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Chapter 8
The Proof Revealed

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
- Lord Acton

Once the media touches a story the facts are lost forever.
- Norman Mailer

The information I am reporting on and revealing in this book may appear to some as unconventional and controversial. The proof and evidence, however, showing that everything in this book is accurate, true, and works, is overwhelming. If the contents of this book were ever put on trial, the evidence is so overwhelmingly clear that any judge or jury would come back with a verdict exclaiming that without a doubt all the concepts, methods, and protocols outlined in this book are accurate, safe, and effective!
Why then are so many trying to debunk and discredit this information? When I first published Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About I was personally ridiculed and discredited on a massive scale through the media. The concepts I exposed and reported on in that book were criticized and debunked as being quackery. They were not my concepts or opinions, I was simply reporting effective non-drug and non-surgical, all-natural methods that were being used successfully by doctors around the world to cure and prevent disease. Yet, the book and the accurate reporting contained in the book were widely criticized by those companies and organizations that had a financial interest in keeping that information hidden. A few years and six million copies later, that book is now being held up as one of the great exposés on the healthcare system in America. The non-drug and non-surgical ways to cure and prevent disease that I reported on and revealed in that book are now being accepted in the mainstream.
The protocols, methods, and causes of obesity outlined in this book are not my opinions and theories. They are factual, evidence-based conclusions made by scientists, researchers, medical doctors, and acclaimed well respected experts in the field. Many of these have been reported on in well respected media outlets, scientific and medical journals, and by acclaimed, well respected journalists and authors. The key points in this book have been discussed in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CBS News, CNN, Fox News, The New England Journal of Medicine, The Lancet, and virtually hundreds of other major newspapers, major magazines, radio programs, television networks, scientific and medical journals, best selling books, and documentaries.

There are many sources that provide indisputable evidence and proof that all of the recommendations and steps in "the weight loss cure protocol" are safe and effective; these include published studies, double-blind studies, clinical studies, published abstracts, published articles, and reported observations from scientists, biochemists, medical researchers, medical doctors, and journalists.

The most powerful evidence is always direct, firsthand, eye witnesses! Therefore, the absolute most compelling evidence comes first from the hundreds of medical doctors who have been using these techniques for over thirty years and know firsthand that they are safe and effective. Secondly, the bombshell that blows any criticism out of the water is the hundreds of thousands of actual real people who have used these techniques with virtually no side effects and almost 100% positive results.
It is important that you not take my words blindly. The evidence, proof, documentation, and substantiation being presented absolutely, positively comes to the following conclusions:

1. The "weight loss cure protocol" is absolutely safe and not dangerous in any way.

2. The "weight loss cure protocol" is the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to lose weight, and lose stubborn secure problem area fat and keep the weight off forever.

3. The "weight loss cure protocol" is the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to reduce physical hunger, increase metabolism, correct physical addictions to food, and eliminate or reduce food cravings and uncontrollable urges to eat when you're not hungry.

4. The "weight loss cure protocol" has, in fact, been purposely suppressed, discredited, debunked, and in some cases, outlawed in an attempt to keep this effective cure hidden so that obesity continues to grow globally and profits continue to soar!

Let's read what people like you have to say about "the weight loss cure protocol." These people are real and have not been compensated in any way. These comments have been written in their own words.

"My ex husband and I were part of a company in the mid states that opened over 250 Medical Weight Loss Clinics. These clinics were medically staffed with RN's to administer the injections. All of our patients had to go through a medical examination with our on staff doctors. Lab work was done on all patients. Our program called for two days of load diet, with higher doses of hCG, followed by lower doses and a 500-calorie diet. HCG had been scrutinized for many years. The FDA contends that anyone on a 500-calorie diet will loose weight. And we agreed.

The significant difference, however, was the fact that with hCG the following occurred:

- HCG released 2500 calories of abnormal fat cells. Therefore your body was using 3000 calories per day.

- Patients never lost the structural fat, only the abnormal fat deposits.

- During the program not only was your weight decreasing at an amazingly fast rate, but your body's skin was shrinking as well.

- A patient never ended up with stretch marks from rapid weight loss. When a patient went from a size 18 to size 6, they appeared to never have had a weight problem. No saggy skin etc.

- The program incorporated a lot of water intake. If your urine was not clear, you were not drinking enough water. A patient was literally flushing out the fat cells through urination.

There is so much more to this program than meets the eye..."

- T.G., Oklahoma

"I am currently taking the hCG shots for obesity. I have a condition called PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome).

As a result, it is very hard for me to loose weight, and I have excess hair growth from the level of testosterone. I have tried methods such as metphormine.

With that I got very sick. I have tried everything short of starving myself to lose the weight, but with no success.

The hCG shots not only have helped my weight issue, but my PCOS symptoms as well. I have lost weight and the excess hair growth has become very slow. My energy level from losing the weight is tremendous. All of which was noticed just within the first week! Which in turn gives someone like me very much hope of being "normal."

My doctor that helps control the PCOS has also been following my success as well and is amazed at the effects the shot has had. He was the one who recommended that I give this a try. I was very wary at first, but seeing the results encouraged me.

I would strongly recommend hCG to anyone who effects of obesity are way more dangerous then the effects of this shot, if there are any. And believe me, I have done my research!

Thousands and thousands of people die of obesity. Now there is a method of helping them that is as natural as you can possibly get. Let's fact the facts, obesity is an extremely fast growing killer....
So, thank you for the research that you do. It reassures me as well as the population who do take the shots."

- J.K., North Carolina

"The Tat Chance' special missed the whole point that hCG therapy cured obesity 40 years ago Dr. A.T.W. Simeons of Rome found the permanent cure for obesity in the early 1960's and the American diet industry suppressed it for 40 years.


The American diet industry has grown in the last 40 years from $2 billion/year to over $150 billion/year.
That industry would collapse if the fact were widely known that obesity is a permanently curable symptom of a hypothalamus dysfunction.

What is unconscionable is the almost infinite amount of pain and distress and degradation that have been endured by almost three generations of fat Americans, let alone those fat people in the rest of the world, because of the greed of the diet industry. I have used the Simeons weight reduction program. I personally guarantee that it works."

- N.S., La Grande, Oregon

"When I used the Callahan techniques the pounds just flew off! I lost 51 pounds and have kept if off for over two years without any effort."

- Ct., North Carolina

"The Callahan techniques helped my clients successfully deal with addictions, stress, grief and fears."

- Dr. C.S., California

"I have gotten great results with the Callahan techniques personally, and the results that my patients get are nothing short of miraculous."

- R.M., D.O.M., Pennsylvania

"The Callahan technique is the miracle drug without the drug."

- P.F., New Jersey

"When I started using the Callahan technique I noticed my food cravings going away. I used to have certain comfort foods, like chocolate, ice cream, Starbucks coffee with extra caramel. I was obsessed by these foods and loved them. I have always been a yo-yo dieter, an emotional eater, and a binge eater. The Callahan techniques are a Godsend."

- F.K., California

"I have said it hundreds of times to everyone who is skeptical—that Dr. Simeons's method meets and exceeds the scientific method of proof...

I have written you in the past about the criminal deceit of those who have prevented by slander, allowing the prescribing of the hCG material, and the correct method, etc. Which means I have been angry and outspoken about this for 35 years...

What's missing, to me, is the 'background' of anyone opposing the use of hCG. As a matter of record, the medical profession as a whole has no understanding of the biochemistry, nor means to cure obesity...

The radical treatment using surgery is pretty brutal. [ Someone told me those undergoing this surgery will die without it, so...] How can anyone say he/she performed hCG group experiments and thereby 'proved' the treatment of no use...

Their experiment designs were idiotic, apparently— and none of them have found, specifically, the mechanism of hCG in the body. I'll bet money on that. They have proved nothing. I keep telling you things you already know. But I'm interested...

And this is where I would demand that those nice people who write to you and who already know personally that the treatment is excellent, get out there and ask all departments, all top management, anyone they can find to ask who is hostile, or absolutely in power to prevent these people from getting it. Take the fight to the enemy."

- P.J., Iowa

"I had exceedingly good results on hCG (injectable) diets many years ago, but the FDA and AMA have since intimidated almost all U.S. doctors into not prescribing it for obesity treatment.

As you may know, United States law allows citizens to import for personal use non-narcotic drugs unapproved by the FDA for sale in the U.S.A.

Since I do not expect to see the FDA ever (at least in my lifetime) approve hCG, in any form, for weight loss (injectable hCG never was so approved) I will have to get it from some other country in any case.

The problem in the U.S., pardon my cynicism, is that there is no major (as in multi-billion dollar) political lobby for hCG weight control products. The AMA, like any good trade organization, is obsessed only with driving up its member income and the big money for doctors in this area comes from the surgery and longterm care for obesity-related disorders, not from writing a prescription for hCG to eliminate obesity. (For this reason, virtually all weight-loss specialists in private practice refuse to join the AMA.)

The other big medical lobby in the U.S., the insurance industry, is not particularly interested in the issue because most policies exclude coverage of obesity disorders and overweight individuals are generally denied life insurance and health insurance coverage completely unless they can afford exorbitantly high premiums for very limited coverage.
Thanks very much."

- E.B., Texas

"Almost 30 years ago I had gained 60 pounds that dieting and exercise would not move. I was an active mother of six, and then, as now, I refuse to take any medicines and remain extremely healthy.
When I saw the weight loss others were achieving from hCG, I went to an obesity doctor here and began to receive the needles.

During the first month I received 24 needles and lost 30 pounds! The second month I went on a maintenance diet and received one needle per week...and lost that last 30 pounds! It was not difficult to remain on that diet while getting the shots because the results are so immediately apparent...and you feel great.

...It is my opinion that the thousands of people here who benefited from hCG give the lie to the vague claims that this is a dangerous substance. I feel that fat is a lucrative business...diets, books, videos, gym equipment, weight programs, food programs, operations, etc....

If the medical establishment were really seriously addressing obesity, they would have to bring back human Chorionic Gonadotrophin.

This substance seems to go directly to those areas that will not budge through diets, fasts or exercises. I applaud the efforts of Dr. Belluscio to keep hCG discussion alive and force the medical profession to recognize the value of studies. I would recommend hCG to anyone with a serious weight problem.
On health boards I see desperate people posting about liposuction, stomach and intestines operations, amphetamines, and all sorts of questionable drugs and other weight-loss scams...while the truth about hCG is hidden. Who does this serve?

Obesity is a health issue and we must DEMAND answers as to why this hCG is being kept from us!"

- A.S., Florida

"I am a layperson who used Dr. Simeons' hCG technique, starting in 1969. The treatment is perfect, and works the same for all, if Dr. Simeons' technique is used. I respected him a lot and wrote to him in Italy; he sent a gracious reply.

Since then, I have tried to find out who was behind the attacks on this procedure and never got very far. They were, of course, malicious and moronic; distorting every detail of the fat-reducing technique he devised, and the results obtained. I wrote to several obesity researchers, and clipped articles, etc., but had neither the clout nor the connections to go further into the opposition. One who wishes to overcome the flak generated will have to be vocal and influential; smoking out the opposition would be desirable, also.

The campaign against this technique was underhanded and I suspect the motives could not bear the light of day. Regards,"

- D.J., New Jersey

"I am so pleased to be able to share this with anyone and everyone!

My Husband and I have been going to a clinic in Tennessee. We both started this diet (with much doubt). I've tried many diets and failed at most...UNTIL I started this diet using hCG and a VLCD (very low calorie diet)...I have lost 20 pounds in one month! Can you believe it?? And on top of the weight loss I feel GREAT! Full of energy! And that's something that I have not had in years! I am 37 years old, I have 2 very active boys and work a full time job!

Before this wonderful diet method came into my life I couldn't hardly go...but now I'm on the go all the time and have so much energy...its super!!

If anyone out there has doubts about this weight loss method...send me an email and I will send you pictures! Before and after of me and my husband who by the way is also on this diet and feels just as good as I do!

Have a great day..."

- A.B., Florida

"Ten years ago I was very over weight and needed to reduce. I tried four other programs before I found the hCG program. The first four helped me lose a total of eight pounds at the rate of about $100/pd.
Then a friend told me about the hCG program. I started at over 200 pounds and finished at 138. I had no.
side effects and gained self-confidence. The program helped me to like myself and the results kept me going."

- S.L., Ohio

"I am very interested in anything concerning hCG. Because I don't understand that it is such a rejected method. After my second child I gained more then 20 kilos and whatever diet (seriously done without cheating myself) no loss of weight.

Negative doctors, til I went to one who I knew did the hCG diet in order to try that. Results: Fantastic.
I remain more or less one year on the same weight, then start gaining again a few kilos and then on my own do the same diet again to lose about 3/4 kilos, which I cannot lose with any diet. It's easy, and I feel great during the diet, injecting myself every day...

My hormones are checked seasonally because of menopause, and they are the same as a 38 year old woman. My age is 50! Could be because of hCG????"

- M.B., North Carolina

"I was so thrilled to find your web site www.hcgobesity.org. I used the hCG injections in Orlando for several months. I went from a size 14 to size 6. The results are incredible!"

- W.B, Florida

"When I was in Los Angeles, California in 1974 I was treated for obesity with weekly injections of hCG.
I was able, with a controlled diet, to lose 40 pounds in 2 months. It was the most effective method of weight loss that I have ever tried. My energy was up, my mood was up and the weight came off. I know from first hand experience that the injections WORK!!!"

- C.M., Georgia

"I now take injections of hCG...It's terrific for weight loss, never have been able to stick to a diet before. I've lost 21 Ibs, feel great and blood sugars have lowered... God bless whoever invented this program..."

- M.B., Texas

"I am a past success story of hCG. I lost over 75 pounds about 12 years ago.

- S.M., Washington

"I have already lost 13.5 kg; my treatment of 45 days ends today and tomorrow I'll start to eat 1,000 cal so my injections are done.

I just feel great and I am very happy, I had no hungry feelings and I am very enthusiastic about the hCG treatment!"

- AN., Illinois

"I have recently, 2 weeks ago, begun the diet using the injection method, with incredible results.
I have already dropped 10 lbs and my goal is 20. The injections are working incredibly well."

- E.N., New York

"I concur with all the letters on the internet that are posted on websites.

It is a shame that the US took hCG away from the doctors. It really works and I never had any side effects.

In fact, I felt better than I had ever felt before and was successful in losing weight. I know that hCG works."

- K. S., Kentucky

"I had started on the hCG injections in January 1981 after the birth of my daughter.

I noticed a SIGNIFICANT loss of weight and inches. I took the injections for 5 months as that was my goal—to lose 50 pounds by my birthday in May. I needed to lose a total of 60 pounds (I felt) but the 50 were enough.

I never had any side effects nor did I notice any side effects. The low calorie diet was enough and the food I was allowed to eat kept me feeling full most of the time.
Thank you very much"

- C.K.M., Toledo, Ohio

"I was a patient who took hCG in the early 1970s and not only lost weight, but also experienced the changes in body contour. That was a big issue for me, and I always believed that hCG was the one diet program that accomplished that."

- A.S., Minnesota

"I am a gynecologist practicing in Miami, FL. Several years ago, I started an hCG weight loss program which has been very effective."

- C.L.G., Florida

"I am a doctor in the Philippines and have a weight loss center wherein I have used hCG for my obese patients. I have combined the hCG treatments with a controlled diet and the results have been very gratifying for both my patients and myself."

- J.R.N., Philippines

"In 1972 I was treated by a physician in New Orleans for obesity. He was a dermatologist that I had visited for an allergic reaction to a medication that I was taking. He told me about this weight loss program he ran out of his office. I was very interested. I weighed 195 lbs....

Over a period of 6 weeks I lost 37 lbs. I weighed in at 158 lb. after my last injection.

Even at 500 calories a day, this was the easiest diet I ever followed. After the first week I even found myself offering to share my V2 cup of strawberries with my husband one night after dinner.

I never felt hungry, irritable, deprived and had more energy than I've ever had in my life. Just thought I would share this with you."

- J.M., Louisiana

"I used hCG many years ago and experienced great results."

- K.K., Utah

"3 years ago in Florida, I went to a weight-loss clinic that allowed me to administer hCG shots in combination with a low-fat, low-cal diet. I lost over 30 pounds."
- R.N.J., Florida

"In the early 70's I was introduced to hCG by my family doctor. I was on a low caloric (500) daily diet with a shot of hCG daily. I was amazed at the loss in weight and the changes to my body shape also."

- C.F., North Carolina

"I was on a weight loss program in Florida that used hCG injections. I was able to successfully shed the twenty pounds I needed to lose."

- A.G., Colorado

"In my experience the use of Chorionic Gonadotrophin in the treatment of obesity has an effect on weight loss; however, your article is the first one I have found in which that effect is significant."

- SB, M.D., MS Doctoral Student School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Tufts University, Medford, OR

"In Florida, back in 1986 I went through hCG shots to lose weight. I lost 26 lbs. in 2 months and felt the best I ever had in my life."

- KB., Texas

"I had used the hCG injections myself for weight loss. I had never had results of any kind from any other weight loss program. I went from 165 pounds to 127 pounds in less than 4 months. I not only lost on the scales, but I lost inches in my bra size, my neck, my arms, legs, waist and hips; everywhere."

- R.H., Missouri

"Some years ago, due to a variety of reasons, my wife found herself having gained 45 lbs...she connected to a clinic in So. Calif. (where we then lived) who put her on a program of very low diet and self-injections of hCG. In about 3 16 months she took off nearly all the weight."

- A. & D., California

"A couple years ago, a friend of mine told me about hCG. She had considerable success over an 18 month period. I reviewed the research published by A.T.W. Simeons, M.D. and began a diet program with hCG self injected each day. I completed 3 phases, each a 6 week hCG course followed by 6, 8 and 12 weeks of maintenance. I began at a weight of 237 pounds and I lost a total of 46 pounds after approximately 1 year. I had no side effects, felt great and increased my energy. I was able to begin weight training at the YMCA. I am a very strong and active woman of 45—SCUBA diver, league bowler, traveler and hiker."

- 0.M.C., San Jose, California

"Fifteen years ago, I was overweight (not obese) and sought medical treatment from a physician in Huntington, West Virginia, USA, in order to lose weight. Part of his program was the injection 3 times per week of hCG. I lost weight quickly and looked and felt fabulous.... Thanks"

- TM., Wyoming

"My sister had an injection of hCG many years ago and lost about 30 pounds in a month, my doctor never even heard of it."

- S.N., San Joaquin Valley, California

"About 20 years ago moving from CA to Calgary, the change of climate, lack of friends, different working and living conditions, etc., caused me to gain some 25 pounds over my normal 120. With the hCG treatment I lost the weight, and had good muscle tone, good skin, energy, etc."

- S.S., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"In 1975, I paid for a program to lose weight that included hCG injections and diet. In a very short period of time, approximately two months, I lost around 30 pounds, as well as significant inches over my whole body (neck included).

I was very satisfied with hCG, and other than one morning experiencing something like morning sickness, I felt fine the whole time I was taking the shots. As far as I know, I had no other side effects."

- M.C., Philadelphia

"Thank you. I very successfully completed this program about 16 years ago. I lost about 35 pounds, going from 160 to 125, at age 40. I was on the program 2 months. I was not hungry. I did sometimes eat extra vegetables.

However, this is a strict program only for the sincere and serious. It is not possible to have any result at all, zero zip, if a person cheats or makes exceptions....

On the program I felt so very healthy and energetic and just wonderful."

- J.H., Ohio

"My experience was very positive. I lost 60 lbs. while on this treatment. It would be wonderful to see it made available again to those who would benefit."

- B.II., Arizona

"I was treated with hCG and a very low calorie diet at a diet clinic in California almost 30 years ago. It was wonderful! And the only positive dieting experience that I have ever had."

- TB., Pennsylvania

"HCG treatment was the only effective treatment that I have ever encountered the last 30 years of my life."

- P.P., Las Vegas

"I used hCG through a clinic in 1972—it was administered in small doses by injection. My results were incredible and I felt wonderful during the treatment."

- S.L., Arizona

"I am one of those who used hCG many years ago to lose weight. It was indeed the most effective and successful weight loss program I have ever done."

- A.C., Hawaii

"I used the hCG program in the eighties for weigh loss. It worked like a miracle!!! I am an RN now living in Littleton, Colorado."

- M.C., Colorado

"I have used this program very successfully for weight loss that's so easy and it makes you feel great. It lowers cholesterol and blood sugar."

- G.M., Florida

"Hello again, I just wanted to take the time to thank you for giving me Dr. Walter J. Jagiella's name. My husband and I both went to Rome, and started the diet. We both are in our 5th week. I have lost 25 pounds and my husband has lost 40. I wish there were more doctors out there like you.
Thank you again, God bless."

- D.A., Georgia

"I am a 60 year-old man who began the injectable hCG weight loss program 3 years ago. I have arthritis in both knees and one has very little cartilage left...I had tried all the other plans—Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Sugar Busters, etc. with NO success.
Under hCG, in 15 months I lost 69 pounds. I have no skin folds from the loss. I went from a tight size 50 to size 42 pants. I can now walk vigorously, play golf and conduct a normal life style.
I no longer need a leg brace or cane to walk. My cholesterol has gone down 40-50 points, BP is 110/64, sugar is 96.1 feel like a new man. This program is a life-saver!"

- S.M., West Virginia

"I'm on week 11 of the plan. My husband and I were visiting with friends and they noticed I'd lost a few pounds. I don't own a scale; so I don't know how much, but I went from a size 8 to a size 4-5. My friend thinks it amazing that I've made all these healthy changes in my life. I used to be a fast food and pizza girl. Eating only healthy foods is a huge change, but my skin and scalp are reaping the benefits of this new lifestyle. I do have more motivation during the day, and I feel more relaxed when in tense situations. I find I now have the strength and patience to analyze a situation before I react. This is a major improvement! I am so glad I read and followed your plan. I feel like a whole new person, and this is a good thing. Thank you."

- L.F., Illinois

"I've been an entrepreneur and successful business owner for my entire life. I've always been highly motivated and extremely goal driven. I'm only 33 years old; however, the last 7 years of my life have been a fast downward spiral of fatigue and I've had to WILL myself to do almost anything. I've tried every single diet imaginable as I've fought to keep my weight between 235 pounds and 270 pounds for over 10 years. However, just 5 weeks ago I was referred to Doctor Jeffrey McCombs and the LifeForce Plan. I read his book and was educated about something called Candida and how it affects our bodies and our lives. Again, many thought it was another fad. However, after five weeks on the plan here is what has happened. My energy has skyrocketed to a level I haven't felt since I was a child. I have taken one nap in the 5 weeks since starting the plan and that was after only having slept 3 hours the night before. This may not sound impressive, but bear with me. I HAVE TAKEN TWO OR THREE NAPS A DAY FOR SO MANY YEARS I CAN'T REMEMBER. This has truly revolutionized my life. My employees, my fiancée, my adopted children, and everyone around me can't believe the changes. Now, for an added benefit! I've eaten 5-7 times a day. I eat more carbs than on any other DIET (I do not consider the LifeForce Plan a diet) I went from 256 pounds to 238 pounds and know that I'll be at my goal weight of 210 pounds very soon. Why am I writing this? Because I want anyone and everyone that has gone through the fatigue and mental anguish I went through for years to understand that there is hope. I know many doctors and your own family will have doubts and even tell you that Candida doesn't exist. Well...call it Candida or call it whatever you want. I know that this plan gets rid of whatever was causing me so much pain and suffering. I could literally fill 5 or 10 pages with my excitement. I'm doing this without knowing the doctor on a personal level at all and only speaking to him for about 15 minutes. So with all this I say THANK YOU Doctor for helping to radically change my life."

- L.N., New Jersey

"I was afraid to spend money on yet another thing that would not help. Finally I got started 5 weeks ago. I have lost about 15 pounds. I was not trying to do that yet. I just wanted to get myself over the digestive problems and the Candida. My skin is so soft and beautiful I feel like I should be on an Ivory commercial. I can think and remember so much better. I can walk up and down the stairs without holding onto the rail and carry my 4-year-old granddaughter at the same time I am so much stronger, maybe because of the energy I have and how much more I do now. I was walking the other day and realized NOTHING hurt. The only way I can describe my emotional state is the opposite of depressed. What would the proper word for that be? I want to thank you for doing what you do. I have to tell you, thank you is not a good enough word but there isn't one for this."

- B.S., California

"I have been on the LifeForce Plan for only 3 weeks and 3 days now. I wanted to let you know that I have lost 21 pounds so far. This isn't the greatest thing since I started the diet. My blood sugar was at 317 and now and it is at 111. This is amazing. Thanks again and can't wait to continue and finish this wonderful program. Sincerely,"

- B.C., Canada

"I have completed your LifeForce Plan, and I read from your book daily. The Plan is great, the book is like a health bible, and I have reaped immense benefits."

- A.L., North Carolina

"Thank you for answering my questions and I also wanted to let you know that I purchased the LifeForce book this weekend. The book is so clear and concise and I really appreciate the two pages for easy reference, I am so impressed and pleased to have finally had all of the facts for easy reference.
I've lost 4 pounds in the first week. For the first time in 10 years I'm starting to feel more normal again. The struggles with going to the bathroom are starting to feel like a thing of the past. I'm so optimistic and plan to continue the program, I finally feel like there is hope in reversing my problems.

The last couple of years have been a learning curve for me and I've been slowly eliminating problems and many pills that I had been taking in the past.

Thanks for answering my questions and restoring my hope and faith in a better life. It's truly amazing to me that you take the time to answer the questions through email—it restores my faith that there are some who still want to help others."

- D.B., Arizona

"I started the 'Life Force Plan' 8 weeks ago and it has changed my life dramatically. I follow everything recommended in the book (diet, sweating, drinking the required amount of water, etc.). I get colds very often and sneeze 24-7. But about 4 or 5 days after the program I stopped sneezing (I don't use a kleenex anymore at all). This is extremely unusual and surprising to me after 28 years of severe sinusitis, allergies, difficulties in breathing, chronic coughing and colds. To be honest, I was not expecting this kind of results."

- C.J., New Mexico

"In 5 days I have lost 7 pounds. Unbelievable!! Thank you for your time."

- C.H., South Dakota

"First, I want to thank you so very much. I am starting my 9th week of the LifeForce Plan and I feel great. I have not experienced a migraine headache since I started the Plan."

- M.P., Iowa

"My mother and I have been on the LifeForce Plan for 13 weeks now. Thank you for your help! We are both feeling SO MUCH BETTER than we have in years! Mom says she wishes everyone felt as great as she does! God bless you!"

- C.E., Florida

"I have just completed your plan. Lost 50 lbs, went off blood pressure meds and allergy meds, feel great. Thanks."

- K.B , Texas

If you skipped over reading the above comments from people who have safely and effectively completed components in the "weight loss cure protocol," go back and read every single one. This is a very important part of the "weight loss cure protocol." Remember, we have to deprogram our mind from the mental triggers that have been implanted from the hypnotic and subliminal advertising messages that we have been bombarded with for decades. The other reason reading comments from people who have succeeded with this protocol is important, is that it begins to alter and change internal beliefs and automatic mental programs that are partially responsible for our overweight condition. Earl Nightingale, in his famous presentation The Strangest Secret discovered that we become what we think about. This is also called the "law of attraction." Whatever we picture in our mind, think about, put focus and attention on, and speak in words, becomes our future reality. When you focus and think about food, the fear of deprivation, the fear of hunger, or your overweight condition, you actually create more of the things you don't want! By consistently reading comments of people that have been successful at reducing weight, reducing hunger, increasing metabolism, and eliminating food cravings, you will begin to focus on these successful scenarios and cause them to be attracted into your life. What you think about becomes your reality.

These comments and testimonials from people that have actually done "the weight loss cure protocol" prove the claim that this protocol is 100% safe and effective. This kind of testimony is always the best and most compelling evidence that could be submitted in a court of law. However, as unbelievable as it may seem, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Federal Trade Commission say that the testimony of any person who has successfully benefited from "the weight loss cure protocol" can never be used, listened to, or relied on! These government agencies claim that what people have to say is irrelevant and doesn't matter! Even when over 100,000 people come forward giving their sworn testimony to the safety and effectiveness of "the weight loss cure protocol," the U.S. Government says none of their testimony can be used to determine the safety and effectiveness of this protocol! How absurd and outrageous. It is beyond rational comprehension, but this is how the glorious United States Government operates to allegedly protect its citizens.

Is this protocol safe and effective? Absolutely yes. Experts, Ph.D.s, biochemists, medical doctors, insiders at the FDA and National Institutes of Health, and patients who have used this protocol overwhelmingly attest to its safety and effectiveness. Hundreds of studies, peer reviewed articles, scientific documentation and substantiation, and the thirty-year test of time all support its safety and effectiveness. There is no legitimate evidence that can be produced anywhere in the world that would even suggest that this protocol is unsafe or ineffective.

Yes, it is true that government agencies will point to false and misleading studies or documents that suggest, but do not prove that the protocol is no more effective than diet and exercise alone. Every one of these alleged scientific studies were either funded by companies that have a financial interest in keeping this weight loss cure hidden, or were conducted in such a way as to guarantee failure.

Yes, "experts," "doctors," and government officials publicly state as fact that the Simeons "weight loss cure protocol" and the other suggestions in this book are dangerous and ineffective. However, none of these so-called experts have ever personally done the protocol exactly as described, treated patients with the protocol, interviewed doctors who are using the protocol successfully, talked to patients who have successfully done the protocol, or read the extensive amount of scientific documentation and substantiation. They speak as if they are omnipotent, all-knowing deities when, in fact, they are giving biased, unsubstantiated opinions. Most importantly, these naysayers are not independent, unbiased people. Upon close examination you find that they are all directly or indirectly on the payroll of companies that have a direct financial interest in keeping this truth hidden. They all financially benefit from suppressing and lying about this information.

Suppressing truthful information about anything that will have an adverse financial impact on the existing status quo is common and has been going on for years. It has been proven in court time and time again that this occurs.

When chiropractic treatment was threatening the profits of medical doctors and drug companies, the American Medical Association engaged in a false and misleading campaign to debunk and discredit chiropractors. They used fear, trying to convince people that chiropractors were quacks, their treatments were ineffective, and going to a chiropractor was dangerous and could cause permanent damage to the spine. The chiropractors fought back and sued the AMA for this blatantly false and misleading propaganda campaign. In court it was proven that chiropractic treatments were totally safe and, in fact, were much more effective in treating back pain than anything offered by members of the AMA, including drugs and surgery. The chiropractors won!

When Dr. Andrew Weil, a Harvard medical doctor, published his first book explaining that there were all-natural, inexpensive, effective and safe alternatives to drugs and surgery he was initially crucified in the press. His book could potentially have an adverse effect on the profits of the pharmaceutical industry.

John Gray, author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, is a huge advocate of nutritional solutions to depression, anxiety, and stress. Even though his book has now sold over 30 million copies, he was initially attacked mercilessly when he suggested that the profitable anti-depressant drugs should be avoided and instead patients should consider inexpensive, safe nutritional remedies which are proven to be more effective.

Suzanne Somers' latest book on health is currently under fire.

The American Medical Association has put together a massive debunking campaign against the natural remedies outlined in Somers' book. Remember, the AMA is simply a union for companies and doctors in the pharmaceutical arena. They do not protect patients; they are an organization that is chartered to protect the financial interests and profits of its members. If people adopted Somers' suggestions, the profits of the pharmaceutical companies would be in great jeopardy.

Dr. Linus Pauling, the only doctor to win the Nobel Prize for science twice, discovered that the all-natural bioavailable form of Vitamin C, when given in high doses, killed every known virus. The drug companies immediately tried to get Vitamin C patented so it could be sold as the world's most powerful, effective, and safe antiviral agent. When it was determined that Vitamin C could not be patentable, therefore making its profit potential extremely low, the pharmaceutical cartel debunked Dr. Pauling's research and engaged in a massive campaign to discredit the use of Vitamin C in the treatment of viral infections. Even though it was proven that Vitamin C was the most powerful, most effective, and safest method of handling viral infections, any widespread use of Vitamin C would dramatically and negatively impact the profits being made on the dangerous and ineffective antibiotics sold by the pharmaceutical giants.

The truth about inexpensive, all-natural, safe, and effective cures is always suppressed because the drug companies need to continue to sell their expensive, profitable drugs, and surgical procedures.
Chinese doctors use a honey/herbal treatment to cure men for prostatitis with virtually 100% success. This was proven in a symptom free. This is without any dangerous drugs whatsoever. News of this is still suppressed.

For decades acupuncture was said to be a totally ineffective and very dangerous treatment causing severe negative side effects. Recently, a U.S. National Institutes of Health taskforce was forced to admit that problems caused by acupuncture were extremely rare. The NIH conducted studies which proved that acupuncture was just as effective and had much less side effects than western medicine's treatment used for stroke recovery, headache, menstrual cramps, tennis elbow, fibromyalgia, asthma, low back pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome. This information is also suppressed.

All-natural herbs combined with acupuncture lowered cholesterol levels dramatically in almost 80% of all patients in just twenty-seven days according to a recently published study. Of course, no side effects. These are better results than the incredibly profitable cholesterol reducing drugs that make the drug companies billions a year in profits. Your doctor will not tell you about these natural alternatives, and probably doesn't even know about them.

In my book Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About I go into great detail about how and why the drug companies, the AMA, the FDA, the FTC, and media routinely and systematically suppress the truth about inexpensive, safe, and effective non-drug and non-surgical ways to cure and prevent disease. The standard method of debunking is to use the word "quackery" and suggest that these treatment options are dangerous. Acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, massage treatments, even believing that proper nutrition is important for your health, were all said to be forms of "quackery" and very dangerous to partake in. Imagine the U.S. Government stating that the belief that proper nutrition has anything to do with preventing disease was quackery seems ludicrous. The government has actually stated that taking nutritional supplements is dangerous!

According to insiders and whistle-blowers from the FDA, the FTC, the National Institutes of Health, and several pharmaceutical companies, the specific plan of attack that these organizations are following is to systematically try to convince people that companies, are "quackery" and very dangerous. Simultaneously they try to convince people that the drugs and surgical procedures drug companies sell are the only scientifically proven and safe methods of treating medical conditions. This is the great lie. This is the great deception. It is drugs and surgical procedures that are the most dangerous. In the last ten years it has been reported that using non-prescription over-the-counter drugs, and prescription drugs, exactly as the instructions stated, has resulted in the deaths of over one million people. This is a conservative estimate. Many advocacy and watchdog groups provide evidence that over ten million people worldwide are now dead because they took an over-the-counter non-prescription, or prescription medication. Aspirin is said to kill 2,000 people every year. It is the drugs that are dangerous. Remember that these are the same drugs that the FDA has stated emphatically are "totally safe and effective." Insiders and whistle-blowers who work, or have worked, within the FDA and American Medical Association have repeatedly stated that these organizations are not protecting the best interests of individuals. The FDA and AMA are actually protecting the profits of the companies that sell these dangerous drug and food products.

Is it really true that major publicly traded corporations work with government agencies in an unholy alliance to suppress the truth about information that ultimately would benefit people and society in general? Absolutely yes. Over the last seventy-five years, thousands of specific verifiable examples are available. These have been documented and reported on in major newspapers, magazines, books, and documentaries.

The most recent and fully documented exposé showing that this is true is the documentary Who Killed The Electric Car? This film is narrated by Martin Sheen and has onscreen contributions from Ed Begley, Jr., consumer advocate Ralph Nader, and Alexandra Paul It shows how electric cars were produced that were so efficient, quiet, and powerful that the consumer demand overwhelmed the automakers. This is not what they expected. The automakers knew that if electric cars became mainstream, the need for gasoline and oil would be dramatically reduced. This would adversely affect the profits of the oil companies. Last year Exxon posted profits in excess of $50 billion. Remember, these are profits posted after every accounting trick in the book was used. The real profits are estimated at over $250 billion. This movie is riveting and captivating. It shows how these beautiful, brand new, perfectly running automobiles were each collected and shredded by the car companies. It was as if they wanted to eliminate all evidence that an effective, popular alternative form of transportation was available. It shows in graphic detail how big companies and government lie and deceive the public, and will do anything and everything to protect their profits, even at the expense of people's health and wellbeing.

There is always an unholy alliance between big business and government causing the suppression of new technologies and information that could potentially have any adverse effect on corporate profits. There is a revolving door between government officials and big business. This is a global growing phenomenon. In America the U.S. Constitution starts with the words, "We the People..." In today's world, the reality is our government officials believe the Constitution reads, "We the Corporations..."
Did you know that over 85% of all of the commissioners of the FDA go to work directly, or indirectly, for the drug companies or food producers? This has been called by political insiders as nothing more than payoffs for the actions and decisions these commissioners made during their tenure to increase those corporations' profits. Did you know that the majority of government officials rotate between government jobs and working for lobbyists and corporations that their government positions are supposed to regulate? This creates an obvious conflict of interest and allows the government to simply do the bidding of these corporations, giving them competitive advantages.

Did you know that the majority of military personnel can be considered overweight, fat, or obese? This is because many food companies have gotten contracts to supply food to our military and have purposely designed menus that make our military fat. This way, the military requires more and more food each year to feed the troops. This means more profits for the food companies.

This interesting food company and government connection is prevalent in the U.S. school lunch program I have inside sources and whistle-blowers that have told me directly that the suppliers of food for the school lunch programs specifically created menus and created food that would make school children fat very quickly. This is why the amount of food ordered each quarter continues to go up. Fat kids eat more food; the more food purchased means more profits for the food companies.

The profits we are talking about are astronomical. This is why there is such major suppression of the truth relating to the cause and cure of obesity.

Did you know the CEOs of various companies that get contracts with the U.S. Government have personally each earned as high as $40 million in a single year? The money being made in the government food company connection is staggering.

Every country that the U.S. Government creates strong diplomatic ties with has its food supply virtually taken over by U.S. food manufacturers. This is supposed to create exports from America to these respective countries, therefore benefiting the U.S. companies and the U.S. economy. When this occurs, fast food restaurants spring up throughout those countries. The influx of products, that for the first time contain such ingredients as high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, MSG, artificial sweeteners, growth hormones, and antibiotics, begins to permeate the diet of the local people. Almost instantly the local people of these countries begin to gain weight unexpectedly. I have visited dozens of countries around the world and have seen the meteoric rise of obesity occur in direct relation to the increase of fast food and these U.S. produced food products. Obesity in one particular country was up over 10,000% since fast food restaurants appeared!

Remember, the government, big business, and the media all have a financial self-interest in lying, and deceiving us about the truth of any product, technology, or discovery that could adversely affect profits of large corporations.

Some of the worst offenders are alleged consumer advocacy groups, watchdog groups, or associations that are supposed to be fighting the obesity epidemic. It has been proven in court that many alleged consumer advocacy groups and watchdog organizations are, in fact, fronts, set up and funded by food companies and drug companies. Therefore, they appear to be trying to stop and reverse the obesity epidemic, however, in reality, they work for the food industry and drug companies to actually increase obesity.

Associations such as the American Obesity Association, Overeaters Anonymous, North American Association for the Study of Obesity, National Eating Disorders Association, Eating Disorders Education Association, and others receive funding from the federal government and the food industry directly. The more obesity continues to increase means the more money they receive in the form of funding. They have no financial incentive to solve the obesity epidemic. Quite the opposite.

Publications such as the International Journal of Obesity are becoming more and more profitable as long as the worldwide obesity epidemic continues to grow. These financial conflicts of interest cannot be underestimated or overlooked. The worldwide overwhelming and consuming need for publicly traded corporations to increase profits at all costs is the driving, motivating force to make more people fatter every year and keep the real causes and effective cures hidden from the public.

In the Appendix of this book there is a list of medical references, scientific data, documentation, substantiation, and detailed technical scientific evidence supporting the safety and effectiveness of "the weight loss cure protocol."

The evidence and proof supporting the systematic debunking and suppression of "the weight loss cure protocol" can be found in news reports around the world, including the Associated Press and Reuters. It is highly recommended that you be educated about the growing worldwide debunking and suppression of new effective technologies and discoveries. Read the following books and watch the following DVDs that prove virtually everything that has been revealed in this book is true:

Books include:

Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About, by Kevin Trudeau

More Natural "Cures" Revealed: Previously Censored Brand Name Products That Cure Disease, by Kevin Trudeau

Sweet Deception: Why Splendor, NutraSweet, and the FDA May Be Hazardous to Your Health, by Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. Kendra Degen Pearsall

Don't Eat This Book: Fast Food and the Supersizing of America, by Morgan Spurlock

Fat Land: How Americans Became the Fattest People in the World, by Greg Critser

The Hundred-Year Lie: How Food and Medicine Are Destroying Your Health, by Randall Fitzgerald

Chew On This: Everything You Don't Want to Know About Fast Food, by Eric Schlosser and Charles Wilson

The End of Food: How the Food Industry is Destroying Our Food Supply - And What We Can Do About It, by Thomas F. Pawlick

DVDs include:

Supersize Me
Who Killed The Electric Car?
Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers
The Corporation
The Constant Gardner
Sister Kenny
The Smartest Guys in The Room: The Story of Enron

Additional recommended books and DVDs, which support and give indisputable evidence about all of the information reported on in this book, are listed in the Appendix. These books and DVDs are not only informative and eye opening, but are thoroughly entertaining as well.

An enormous amount of information has been covered in this book. All of the key points have volumes of backup information and substantiation. It is now time to put it all together in summary, and in an easy to follow going forward plan. Following "the weight loss cure protocol" exactly as described is the fastest, safest, and most powerful way to lose weight, reshape your body, permanently reduce hunger, reset your metabolism higher, eliminate food cravings, and most importantly, keep these benefits forever!


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