies, parasites, lack of fiber, and several other factors.

You will again notice that the causes of food cravings are the same causes of low metabolism and intense and constant hunger. I would like to address the two most significant causes of these food cravings.

The first is Candida yeast overgrowth. Your intestine is loaded with good and bad bacteria. If you have ever taken an antibiotic, the antibiotic killed the good bacteria in your gut. This allowed the bad bacteria, including Candida yeast, to overgrow abnormally. When Candida overgrows in the intestine it burrows itself into the intestinal wall. It also turns into a fungus spreading throughout the entire body. The yeast and the fungus feed on simple carbohydrates such as sugar, yeast, bread, pasta, cake, ice cream, etc. Candida is the main cause of carbohydrate food cravings It is also a major cause of constipation, gas, bloating, and a protruding stomach and waist. It causes depression, lack of concentration, a feeling of spaceyness and fatigue. When the Candida burrows itself into the intestinal wall it creates pockets where food is trapped. When food is trapped in the intestine it begins to turn toxic. Interestingly enough, these toxic food particles create actual cravings for that food while at the same time producing allergic reactions to that food. It's a catch-22. The condition actually makes you crave foods that make you feel bad.

The Candida condition also creates a second cause of food cravings which is parasites. These parasites feed on the body, creating nutritional deficiencies. The person then develops massive and uncontrollable cravings for certain kinds of food. The body, however, cannot assimilate the nutrients effectively due to the clogged liver and colon; therefore, the food cravings come back frequently and persist.

There is an emotional, mental aspect to food cravings as well. These are linked to stressful emotional experiences we've had in our life. They are also linked to the massive brainwashing and programming that we have had from all of the food advertisements. Without going into great detail, I know from personal inside experience that food companies use the most sophisticated mind programming technology when producing advertisements for certain foods. The television ads and print ads for food are designed to create emotional triggers that actually make us crave food when these triggers are set off. This is almost like having a post-hypnotic suggestion implanted in our mind. When the trigger is set off you experience an uncontrollable overwhelming craving and urge to eat certain kinds of food. This urge is so powerful it causes you to crave and want specific food even when you are not hungry. This is, again, why I say it's really not your fault that you're fat.

The good news is that as part of the "weight loss cure protocol" you will be able to eliminate these food cravings at both levels. You will no longer be a slave to the food companies.

As you can see, I am exposing and blowing the whistle on dirty secrets that the food companies do not want you to know about. This is one of the reasons why I am personally attacked, debunked, and discredited in such a massive way through the news media. Food companies spend billions of dollars in advertising in virtually every magazine, newspaper, television network, and radio network. These media outlets are controlled by the advertisers. I, therefore, am the enemy of the food industry. I want people to be cured of their obesity, food cravings, low metabolism, and intense hunger. If you are cured you will automatically and effortlessly be eating and buying less food. The food industry, on the other hand, wants everyone's metabolism low, hunger and food cravings high, making sure more and more people continue to buy and eat more food every year. The food industry wants you fat and physically and emotionally addicted to their food!

It's Profitable Keeping You Fat

In my first book, Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About, I explain how it always all about the money. I highly recommend you read that book as well as my last book, More Natural Cures Revealed: Previously Censored Brand Name Products That Cure Disease. These books go into great detail of how the corporate system works relating to the drug industry and the food industry. As a former insider and current whistle-blower, I expose how the money flows and why it is profitable for these industries to keep people fat and sick. Following the money trail answers all questions. The drug industry knows that people who are overweight, fat, and obese have more medical symptoms and buy and take more non-prescription and prescription drugs. There is a financial motivation to keep people overweight. Overweight people are sicker and great customers for the drug companies. Remember that the same group of about 300 families that control the world-wide pharmaceutical industry also control most of the publicly traded food producers and manufacturers. Members of the food industry and the drug industry regularly have secret meetings to determine how they can each increase the other's profits. In Oslo, Norway I was personally at one of these secret meetings. Remember, drug companies and food companies are publicly traded corporations whose only objective is to increase profits and shareholder value. Their only goal is to sell more of their products. Drug companies have publicly stated that they want more and more people buying and using more and more of their drugs. The do not want to prevent or cure disease. Doing so would put them out of business. Their only objective is to convince people through the use of their deceptive advertising that they need to be taking more and more drugs on a regular basis. Food companies simply want to sell more and more food. Their publicly stated objectives are to get more and more people consuming larger and larger amounts of food. These industries work together. Drugs, both non-prescription and lowering metabolism and increasing hunger. This makes people fatter, making them buy more food, increasing the profits of the food companies. This also makes people sicker, therefore, buying and using more drugs. It is a preplanned vicious cycle.

Food companies specifically make food by using genetic engineering techniques, food processing techniques, and adding chemicals into the food that create disease in the body. Just like the tobacco industry knew that smoking cigarettes cause cancer and other diseases, yet lied about it for fifty years, so too do the current food producers and manufactures know that their genetically modified chemically laced food products cause cancer, heart disease, arthritis, MS, lupus, depression, and a host of other illnesses. One board member from the Mayo Clinic, whose identity must be kept secret, shared with me the data showing that virtually all cancerous tumors are loaded with pesticides and herbicides used in the production of most commercial food! The food companies are making food purposefully to create new illnesses. The food companies, for example, designed and engineered food that would create the epidemic of such diseases as acid reflux disease, depression, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, constipation, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. The drug companies knew this in advance. This is why when a new disease becomes common there is already a drug ready to be marketed! The food companies also are specifically putting chemicals in the food, in many cases not listing them on the label that are designed specifically to increase appetite, get you physically, chemically addicted to the food like a drug, and make you fat. This way the food companies are assured that each person will be consuming more and more food every year. This increases their profits.

Both the drug industry and food industry are using sophisticated brainwashing techniques in their deceptive advertising, virtually programming our minds with mental triggers that give us overwhelming compulsive cravings and urges for a specific food and drugs. I know this factually because I was directly involved on a covert basis in this activity for almost twenty years. This is why 80% of Americans are overweight. This is also why the obesity problem is now spreading around the world.

A sub-industry that has a financial incentive to keep you fat is the diet industry. The weight loss or diet industry consists of companies that sell exercise equipment, weight loss pills, powders and potions, prepackaged food, low fat, low carb, and low calorie food, and every other weight loss treatment marketed and sold. The vast majority of the companies involved in the weight loss industry are owned directly or indirectly by the same people that own and control the food industry and drug companies. These weight loss companies have data in their internal documents showing that their products and programs do not work. The most significant secret data reveals that these companies know that the number of overweight people will continue to increase year after year, thus increasing their profits. These weight loss and diet companies are taking advantage of desperate vulnerable people who are struggling with their weight. The most amazing insider secret I want to blow the whistle on is the fact that the same unscrupulous people will sell ten different worthless diet aids over time to the same person. These marketers know that the first diet product will not work. When a customer buys the product, the companies know in a month or two the person will still be fat, and therefore will be a prime customer for their next worthless diet aid. This cycle repeats itself over and over again The products are marketed under different names and companies so that you don't know it's the same people selling you the various products. This is nothing more than a money making scam.

These marketing scams can be quite comprehensive. These corporations use books, doctors, media outlets, TV and radio talk show hosts, combined with selling supplements, and prepackaged food, all under the "brand" they are trying to promote. Two prime examples include the Atkins diet and Dr. Phil's shape up program.

Atkins started with a book that was based on Dr. Stillman's research from the late 1960s. Major corporations saw the power in the Atkins' brand and an opportunity to make hundreds of millions in profits. They then produced a line of Atkins branded products which sold like hotcakes. The problem was the people running the Atkins organization did not believe in the Atkins program. They were not on the Atkins program They did not use the Atkins products. They created products, and then lied about the ingredients on the label. They knew that the products would not help people lose weight. They were not interested in whether people lost weight; they were only interested in whether they themselves would make money. I knew Dr. Atkins personally. I believe he was a sincere, genuine man with a deep belief in his program. The money people that took over his organization, I believe, were only in it for the money. I know this because I was in business with them. I knew the people involved, I talked with them on a regular basis, and I have firsthand knowledge of their true money hungry motivation. I remember having lunch with the Atkins executives at Graziano's restaurant in Niles, Illinois. All the Atkins executives were fat! They laughed about all the "suckers" who were buying Atkins products. The whole conversation revolved around how much money we all could make. There was no concern about the people and their desperate need to lose weight permanently. It was all money, money, money!

Dr. Phil is another example. I do not know Dr. Phil. I have never met him. He may be totally genuine and sincere with his desire to help people lose weight. What I do know is that he wrote a book on weight loss that promoted a line of weight loss supplements and meal replacements using his name. It is no secret that this was a coordinated market effort to create huge profits. We do know that a class action suit was filed by customers who bought the products and felt the only thing they lost was their money. With no admission or finding of wrongdoing the organizations settled with the unhappy customers for $10 million. Dr. Phil is one of the weight loss gurus and authors that is still fat! With all due respect to Dr. Phil, how could he write a book about losing weight when he is still fat himself? If he and others like him had programs that worked, they should be skinny.

When a new diet book comes out there is a preplanned sophisticated comprehensive marketing program pre-established to include selling branded diet aids, prepackaged food, or other weight loss programs. I can tell you this is never designed to cure obesity. These books, diet aids, and prepackaged food products are designed only to increase profits for the people selling them.

It is sad that overweight people are being taken advantage of—all in the name of profit. Everyone knows that none of these programs work. Even if a person loses some weight, the major problems and true causes of obesity are never addressed. People are miserable during the weight loss process. People are hungry and feel deprived. The problem area fat never goes away. People are tired, depressed, and grumpy. When they finish these weight loss programs they remain a slave to hunger, fatigue, portion control, counting calories, fat, or carbs, or being unable to enjoy the foods they like. The worst part of all is almost everyone gains all the weight back and puts more weight on. The real travesty is every one of these programs actually makes the condition worse because they leave the person with a lower metabolism than before and an even higher hunger than they had at the beginning of their weight loss regime.

I am revealing this "weight loss cure protocol" because it worked for virtually 100% of the tens of thousands of patients that used it over the last thirty plus years. I am revealing this discovery because it worked for me! I believe that if you follow this protocol your weight loss issues will be cured and you can live the rest of your life as a normal, thin, happy person!

Why Other Weight Loss Programs Don't Work and Actually Make You Fat

There are a lot of myths and theories about weight loss. We hear things such as: eat fewer calories, exercise more, eat low fat, low carb, low glycemic food, food combining, etc. There are hundreds of special hard to follow diets such as the blood type diet, the high protein diet, the raw food diet, the low fat diet, the low carb diet, the low sodium diet, the high fiber diet, the low calorie diet, the vegetarian diet, the macrobiotic diet, the grapefruit diet, the South Beach diet, the Atkins diet, the Slim Fast diet, the Opti-fast diet, etc. There is even a chocolate diet, the skip a day diet, the Mediterranean diet, and the list goes on. There are weight loss programs which include Jenny Craig, NutriSystem, Sugar Busters, Weight Watchers, and others. These diet programs do not work and actually make you fatter in the long run. None of them address the true causes as to why you are overweight. Not one of them resets the hypothalamus. None of them raise and reset your metabolism. None of them correct the intense and constant hunger. None of them correct the uncontrollable food cravings and urges to eat when you are not hungry. Most importantly, no matter how much weight you may lose doing these programs, none of them get your body to release the secure abnormal trouble area fat deposits. None of these programs reshape your body.

The whole concept that you have to count calories, eat certain foods and eliminate others, count fat or carbohydrate grams is completely unnatural and unnecessary. If you travel around the world and look at people that are naturally thin, none of them are on a diet! None of them do crazy exercise programs' They eat real food, and lots of it.

In France people eat bread, cheese, butter, chocolate, and drink wine. Everyone is thin. In Italy people eat pizza, pasta, Gelato ice cream, bread, and tons of fat. Everyone is thin. In Germany people drink beer, eat cake, sausages, bread, butter, and potatoes. Everyone is thin. In Asia people eat rice, noodles, fish, and drink sake. Everyone is thin. All the diet theories are myths, lies, and deceptions. Throughout the world people eat tons of carbs, tons of fat, tons of salt, drink beer, wine, and other alcohol, eat ice cream and other deserts, have bread with real butter, yet everyone remains thin. No one is drinking diet sodas. No one eats low fat food. No one uses artificial sweeteners. They eat real food—real, full fat milk, cheese, and butter. They eat chicken and other poultry with the skin on' No one drinks light beer— they drink full carb and full calorie beer. Why are people thin in these other countries, eating large quantities of real food on a regular basis? Simple. The food is produced differently than in America. In America, for example, the beef is injected with bovine growth hormone and loaded with antibiotics and other drugs. The beef is fed genetically modified, chemically produced grain and ground up dead animals. The beef produced in America is different from the beef produced in other countries. It's not that beef makes you fat; it's the chemicals and growth hormones and drugs put in the American beef that makes you fat. The bread in America is loaded with high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, sucrose, or other man-made sweeteners that lower metabolism, increase appetite and make you fat. They are also loaded with chemical preservatives and stabilizers which make you fat. In other countries bread is made with flour, water, salt and yeast. It's not that bread makes you fat; it is American bread that makes you fat. Again, the American food supply is being produced and designed specifically and purposefully to make you fat.

The prepackaged food diets are probably the worst. They are loaded with monosodium glutamate, high fructose corn syrup, and thousands of man-made chemicals. When you go on any of these diets you may lose some weight initially, but you will not lose the secure trouble area fat deposits. You will not reshape your body. The chemicals in this food will continue to lower your metabolism and increase your hunger, which is why when people stop these programs they immediately gain all the weight back, plus more. This is why it's so hard to lose weight. This is why losing weight takes a long time. This is also why gaining weight is so easy and takes such a short period of time. In the movie documentary Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock ate only at McDonalds for one month. He gained twenty-eight pounds in one month. He gained the weight fast and effortlessly. This is because McDonald's food is specifically and purposely made to make you gain weight. McDonald's, for example, even puts sugar on their French fries! They even publicly announced that they are now adding MORE SUGAR into their buns! He also got physically, chemically addicted to the McDonald's food. In between meals he was depressed and had an overwhelming craving for McDonald's food. He exhibited all the common symptoms of a drug addict When he ate his next McDonald's meal his depression, symptoms, and cravings went away. He said he felt like a heroin addict getting a fix. McDonald's does this purposefully. It wants its customers to be physically, chemically addicted to its food just like a drug dealer wants his victims addicted to drugs. It's the way they guarantee you'll be coming back for more. McDonald's even calls people who eat three or more meals a week at their restaurants "heavy users"!

The scariest part of the documentary was the fact that after seven months of diet and exercise Morgan still had not lost the twenty-eight pounds! This is why diets don't work. Diets and diet food only make the problem worse and make it harder than ever to lose weight in the future.

Diet supplements also do not work. There are many supplements sold that claim to increase metabolism and reduce hunger. These include hoodia and ephedra. There are hundreds of pills containing combinations of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, algaes, plant extracts, and other various supplements. Some of these do in fact temporarily increase metabolism and lower appetite. None of them, however, have long-term effect. The major problem with these supplements is that when you stop taking the supplement your metabolism goes down even lower than before. Your appetite also can come back twice what it was when you started Therefore, these supplements make your condition worse. They make it harder for you to keep the weight off and make it even easier for you to gain weight in the future. None of these supplements release the problem area fat reserves or reshape the body.

Those who think exercise is the answer are mistaken. Exercise in any form is recommended and has benefits. Exercise will slightly raise metabolism and slightly lower hunger. Exercise will not, however, release the problem area fat reserves and reshape your body. If you've ever gone to the gym and seen some of the aerobics instructors who exercise three to four hours a day yet still have all the problem area fat around the hips, thighs, and buttocks you know this is true. If exercise was required in order for a person to be thin, why is it that there are tens of millions of people around the world who eat everything they want, never exercise, yet remain lean and thin'? Exercise is good and beneficial, but it is not the answer and will not cure the cause of obesity.

Fasting was once called a treatment for obesity. It is not. In researching fasting clinics around the world and reviewing the records of the participants it is conclusive that the majority of the people gain all the weight back very quickly after fasting. Fasting is for cleansing the body from toxins. It is highly encouraged and beneficial. I fast on a regular basis to clean toxins out of the body. There are many kinds of fasts. Fasting should only be done under the supervision of a licensed health care practitioner. Cleaning the body of toxins will help everything in your body work more efficiently and better. The health benefits of fasting are quite extensive. It is not, however, a cure or treatment for obesity.

Laxatives, diuretics, skipping meals, amphetamines, thyroid drugs, liquid diets, fiber drinks, human growth hormone, testosterone injections, acupuncture, laser treatments, homeopathic remedies, and weight loss teas all do not cure the underlying cause of obesity. These treatments, like all others, do not permanently correct and normalize metabolism or hunger. None of them release the problem area fat deposits. They generally make the problem worse in the long run.

A question that comes up often is why do some people have more problem area fat deposits than others? The hypothalamus gland determines where the body stores fat. There are three basic areas where fat is stored in the body. First is structural fat. This is good fat which surrounds the joints and internal organs. You do not want to lose this fat. Second are the normal fat reserves spread throughout your body. Third are the secure problem area fat reserves. The problem area fat reserves are designed as a survival mechanism. Once fat is stored there, no matter how much diet and exercise you do, this fat will not be released. This is the problem with diet and exercise alone. When you do any diet and exercise program you will lose water, structural fat, normal fat reserves, and muscle mass. The problem area fat will never be released. This is why people who have done constant yo-yo dieting tend to have sore and painful joints, and a sore and painful heel. This means that your body has burned off the good needed structural fat. This is why reduced calorie dieting is not only ineffective, but causes more physical problems. The reason why some people store more fat in these secure abnormal problem area fat deposits is because the hypothalamus gland is not operating properly. The "weight loss cure protocol" releases these abnormal secure problem area fat deposits and, more significantly, resets your hypothalamus so that in the future if you do consume more than your body burns the excess will not be stored abnormally in these secure problem area fat reserves. This is another reason why this protocol has been called a cure by the medical doctors who have used it with their patients.

It is important to note that the "weight loss cure protocol" normalizes body function. This treatment resets the body to a normal state. The body needs and requires that it have some secure fat reserves for survival. These secure fat reserves are never released with the exception of two instances. First, as a survival mechanism for the human species, these fat reserves are in fact released during pregnancy. This is why in third world countries mothers who consume only a few hundred calories a day during pregnancy still deliver healthy full weight babies. The other time that the body releases these fat reserves is at the point of starvation. This is how prisoners in concentration camps were able to survive. The problem is, when the hypothalamus gets in an abnormal state it abnormally puts fat in these secure abnormal fat reserves at a much higher rate than normal. The "weight loss cure protocol" corrects this problem.

The bottom line is that the major reasons why you are overweight, fat, or obese is your metabolism is abnormally low, your hunger is abnormally intense and constant, you have uncontrollable food cravings causing you to eat when you are not hungry, and when you have excess food that has not been burned off, your hypothalamus stores an abnormally high amount of the excess in the secure problem area fat reserves which will never be released no matter how much you diet and exercise. "The weight loss cure protocol" will once and for all correct this condition.

Who discovered this cure? How was it discovered? Why has it been suppressed and kept a secret for so long? The amazing story will surprise you!


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