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Chapter 6
Frequently Asked Questions

The thing that bugs me is that people think the FDA is protecting them. It isn't. The FDA is protecting the profits of the corporations that pay us and the politicians!
- Herbert Ley, M.D., Former FDA Commissioner

Where do I get HCG?

HCG is a natural substance that is produced in the human body during pregnancy. Pharmaceutical companies extract this substance from the urine of pregnant women. It is purified and made into pharmaceutical grade hCG. Although it is a natural substance, it is classified as a "drug" and available by prescription only. You must get hCG from a medical doctor with a prescription. In countries around the world doctors may prescribe hCG for a number of conditions. In most countries medical doctors are allowed to prescribe hCG for use in the treatment of obesity. In America hCG is one of the only pharmaceutical compounds that the FDA has specifically said should not be used in the treatment of obesity! There is much debate of whether a medical doctor in America has the legal right to prescribe hCG to be used with the Simeons "weight loss cure protocol." I suggest showing your medical doctor this book and have them read Simeons' original manuscript Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity. I am not suggesting, or recommending, that you in anyway break any federal or state law. I am suggesting that in America you have a constitutional right to do what you feel is best for your own body. It is ludicrous that people around the world have easy access to hCG, under the supervision of a medical doctor, and are fully able to do the Simeons "weight loss cure protocol" and Americans must continue to suffer.

HCG and the Simeons "weight loss cure protocol" can also be procured from doctors outside of the United States and legally brought back into the country for personal use. This is provided you have a valid prescription from a licensed medical doctor in that country. I, myself, went to Germany, got a prescription, and received enough hCG injections to do the entire six-week protocol. I then legally returned to the United States with the prescription and the hCG, and finished the protocol in America. It is my understanding that this is a legal option.

What if I just did the diet in Phase 2 without the HCG injections?

Many double-blind studies have been conducted that give the answer to this question. If you just do the diet in Phase 2 without the hCG injections, you will, in fact, lose weight. The problem is, during the diet you will be hungry and tired; most importantly, you will be losing muscle and structural fat; you will not lose any of the abnormal fat deposits in the problem areas. Your body will not be reshaped and re-sculpted. When you finish the diet your metabolism will be lower than before and your hunger higher than before. You will not have achieved the results you want.

Can I start the program with Phase 2 without doing any of the things in Phase 1?

Yes. However, if you do not do Phase 1 to at least some degree, you will not be handling and addressing many of the new causes of your overweight condition. Doing as much as you can of the Phase 1 steps will accelerate the process and make permanent weight loss easier to achieve. In today's world, the steps outlined in Phase 1 absolutely are recommended if you want to eliminate food cravings, increase metabolism, reduce hunger, and keep the weight off forever.

Do I have to do Phase 3?

Yes. Phase 2 and Phase 3 are, in fact, the original Simeons "weight loss cure protocol." Phase 3 is necessary to stabilize your weight and reset the hypothalamus so that the weight does not come back. It is vitally important that you follow Phase 2 and Phase 3 exactly as described. You must strictly adhere to Simeons' instructions in Phase 2 and Phase 3.

What if I cannot get HCG and cannot do Phase 2?

If hCG is completely unavailable to you there is an option. First, do ALL the steps in Phase 1 for thirty days. Then, you replace Phase 2 with the The Turbo Protein Diet as described in the book written by Dieter Markert. This protocol uses a product called Almased, available at (800) 256-2733 or www.almased.com. Do this protocol for up to six weeks. Then, continue with Phase 3 and Phase 4 exactly as described. This protocol is not as effective as the Simeons "weight loss cure protocol" with hCG. However, it is the next best alternative. If you do this protocol you must do all the steps in Phase 1 and you must do the Candida cleanse, liver cleanse, and parasite cleanse in Phase 4 in order to achieve the same results.

What does the FDA say about HCG?

The FDA, the National Institutes of Health, and even the manufacturers of hCG themselves state, "HCG has no known affect on fat mobilization, reducing appetite or sense of hunger, or body fat distribution." They further state, "HCG has not been demonstrated to be an effective adjunct therapy in the treatment of obesity and does not increase fat losses beyond that resulting from caloric restriction." They even say specifically that, "HCG should never be used in the treatment of obesity because serious problems can occur." These statements are blatantly and flagrantly false. There is absolutely no documentation or substantiation backing up and proving that these negative statements are true. The studies that the government uses to backup these lies were conducted as part of the massive cover-up of the truth about the Simeons "weight loss cure protocol." In these studies the researchers purposely caused the results to be negative. First, they did not follow the Simeons protocol exactly as instructed. Dr. Simeons was very clear that if the protocol was not followed exactly and precisely as described, the results would not be achieved. The researchers changed the specific mentioned food items to other items claiming that the calories were similar; therefore, would not affect the results. This was a fatal flaw. Most importantly, the researchers mixed the hCG solution weeks in advance before giving the daily injections to the patients. Simeons was very clear that hCG should be mixed daily. It cannot be mixed and stored for later use. Once hCG is mixed it begins to lose potency very quickly. Within twenty-four hours the potency of the hCG is completely gone. Therefore, the injections were completely useless. In effect, the test subjects were receiving no hCG at all. The studies showed that all people on the diet lost weight, therefore concluding that the hCG injections had no positive effects.

The truth is that in all properly conducted studies, people on the diet without hCG and people on the diet with hCG did, in fact, both lose weight. However, in these properly controlled studies, the group receiving the hCG with the diet lost more weight, had no hunger, and more importantly, lost dramatically more inches. The hCG group saw a dramatic reshaping and re-sculpting of their bodies. The hCG group lost fat in the problem areas. The FDA, the National Institutes of Health, and the drug companies are simply lying to us in order to protect the profits of the food companies, the pharmaceutical companies, and the diet industry.

Is HCG legal for use in a weight loss regime?

It all depends on what country you live in! In America the FDA makes the erroneous statement that hCG should never be used in the treatment of obesity. They are adamant about this I have talked to dozens of officers at the FDA, the National Institutes of Health, and various other government agencies. I asked why they were so adamant about making sure people did not use hCG in the Simeons "weight loss cure protocol." No one could give me a straight answer. No one could provide me any documentation or substantiation proving that the Simeons "weight loss cure protocol," used exactly as described, was unsafe. This is a great cover up as to the true causes and cure for the obesity epidemic The FDA and other government agencies are protecting the profits of the pharmaceutical companies as they work to get approval on a number of expensive, ineffective surgical procedures and patented drugs to be sold for the treatment of obesity. As the past commissioner of the FDA, Dr. Herbert Ley, stated, "The FDA is not protecting people. It protects the profits of the pharmaceutical companies." In 1962, the Journal of the American Medical Association warned people against the Simeons protocol stating, "Adherence to such a drastic regime is potentially more hazardous to the patient's health than continued obesity." This has been proven to be a false, unsubstantiated statement. In 1974, the Food and Drug Administration required producers of hCG to label the drug with a warning against using it for weight loss or fat redistribution. Interestingly enough, no one has ever come out with a clear definitive statement that the use of hCG as part of the exact Simeons protocol was ineffective or dangerous. It is true that hCG should never be used to treat obesity alone. It must only be used as part of the exact Simeons protocol. According to the FDA, it is in fact legal for doctors in America to prescribe medications for purposes that are not approved by the FDA. This suggests that doctors in America can prescribe hCG to be used as part of the Simeons protocol, even though this purpose has not been approved by the FDA.

My doctor says that this won't work and is not safe.

Find another doctor. If your doctor has not personally treated patients using the Simeons "weight loss cure protocol" exactly and precisely as instructed, how would he know whether the protocol was effective and safe? Thousands of medical doctors around the world over the last thirty years have treated hundreds of thousands of patients. The success rate is almost 100%. There has never been a single patient that has been reported to have any negative side effects during or after the Simeons "weight loss cure protocol" was administered. The safety and efficacy of this protocol is absolutely without question. There is not one bit of evidence showing that even a single patient has had any negative side effects as long as they have done the Simeons "weight loss cure protocol" precisely and accurately as described. Thousands of medical doctors all can't be wrong. Hundreds of thousands of patients all can't be hallucinating about their successful fat reduction and weight loss. I personally did this program and, like hundreds of thousands of other successful patients, can attest that everything about it is true.

Are there doctors and clinics using this treatment now?

Yes. I have personally talked to numerous medical doctors around the world who are currently treating patients with the Simeons "weight loss cure protocol." Because of the overwhelming desire by the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, and various government agencies to suppress the truth about this obesity cure, most of these doctors asked not to be mentioned by name in this book. Doing so would subject them to persecution and possible prosecution for curing obesity in patients. At www.naturalcures.com I will be listing doctors and clinics around the world that are administering the Simeons "weight loss cure protocol." One fearless doctor using this method is Dr. Daniel Belluscio, M.D. For most of Dr. Belluscio's medical career, he has been devoted to the study of hCG and the Simeons method for weight loss. He spent many years at the Bellevue Klinik in Switzerland, an institution with one of the most impressive records of using hCG in the treatment of obesity. He has traveled extensively, lecturing on IICG and obesity in the U.S.A., Sweden, Italy, Germany, and Israel. He has published several reports on the method for health care practitioners and articles on the subject for the general public. In 1987, Dr. Belluscio founded the hCG Research Clinic, an institution for obesity research. Records show that the clinic has used the hCG approached on over 6,500 patients to date. This reliable and effective method for obesity management has been validated by appropriate double-blind studies. Information on this clinic is available at www.hcgobesity.org.

Isn't 500 calories a day too low to be safe?

No. Research now confirms that eating very low calorie diets actually increase overall health, have anti-aging effects, and increase lifespan. This was reported recently in The New York Times. Most importantly, however, is when you are doing the diet combined with the hCG injections, your body is being flooded with over 2,000 calories of nutrition from the releasing of the abnormal fat reserves. This is one of the reasons that during Phase 2, consisting of the diet and hCG injections, you are not hungry and generally have an increase in energy levels.

During the diet in Phase 2 will I have vitamin, mineral, or other nutritional deficiencies due to low food consumption?

No. During the three- to six-week Phase 2 period your body is releasing massive amounts of stored nutrition from the fat cells that are being synthesized. Extensive studies have been conducted on patients throughout the protocol proving that no nutritional deficiencies develop. Therefore, during Phase 2 you should not be consuming anything other than those listed in the instructions. This includes no vitamin, mineral, or food supplements.

Have any changes been made to the original Simeons "weight loss cure protocol"?

Phases 2 and 3 are, in fact, the original instructions as described in Simeons' manuscript Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity. There are two exceptions. Simeons used 125 IE of hCG. He suggested that taking larger amounts do not improve results, but rather have the opposite effect. Doctors in the 1970s and 1980s began dealing with patients who had many more issues and causes of abnormal hypothalamus activity than Simeons dealt with. Therefore, after Simeons' death in 1970, doctors began researching with slightly higher amounts of hCG. It was found that between 175 and 200 IEs were the optimal daily doses. Remember, this is an incredibly small amount of hCG. During pregnancy women are flooded with over 300,000 IEs of hCG on a daily basis. Doctors routinely administer 6,000 or more lEs of hCG to patients with various medical conditions Taking 125 to 200 IEs daily for three to six weeks is an incredibly small amount. How much you should take should be determined between you and your doctor. The minimum is 125 IEs, as Simeons originally instructed, and the maximum should be no more than 200 IEs.

The second modification to Simeons' original protocol is the exclusion of melba toast, or an Italian grissino breadstick with lunch and dinner. It has been found that by eliminating the small melba toast or grissino breadstick from the lunch and dinner meals speeds up the fat burning process. Simeons also did not include Phase 1 or Phase 4 of the current protocol. This is because all of the issues that are addressed in Phase 1 and Phase 4 did not exist in the 1950s and 1960s when Simeons was treating patients.

Why was the Simeons "weight loss cure protocol" kept a secret and why don't food companies, drug companies, and the government want us to know the truth about its effectiveness and safety?

It was kept secret because the doctors who are using the treatment successfully know full-well that they will be criticized, debunked, persecuted, and prosecuted for curing people of their obesity. Remember, the more overweight, fat, and obese people there are, the more money the drug companies, the food companies, and the diet industry companies make. It's pure economics. It's all about money and profits. These companies will go to the greatest lengths of deception and fraud to increase their profits. A prime example of the deceit and fraud these companies partake in is the recent initiative brokered by former president Bill Clinton with soft drink manufacturers and school systems. President Clinton announced that he had brokered a deal with the soft drink manufacturers that would help fight obesity and promote health in school children. His announcement was that the soft drink manufacturers would no longer be selling soft drinks in schools through vending machines and at school lunch programs. This was supposed to help reduce the large consumption of sugar contained in soft drinks This sounds like a wonderful thing. It was made to appear that the soft drink companies were losing profits and were sincerely interested in helping fight obesity in school age children. This is a great lie and deception. What they didn't tell you is that the number of soft drink vending machines in the schools continues to increase. The number of soft drink dispensers in school lunch programs continues to increase. The most significant thing they did not tell you was that diet sodas will continue to be sold and served to our children! This is a huge profit windfall for the soft drink manufacturers. Soft drink companies want to sell more diet sodas than regular sodas. Why? Diet sodas are cheaper to make and are more profitable. Diet sodas contain artificial sweeteners, including NutraSweet and Splenda, that are physically, chemically addicting. Diet sodas also increase depression and obesity. Diet sodas are being called the new crack. Soft drink manufacturers are popping the Champagne over this initiative. They are like crack cocaine dealers, selling their product to young school children, getting them physically and chemically addicted and creating a life-long consumer who cannot stop consuming their products. The drug companies, the food companies, and the diet industry companies do not want you to know the truth about the safety and effectiveness of the Simeons "weight loss cure protocol" because it absolutely will cost them huge profits. They are so fearful about this information becoming accepted that they are paying lobbyists tens of millions of dollars to get lawmakers to enact legislation that will stop this information being disseminated and used by the masses. Additionally, this information is blowing the whistle and exposing the dirty secrets about how the food industry is purposefully designing and creating food that makes us physically, chemically addicted, increase our hunger and appetites, and actually make us fat! Exposing how the food companies are purposefully creating the obesity epidemic, it is putting great fear in the executives who could face massive multibillion class action suits from angry citizens who have been duped, lied to, and deceived by these multinational publicly traded corporations.

What are your sources for the information in this book?

I have traveled over five million miles researching non-drug and non-surgical ways to cure and prevent disease. My research and investigations have been going on for over twenty years. I am not a medical doctor, and have no formal medical training. I am simply reporting to you the facts as an investigative journalist. I have interviewed over 5,000 medical doctors and health care practitioners around the world. I have read over 1,000 books on various health subjects. I have interviewed hundreds of authors who have focused on various areas of health care. I have dozens of inside sources at the FDA, the Centers for Disease Control, the FTC, the National Institutes of Health, and other state and federal agencies who provide me inside, top secret information. I have inside sources at dozens of pharmaceutical companies, food companies, and diet industry companies that have supplied me with massive amounts of secret documents. I have personally been involved, on a covert basis, with pharmaceutical companies and government agencies around the world. I have interviewed thousands of patients who have gone through these various protocols. I have reviewed hundreds of thousands of pages of scientific documents, studies, and doctor/ patient records. I have personally done this protocol myself and have the best firsthand experience on reporting it to you.

Isn't obesity just caused by overeating?

No. Dr. Simeons states in his manuscript that most obese patients do not suffer from compulsive overeating; they suffer genuine hunger. This real, gnawing, torturing hunger has nothing to do whatever with compulsive overeating. Sudden desires for sweets are a result of Candida yeast overgrowth and from the subconscious knowledge that highly refined food will relieve the hunger faster than any other kind of food. Compulsive overeating differs fundamentally from the obese patient's actual genuine hunger and real greater need for food. Compulsive overeating can be a frightening, ugly spectacle to behold. The mechanisms causing this reaction are entirely beyond the patient's control. These eating frenzies are also caused by the mental triggers and hypnotic suggestions implanted in our minds by the food companies' coercive television, radio, and print advertising. The solution to this condition is the LifeForce Plan, comprehensive Candida cleanse, a complete and comprehensive colon cleanse, liver cleanse, parasite cleanse, and heavy metal detox. The Purification Program is also a required course of treatment that will help alleviate the physical and biological causes of this disorder. www.purification.org or www.clearbodyclearmind.com. Handling nutritional deficiencies via whole food supplementation is also required. Stress reduction by taking AlphaCalm and listening to stress reducing CDs also are needed. Deprogramming the mind by reading books that expose the coercive nature of advertising is an effective solution to the hypnotic triggers that we carry with us. In Simeons' time people suffering from compulsive eating disorders constituted less than 2% of patients. Today estimates vary between 30% and 50% of all obese individuals suffer from this disorder.

Could it be that I actually have a fear or reluctance of losing weight?

Dr. Simeons stated that some patients are consciously or unconsciously deeply attached to their fat and cannot bear the thought of losing it. Some people have subconsciously worked out a pattern in life in which their obesity plays a determining role, and then become subconsciously reluctant to upset this pattern and face a new kind of life which will be entirely different when their bodies have become normal and very attractive. This condition can be corrected. One known recommended technology for this and other mental and emotional issues, as well as psychosomatic illness, is Dianetics. www.dianetics.com.

Does the weight loss cure protocol get rid of cellulite?

In most cases, absolutely yes! If you are very strict and fully commit to all of the dos and don'ts in Phase 1, complete a full course of treatment in Phases 2 and 3, and partake in all the suggestions in Phase 4, cellulite can vanish completely in a one- to six-month period of time.

How do I prepare and inject HCG?

HCG is available by prescription only. It is a pure substance extracted from the urine of pregnant women. The form that is to be used in this protocol is human chorionic gonadotrophin, not any animal form. It should come as a highly soluble powder. These preparations are carefully standardized, and any brand made by a reliable, approved pharmaceutical company is acceptable. The hCG should be extracted from the urine and not from the placenta. It must be of human and not animal origin. In fake, false, and misleading studies done around the world, animal hCG or hCG from the placenta was used, which will, of course, not work. The powder should be sealed in small ampoules where the amount is stated in international units. Be sure to check the date of manufacture and expiry. Once the date of expiry has passed, the hCG becomes useless. A suitable solvent solution is always supplied in a separate ampoule in the same package. Once the hCG powder is mixed with the solution it must be used within a few hours. Some say that the hCG will stay fully potent for two to three days after mixing. There is debate about whether this take the injection of hCG immediately upon mixing it into a solution. HCG, when injected, produces little if any tissue reaction. It is completely painless, and in the many thousands of injections Simeons has given he has never seen a negative reaction at the site of the injection. The injection is done deep intragluteally in the outer upper quadrant of the buttocks. Ideally the injection should not be given into the superficial fat layers, but should reach the muscle. It is important that the daily injection be taken at the same time each morning. Always do these injections while under the care and supervision of a medical doctor. HCG mixing instructions are available here.

Must I gorge for the first two days in Phase 2?

Yes. Dr. Simeons states that a person will not be comfortable on the 500 calorie diet unless his normal fat reserves are reasonably well stocked. It is for this reason that in every case a person must eat to capacity the most fattening food they can get down for the first two days in Phase 2. It is a fundamental mistake to start the 500 calorie diet as soon as hCG injections are started as it seems to take about three injections before abnormal fat deposits begin to get released and circulate, thus becoming available to the body as fuel.

How do I measure the 100 grams of protein?

Use a highly accurate small kitchen scale. Always weigh the protein raw.

Can I substitute smoked fish, pickled fish, or deli meats?

Absolutely not. Nothing smoked, dried, or pickled. Never use deli meats. The meats must be of the leanest variety, trimming off any and all visible fat. The meat must be 100% organic otherwise it will contain growth hormone, antibiotics, and other animal drugs which slowdown or stop the fat burning process. Farm raised fish should never be used as these are loaded with man-made chemicals and food dyes which will slow down or stop the fat burning process. Simeons was very specific that grass fed beef and veal be used, otherwise the animals were fed genetically modified grain and animal parts, creating an abnormally high fat content and fat marbling of the beef and veal. Eating beef and veal that is not grass fed and 100% organic will slow down or stop the fat burning process. The amounts must be extremely accurate. One hundred grams is 100 grams!

Can I mix vegetables?

No, with one exception. You can make a salad consisting of various organic lettuces, organic cabbage, organic spinach, organic celery, organic onions, organic cucumbers, organic radishes, and organic tomatoes. Season with organic raw apple cider vinegar, or the juice of one-half an organic lemon. Add sea salt, black pepper, crushed garlic, in any amounts of dried or fresh organic herbs. It's delicious and filling!

Can't I change some food items on the diet?

No. You must be very strict in following the diet exactly if you want to achieve results. Simeons was very particular in his research about how even the smallest change or variation would slow down or stop the fat burning process completely. He said that the diet used in conjunction with the hCG injections must not exceed 500 calories per day. He also stated that the way these calories are made up is of the utmost important. He pointed out that if a patient dropped the apple and had a little more protein he would not be getting any more calories, but he would not lose weight. There are a number of foods, particularly fruits and vegetables, which have the same or even lower caloric values than those listed as permissible. However, when substitutions are made Simeons found that they interfere with the regular loss of weight under hCG. This is due to the nature of their chemical compositions. Simeons also noted that beef in Europe was quite different than beef from America. If it's not on the list do not eat it.

Can I eat lamb, pork, shellfish, duck, or venison while on the 500 calorie Phase 2 diet?


Will I be hungry during this protocol?

During Phase 1 you can never be hungry because there is no restriction on the amount of food you eat. In Phase 2 you may have slight hunger between one and seven days. This will depend on how much of Phase 1 you did. During Phase 3 you cannot be hungry because there is no limit to the amount of food you consume. In Phase 4 you can never be hungry because the hypothalamus has now been reset, lowering your natural hunger and there are no limits to the amount of food you consume. Do not be fearful of this program because you are horrified at the thought of enduring torturous hunger. Like the hundreds of thousands of other people who have gone through this protocol, you will find the process enjoyable and relatively easy.

Can I use artificial sweeteners while on this protocol?

No. You should never use any artificial sweeteners ever again for as long as you live. All artificial sweeteners, including NutraSweet and Splenda, should never be consumed. They increase depression, are physically, chemically addicting, and they make you fat.

Can I use MSG (monosodium glutamate)?

No. You should never eat anything with MSG in it ever again as long as you live. It is a deadly, dangerous excitotoxin. It increases depression, increases appetite, and makes you fat.

Can I swim or use hot tubs?

Although swimming is fantastic exercise, I do not recommend it because almost all swimming pools today are loaded with deadly chlorine. All tap water is loaded with chlorine and fluoride. Swimming pools and hot tubs have additional chlorine and other poisonous chemicals added to them. The skin is the largest organ in the body. Being in a swimming pool or hot tub means you are flooding your bloodstream and body cells with deadly chlorine, fluoride, and other poisonous chemicals. These chemicals, once on your skin and in your body, create hormonal imbalances leading to a host of problems including depression, PMS, digestive disorders, and obesity. I have a swimming pool and hot tub; however, no chlorine or any chemicals are used. The water has been filtered through ultraviolet light, granular activated charcoal impregnated with silver, and other organic filtering material. It is kept clean, with infusing of ozone and oxygen. It is actually super healthy to drink the water, never mind swim in it! Swimming in the ocean or lakes is highly beneficial and recommended. Watch out, however, as certain natural water sources can be heavily polluted.

While on the protocol can I use gum, mints, lozenges, or cough syrup?

No, no, no, no!

If I'm not hungry while doing Phase 2, do I still have to eat everything as described?

Yes. Whether you're hungry or not, you must eat the lunch and dinner in their complete form. You cannot have one big meal per day. You may take the apple from either lunch or dinner and eat it at breakfast. No other changes or substitutions are allowed as they slow or stop the fat burning process.

What if I cheat on the diet during Phase 2?

If you do cheat for a meal or for one or two days in a row, all it means is that the weight loss process will stop for a few days or a temporary slight increase in weight may occur. Immediately start the diet again at the next meal and carry on. If you cheat on a meal every other day, you are wasting your time.

What if I have low energy or hunger during Phase 2?

Some patients may be dealing with insulin resistance or low blood sugar. The solution is to make sure you are drinking Eleotin tea as the instructions dictate. Make sure at breakfast you drink organic Yerba Mate tea. Drink several cups of organic Yerba Mate tea throughout the day. Also, take the apple from either the lunch or dinner meal and eat it for breakfast. Low energy could also be caused by a hypoactive thyroid, Candida yeast overgrowth, poor circulation, or parasites. If you did the steps in Phase 1, low energy should not be a major concern. It is extremely rare that low energy persists for more than a day or two during Phase 2. It has never been reported that low energy ever reaches the point of being de-habilitating. If you are experiencing low energy, know that the condition is temporary, and will be addressed by following Phases 3 and 4.

Can I drink juices while doing the protocol?

During Phase 2, since juices are not on the list, you cannot drink them. However, in Phases 1, 3, and 4 you may drink juices. Ideally, you want to drink made fresh at home with a juice machine such a JuiceMan, or Jack LaLane Power Juicer. Use organic fruits and vegetables and drink the juice within an hour after juicing. There are "magic juices" that I recommend called goji, mangosteen, acai berry, noni, and aloe vera. Note that almost all juice purchased that comes in a bottle, carton, can, or any container should be 100% organic. Most of these juices have been pasteurized. This means they have been heated to over 180 degrees for thirty minutes, killing all the living enzymes and concentrating the sugar levels making them highly refined or super highly refined. Many juices have sugar added even though they claim on the label that there is no added sugar. Drinking juices purchased from the supermarket, therefore, is not ideal.

What about human growth hormone, testosterone, or other hormone treatments?

Receiving any hormone replacement therapy such as injections of human growth hormone or testosterone can produce increased muscle mass, increased energy, and fat reduction. There are many anti-aging benefits. However, once you start taking hormones your body shuts down its normal hormone production. This means you are actually making the condition worse in the long run. You will be a slave to taking the hormone injections for the rest of your life. This is serious business and you should strongly consider all options before taking such drastic measures. There are, however, homeopathic substances which stimulate the body to produce human growth hormone naturally. One such product is called Renewal, available at www.alwaysyoung.com.

Can I take apple cider vinegar tablets instead of the liquid?

Organic raw apple cider vinegar in liquid form is the best. However, it is better to take apple cider vinegar tablets than taking nothing at all. I personally take apple cider vinegar tablets on the occasions where it is inconvenient to take the liquid form. Remember, organic raw apple cider vinegar has almost miraculous health enhancing effects, as well as helping reduce fat deposits in the body.

Must I eat breakfast as well as eating six times per day?

Yes. Dr. Simeons stated that one of the causes of obesity was eating infrequently and having extremely large meals. The human body's digestive system is designed to eat smaller meals every few hours. The body is designed to handle food that is raw or unrefined. The human body's digestive tract is similar to primates; it best operates with continual nibbling. It is not suited for gorging followed by long periods of time without food. Thus, skipping breakfast, eating a light lunch, and a huge dinner places a great unnatural burden on the digestive system and intestinal tract. In today's society we eat large meals which contain more food than the body requires at the moment in order to tide us over until the next meal. This food has been produced to be easily digestible, is highly refined, and floods the body with nourishment and calories for which it has no immediate need and cannot physically handle The body must store this surplus somehow somewhere, thus creating fat deposits. This is why experts agree that eating breakfast, a snack mid-morning, lunch, a snack mid-afternoon, dinner, and a snack in the evening, is one of the healthiest, best long-term approaches for weight management and better health.

Can I eat salt?

During all the phases salt may be consumed, however, always choose sea salt or Himalayan salt. Ideally, use salt in minimal amounts and use approximately the same amount of salt each day. A sudden increase in salt intake during Phase 2 will be followed by a corresponding temporary increase in weight. It does not influence the loss of fat however. It will only create retention of water, which will show up as increased weight on the scale. Therefore, during Phase 2 keep your salt intake close to the same every day.

The instructions in all the phases call for a large consumption of water and teas. Is this necessary?

During all the phases you should drink a minimum of one-half gallon of water per day, up to a maximum of one gallon. In addition to the water intake you should be drinking several cups of the recommended teas. This is, in fact, a large amount of liquid. It is important in the treatment of the obesity condition. The importance and benefits of adhering to the water and tea intake cannot be overemphasized. It is absolutely vital in order for the protocol to work effectively.

Must I eliminate cosmetics, moisturizers, lotions, and creams during Phase 2?

Yes. Dr. Simeons stated that most people find it hard to believe that the fats, oils, creams, and ointments applied to the skin are absorbed into the body and interfere with the weight reduction by hCG just as if those ingredients were eaten. This almost incredible sensitivity to even such very minor increases in nutritional and caloric intake is a peculiar feature of the hCG method. Simeons found that persons who habitually handle fats, such as workers in beauty parlors, masseuses, butchers, etc. never show a satisfactory loss of weight when using hCG unless they avoid all contact with the skin of such fats and various products. Simeons illustrated this important point with two cases. A lady who was following the protocol perfectly suddenly increased half a pound. No dietary error was made and she used no face creams of any kind. Menses was not an issue as she was already past menopause. This puzzled the doctors Finally, she realized that she had bought herself a new set of makeup, pots, and bottles. She used her fingers to transfer her large assortment of cosmetics to the new containers. This was enough to create absorption through the skin, which in turn adversely affected the hCG weight reduction results. Another case concerned a man Simeons treated who was twenty pounds overweight. From the first day of Phase 2 he did not lose weight at a satisfactory level. He followed the program exactly, but still without the anticipated one pound per day weight loss. In questioning, the patient explained to Simeons that he had a glass eye. He changed and cleaned the eye daily, putting a very special ointment into his eye socket. The patient was told to stop using the ointment immediately. From that day forward his weight loss became satisfactory and consistent.

Many modern cosmetics contain hormones which interfere with endocrine regulations in the body and must be avoided. Remember, whatever you put on the skin is absorbed into the body just as though you ate it.

What about abdominal exercises and aerobics?

Aerobic exercise has many health benefits. In terms of resetting the body weight set point, walking one hour per day outside is much more effective. In terms of increasing metabolism and flushing the body of toxins, yoga and rebounding is more effective. In terms of increasing muscle mass, strength, and tone, as well as getting the body to release anti-aging hormones, resistance training such as weight lifting is more effective. Aerobic exercise is extremely healthy and beneficial and should be engaged in by everyone at any level you desire.

Abdominal exercises or fancy abdominal exercise machines do, in fact, strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles. They will not, however, burn fat around the waist, midsection, or stomach. They will not eliminate the "love handles." They will never flatten the stomach. I have been in the TV infomercial and direct response industry for over twenty years. I know most of the people selling these abdominal products. The joke in the industry is that "These products are for selling, not for using!" The advertisements for these products are all false and misleading. I should know because I was involved in the production of many of them. If you want to get a flat stomach and eliminate the fat around the waist and midsection you must do "the weight loss cure protocol" in its entirety. If you want stronger, more defined abdominal muscles, then abdominal exercises are effective. But, you'll never see those defined abdominal muscles unless you get rid of the layer of fat that is covering them!

What if I have problems sleeping?

Getting seven to eight hours of deep sleep is important for health and makes you lose weight. This research comes from Dr. Neal Kohatsu from the California Department of Health Services. He states, "Even a modest increase in sleep duration has shown to have a clinically significant affect on weight." Sleep disorders are caused by nutritional deficiencies, MSG, and other excitotoxins, artificial sweeteners, the massive amounts of caffeine and other stimulants consumed on a daily basis, trans fats, toxic ingredients in the products you put on the skin, chlorine and fluoride in the water you shower and bathe in, parasites, and several other factors. If you do all the steps in Phase 1 and Phase 4, your ability to fall asleep and sleep fully and deeply the entire night should be normalized within ninety days. Studies show over 50% of Americans deal with some kind of sleep problems at least two to three times per week. Another cause of sleep disorders is non-prescription and prescription drug use. Most common over-the-counter non-prescription and prescription drugs actually cause sleep issues.

Non-prescription and prescription sleeping aids are one of the most profitable market segments for drug companies. Like obesity, the food companies and drug companies are specifically designing products and food that cause sleep disorders. This is done purposely so that more sleeping pills will be sold and corporate profits will continue to skyrocket. Isn't it interesting that fifty years ago virtually no one had a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep? Isn't it bizarre that today almost everyone has a hard time falling asleep even though they are physically exhausted? This condition has been created by the food companies and the drug companies themselves! When you go through all four phases of this protocol your sleep disorders will be corrected.

What about all these diet pills, patches, and products that claim to burn fat, reduce hunger, increase metabolism, block carbs, etc.?

Repeat after me...scam, scam, scam, scam! They are rip offs and do not work! Remember, I know most of the people who sell these worthless products! For years I was involved in the production of the labels and advertising of these products. Everything about these products is false, misleading, and deceptive. They absolutely, categorically do not work. Do not waste your money. In some cases they will temporarily, slightly reduce hunger or increase metabolic rate. However, when you stop taking the product your hunger comes back stronger than ever before, and your metabolism is lower than before! You will gain all the weight back, plus ten pounds! None of these products allow you to burn or release the secure problem area fat reserves. When you use them, any weight you lose will be either muscle or important structural fat. If a product is ever invented that actually works I will personally endorse it and give all my endorsement royalties to charity!

What about all these doctors and celebrities who endorse weight loss products or various food products?

Celebrities, doctors, and everyone who endorses products does so for three reasons. Money... money... and money. It's always all about the money. These endorsers will say anything about the product as long as they get the check. I should know because I hired celebrities and doctors to endorse products I was involved with over the last twenty years. I can tell you that if you heard what these people say about what they truly think of these products it would make you sick. When you see them on television looking so sincere, and telling you how wonderful their life is because of this product, drug, or food, you must know that they are simply reading a script. They are professional actors doing what they do best...acting! If you saw the outtakes, and heard their comments after the filming is completed, you would see that you are being mislead and lied to. In most cases the celebrities and doctors endorsing products do not even use the products they are endorsing. Remember, these doctors and celebrities are paid millions of dollars to endorse, recommend, and help companies sell their products. This is nothing more than deceptive and fraudulent advertising at its highest.

After I do Phase 1, 2, and 3 should I continue weighing myself every day?

Yes. Because you have dealt with the obesity condition for so long, it is important to weigh yourself every day to make sure that you are maintaining your new lower weight. This will help keep you focused on doing the steps in Phase 4, thus making sure your bad habits do not return and the weight stays off permanently.

Will this protocol restore structural fat that may have been lost during years of severe yo-yo dieting?

Yes. Dr. Simeons discovered a curious condition that was common among patients who have engaged in severe on and off dieting for years. These patients had sagging skin and an unbearable pain in their heels which they feel while standing or walking. When the heels of the feet were examined the patients were found to have less than normal structural fat around the bones. This created great pain while standing or walking. This showed that the patients lost important structural fat during their past dieting episodes. Even when these patients ate to capacity and gained weight, these structural fat deposits did not return to normal. Even with rapid and large weight gain, there was no improvement in the painful heels. In all patients tested, Simeons found that within twenty days of the hCG protocol, as outlined in Phase 2, the pain completely disappeared. In follow-up over many years, no reoccurring pain ever was recorded. This Simeons believed was further proof that the hCG, plus specific diet protocol, not only removes abnormal secure problem area fat deposits, but actually permits the body to replace important structural fat in needed areas. This occurs in spite of the low caloric intake of food.

Will I gain the weight back?

If you go back to eating fast food, restaurant food, and food containing trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, super highly refined food, artificial sweeteners, meat, poultry and dairy with growth hormone and antibiotics, etc., etc., etc., you will, in fact, mess up your hypothalamus again and regain the weight. If, however, you follow the dos and don'ts in Phase 4, the weight should never return. It is interesting to note that Simeons's patients of the 1950s and 1960s very rarely, if ever, gained the weight back. This is because fast food, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, etc. was not in widespread use. Today, however, because the food industry is on a mission to create an obese world, it is more difficult to avoid all of the new things that cause obesity. Follow the steps in Phase 4 and you should be able to keep the weight off forever.

If the weight comes back can I do this protocol again?

Yes. If you lose a substantial amount of weight and a year later find you have gained some weight back, do the protocol as often as you desire. I know of many people that have lost sixty pounds or more who find themselves gaining ten to fifteen pounds over a year's time. Rather than let their weight gain get out of hand, they do Phase 2 of the protocol for three weeks each year to lose the weight because they have found it is the easiest and most effective way to lose abnormal fat and has the best long-term effects.

What if the food label says "all natural"?

Today, the phrase "all natural" means absolutely nothing! Major food manufacturers have lobbied congress allowing new laws to be passed defining what can legally be called "all natural." Even if the food contains thousands of chemicals and is heavily processed, it is still legal to use the phrase "all natural." This is deceptive. If the food is labeled "all natural" the company is trying to deceive you. You must read the ingredient list on the food. Look for 100% organic.

Should I buy food that says "diet", "lite", "low fat", "low carb", "fat free", etc.?

No. These are marketing ploys and scams designed to deceive you. Always read the ingredient list on the product labels. Always look for 100% organic.

What if I'm skeptical and nervous about using this protocol?

Dr. Simeons found that patients were often skeptical about the claims that this protocol could be done without hunger and would deliver fast and long-term results. He overcame this by letting new patients spend some time in the waiting room with patients who were currently engaged in the protocol. The existing patients would always explain to the potential new patients, with evangelical zeal, the ease and spectacular results they were achieving. When new potential patients heard firsthand and saw with their own eyes the results, skepticism, apprehension, and anxiety was always relieved. I would encourage you to visit www.hcgobesity.org and view before and after photos of actual patients who have engaged in this protocol. Also go to www.naturalcures.com and look under the weight loss section. Read Dr. Simeons's manuscript Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity for yourself Read actual patient testimonials from real people who have done this protocol. Do not listen to doctors or the news media that have a direct financial interest in keeping the truth about this protocol hidden. Do not listen to any government official, medical doctor, journalist, reporter, or individual who has not personally done the exact original Simeons "weight loss cure protocol" exactly as outlined. If they haven't actually done it themselves they cannot possibly give a legitimate opinion?

Do I really need to eat organic grass fed beef, organic poultry, and organic milk, cheese, and dairy products?

Yes. Unless it is 100% organic, the animals and dairy products will be loaded with growth hormones, antibiotics, and other animal drugs When you consume meat, poultry, and dairy you are, in fact, consuming these animal growth hormones and drugs. This causes health problems in the body, depression, and leads to obesity. If the animals are not 100% organic and grass fed, they are fed genetically modified grain, man-made chemical food products, and ground up dead animals. This creates meat, poultry and dairy products that are unnatural and will, in fact, lead to obesity and other diseases.

Why are fast food, and regional and chain restaurants so bad?

All restaurant food is designed to make you fat: The worst offenders are fast food chains, All regional and national chain restaurants should also be avoided. Virtually all restaurants have their food produced by the same small group of multinational food companies. Almost all restaurant food comes premade, premixed, preseasoned, freeze dried, frozen, or in jars and cans. Restaurants today do not cook food from scratch. They are not using fresh organic ingredients. Most food served in these kinds of restaurant are simply reheated! The food sold in fast food restaurants, regional and national restaurants, and most other restaurants are loaded to the highest degree with the specific ingredients that cause obesity. These include super highly refined sugars, such as high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, sucrose, and dextrose; trans fats, such as hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils; artificial sweeteners, including aspartame and sucrolos; meat, poultry, and dairy loaded with growth hormone, antibiotics, and other animal drugs; virtually no food with any fiber; food that is super highly refined and extremely high on the glycemic index; monosodium glutamate and other exeitotoxins; and meals that are massively high in calories. This situation permeates American culture and is spreading all around the world. Wherever these kinds of restaurants spring up, and this kind of food is sold, obesity springs up as well. We know that smoking cigarettes causes cancer. The tobacco companies lied about this known fact for fifty years. We now know that eating food from fast food restaurants, regional and national chain restaurants, and most other restaurants, absolutely causes obesity. These companies have done this purposely and are lying to us now about this true fact.

Will you be setting up clinics around the world offering this protocol?

I am assisting medical doctors around the world in setting up clinics where this protocol can be taught and administered. For a list of doctors who administer this protocol, and clinics that offer this protocol, go to www.naturalcures.com. Look under the weight loss section.

Do you have any recipes that work with the protocol?

Yes. I intend on coming out with a cookbook in the future. I am not a chef. I do, however, cook simple, delicious meals almost every day. Fantastic meals can be made from scratch in less than an hour and, in most cases, in less than thirty minutes. If I can cook, anybody can cook! I should have a show on the Food Network! Call or e-mail them and let them know you think so as well. For current recipes and DVDs with cooking instructions go to www.naturalcures.com.

What if I show no weight loss four days in a row while on Phase 2?

Dr. Simeons discussed at length daily weight fluctuations or reaching weight plateaus. He explained that at times there may be no drop of weight at all for two or three days, which is then followed by a sudden large drop which reestablishes the normal daily average of about one pound per day during Phase 2. Weight fluctuations occur more so in women than in men. If a person weighs themselves and notices that the weight stays the same for four days in a row, the patient is told that after weighing on the fourth morning, to only eat six organic apples for that day. The patient is told to drink nothing except a small amount of water, just enough to quench their thirst when needed. Two cups of corn silk tea should be consumed. The next morning there should be a drop in weight. If not, do not be concerned. It is important to note that because this protocol is synthesizing and releasing so much abnormal fat, the body may retain excess water in order to rid the system of this excess released fat and accompanying toxins. This at times results in no apparent weight loss on the scale, however, you must know that the body is still being reshaped, and massive fat loss is still occurring.

Can I do Phase 1 for longer than thirty days?

Yes. You can do the items in Phase 1 for as short or as long as you want. Doing if for a minimum of thirty days immediately before starting Phase 2 is ideal. Some people have done the steps in Phase 1 for forty-five, sixty, even ninety days before starting Phase 2. This was mainly due to the fact that Phase 1 has no restrictions on the amount of food you can consume. Patients found doing Phase 1 was easy and they saw consistent weight loss; therefore, because they were apprehensive about doing Phase 2, they simply continued with doing the steps in Phase 1 This is entirely acceptable. In actual fact, if you were to do all the steps in Phase 1 with strict adherence for ninety to 120 days in a row you would actually begin to reset the body's weight set point and correct the abnormal hypothalamus condition. Weight loss would be slow, but you would in fact be releasing abnormal secure fat deposits. This is another alternative for those who do not want or are unable to do the hCG protocol. If you do Phase 1 for an extended period of time you should do the LifeForce Plan Candida cleanse (www.lifeforceplan.com), as well as a liver cleanse and a parasite cleanse, to achieve the full results of resetting the hypothalamus.

Can I take higher doses of HCG?

Simeons said never go above 200 International Units of hCG a day. He also said do not take a larger amount and increasing the duration between injections. Therefore, do not take a weekly injection, for example. You must take only between 125-200 Ms, and this must be taken every day during the protocol.

Can I stay on Phase 2 longer than six weeks?

Simeons found that the body has a tendency to create an immunity to hCG. Therefore, staying on Phase 2 for longer than six weeks is not advised. You must take at least a six-week break before you start the injections and protocol of Phase 2 again This is important, as once your body starts developing immunity to hCG you will no longer be burning abnormal fat reserves, but rather start burning structural fat and muscle. Therefore, if you complete six weeks of Phase 2, and still desire to lose more weight, you must then do Phase 3 for six weeks. Then, do Phase 2 again up to a maximum of six weeks. If you still have more weight you wish to lose, then do Phase 3 for eight weeks. Then, do Phase 2 again for up to a maximum of six weeks. If you still have more weight you wish to lose, do Phase 3 for ten weeks. Then, do Phase 2 again for a maximum of six weeks. Continue adding two weeks to Phase 3 for as long as you need. When you have reached your desired weight during Phase 2, continue by doing Phase 3 for three weeks, then continue to Phase 4.

What if I'm vegetarian?

If you are a vegetarian and cannot do the diet in Phase 2, then it is advised that you not do the Phase 2 Simeons protocol of diet and hCG. Instead, do the Turbo Protein Diet as your Phase 2. Available at www.almased.com.

What if I'm really stressed?

Stress plays havoc with your hormones and will lead to obesity and other health problems. Good methods of stress reduction include laughing, giving and receiving hugs, playing with pets or children, singing, dancing, drinking small amounts of alcohol, playing a musical instrument, massage and other types of body works, reflexology, acupuncture, listening to stress reducing CDs, walking outside, coral calcium, B-complex, and AlphaCalm The more you reduce stress the easier weight loss will be.

Is buying food in bulk a good idea?

No. Research shows that buying in bulk causes people to eat more frequently, and larger quantities of food. Ideally, keep little food in your home. Buy food on a daily basis for daily consumption. This allows you to buy fresher, more nutritious food, as well as reducing the quantity and frequency of food you consume.

What about homogenized dairy products?

The best dairy products are 100% organic and raw. Raw means the dairy products have not been pasteurized or homogenized. Pasteurization and homogenization of dairy products changes their chemical compositions, making them hard to digest and creating excess mucus in the body. If you can only get homogenized and pasteurized dairy products, limit their use.

Why are the majority of children today fat starting at birth?

There are many factors causing the majority of children to be classified as overweight, fat, and obese. During pregnancy the mother is releasing secured fat reserves which nourish the child. Because of all the toxins consumed by the mother before conception, these fat reserves are loaded with toxicity, which is transferred to the unborn fetus. What the mother eats transfers to the unborn fetus as well. This means the unborn fetus is being flooded with residues of non-prescription and prescription drugs, herbicides, pesticides, trans fats, artificial sweeteners, and thousands of other chemical compounds. When the child is born, the likelihood that the hypothalamus has already been overtaxed is very high. Not breast feeding and using formula that has been microwaved worsens the condition. Early and massive use of vaccines and antibiotics also cause the hypothalamus to become abnormal, thus creating obese children. School lunch programs and "kids meals" are loaded with the highest amounts of super highly refined food and sugars, lack of fiber, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, nitrites, and MSG. The kids don't have a chance. Obesity will continue to rise as this is what the food industry wants.

Any suggestions for eating in restaurants?

Eating in restaurants is a nightmare. The food is heavily processed, loaded with trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, MSG, and lacks fiber. It is almost never fresh. The portions are outrageously huge The environment in restaurants creates massive overeating, and eating food that is specifically designed to make us fat. On one occasion I was in a restaurant eating breakfast. It noticed on the menu a "fresh fruit salad." I asked the waitress if the fruit salad was fresh. She said yes. When it arrived it was obvious that it was canned, loaded with heavy sugary syrup. I told the waitress that the fruit salad appeared to be canned. She said yes. I was surprised. I asked her, "Didn't you say it was fresh?" She replied, "It is fresh; we opened the can this morning." On another occasion I asked if the chicken wings on the menu came premade and frozen. The waitress said yes, but they were "all-natural." I asked if I could see the bag so I could read the ingredient list. There were over seventy-five ingredients in these chicken wings, including monosodium glutamate, high fructose corn syrup, and trans fats. It's hard to eat restaurant food. This is why you must consistently do the various cleanses throughout the year to get poisonous toxins out of your system. An effective technique that I use when eating in restaurants is this: knowing that the portions will be enormous, I normally tell the waitress to take half of my food and put it in a "to go bag," and only serve me a half-size portion. This is always more than enough food and makes it so I don't have to use willpower to stop eating. I also order one main course and share it with my dinner companion.

What if I have only ten pounds to lose?

If you do all the steps in Phase 1 you may lose all the weight you need to. However, the Simeons "weight loss cure protocol" is designed to reshape and re-sculpt the body and release abnormal fat deposits. If you are on Phase 2 and lose all the weight you need before the minimum three weeks has been completed, simply double the amount of food on the diet.

When the FDA, AMA, or FTC says a medical treatment or drug is effective and safe, or ineffective and dangerous, aren't they usually correct in their statements?

No. These organizations have repeatedly said that thousands of drugs are safe and effective. Later, these drugs, like Vioxx, need to be pulled off the market because so many people are dying or developing major medical conditions. The FDA's history of emphatically claiming a drug is safe, then pulling it off the market because it becomes proven to be unsafe, is full of thousands of such cases. Whistle- blowers who work for the FDA claim that the FDA's statements of safety and effectiveness of surgical procedures can never be trusted. Conversely, when the FDA says that something is not effective and unsafe, they are often proven in court to be lying or making such statements without any substantiation or documentation. There are hundreds of examples where courts have proven that the FDA and various medical boards make statements claiming that certain natural products and procedures are dangerous when there is absolutely no substantiation. Statements made by the AMA, FDA, FTC, and various medical boards can never be trusted. This comes directly from whistle-blowers who are working, or who have worked, directly for these agencies.

Do medical boards, the AMA, FDA, or other organizations really suppress effective cures that could help people?

Yes. This has been proven in hundreds of documented cases all around the world. The most recent example is two Australian medical doctors who claimed to have discovered that bacteria lives in the stomach which can partially be responsible for ulcers. For over 100 years, the established medical community has known the fact that bacteria does not, and can not, live in the stomach. These medical doctors were ridiculed, harassed, discredited, and almost lost their licenses. After ten years of persecution, "science" finally proved that these two doctors were correct with their discovery. The entire medical establishment was wrong for over 100 years. The doctors received a Nobel Prize for their discovery. Suppression of effective, safe cures is widespread around the world.

Weren't you sued by the Federal Trade Commission and called a habitual false advertiser?

The U.S. Government has said in their own internal documents that agencies are encouraged to sue, debunk, discredit, and make false allegations against anyone and any company that it deems has taken any action that could expose internal corruption, conflicts of interest, or adversely affect profits of the corporations who are in effect paying the politicians. The FTC has sued and made false accusations against hundreds of individuals and companies that expose the truth about inexpensive, safe and effective, natural cures for medical conditions. I was sued twice by the FTC for allegedly making false, misleading, and unsubstantiated statements in advertising. This is the standard method that the FTC uses to crush whistle-blowers. All of these allegations have been proven in court to be totally false The FTC was forced to drop all charges against me and sign official court documents stating that after a full investigation, "There is no finding of any wrongdoing by Mr. Trudeau or any of his companies." I have never paid any fines to the FTC. The attacks on me started when I became a whistle- blower exposing the corruption and conflicts of interest in the FTC, FDA, and other state and federal agencies. It is interesting to note that the FTC has never sued a pharmaceutical or food corporation, even though it has been proven in court that they routinely engage in false and misleading advertising and make unsubstantiated claims. U.S. government agencies routinely lie, deceive, and mislead the public in an attempt to protect the profits of large conglomerates. The most obvious example of this is when the United States Supreme Court ruled that the tomato, which is scientifically a fruit, be legally called a vegetable so that additional tax revenue can be generated by the government! I am currently suing the Federal Trade Commission and other government agencies for their blatant and flagrant violations of the U.S. Constitution against me and other citizens. Remember, insiders at these agencies have said themselves that these bureaucracies do not protect citizens, but rather do everything in their power to protect conglomerate profits.

Should I read your first two books?

Yes. Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About has sold over six million copies. It exposes in great length the unholy alliance between the drug companies, food companies, media, and government agencies. It gives you the inexpensive, safe and effective, all-natural, non-drug and nonsurgical ways to cure and prevent virtually every disease. There are inexpensive, natural alternatives to virtually every drug on the market. This exposť blows the whistle and exposes information that "they" don't want you to know about.

More Natural Cures Revealed: Previously Censored Brand Name Products That Cure Disease picks up where the first book left off and contains information that was actually censored out of the first book by the U.S. Government. Both books give information that is not available anywhere else. They are fast, entertaining, and exciting reads.

Do thoughts play a role in obesity?

Yes. Remember, you become what you think about. The pictures you have in your mind, what you think about, and what you say with your mouth all have powerful effects on the physiology and can contribute greatly in creating obesity or creating a thin, lean, healthy body. Two effective techniques that can help you use these facts to your advantage are as follows. Write down the phrase "I weigh pounds." Put your goal weight in the blank. Put this card everywhere you can see it, such as on your computer screen, on your TV, on the dashboard of your car, on the mirror in your bathroom, on your refrigerator, etc. Carry it with you at all times. Look at this card as many times as possible throughout the day and say the words out loud. This will help program your mind to create your ideal weight. Another effective technique is to use a computer software program to put your face on a picture of the body that you desire. Put this picture, or pictures, everywhere you can see it throughout the day. Look at this picture as many times as possible. This will help create the picture in your mind that will cause it to be attracted into your life. Thoughts are, in fact, things!

Is the media really biased?

The media is very biased and has major conflicts of interest, which means it can never have objective journalism. All major television networks are owned by multinational corporations that in turn own thousands of companies around the world. The large corporations, therefore, use the television networks to promote their other business holdings. A perfect example is Fox News Network. Fox News is owned by News Corp., which is owned by Rupert Murdock. News Corp owns Harper Collins book publishers. All of the Fox News TV anchors get books published by Harper Collins They are told to use their television shows to promote their books. Fox also uses its TV network to promote other books sold by Harper Collins It also uses its network to bash and discredit books published by other publishing companies, such as mine. This happens with every television network. TV news shows are nothing more than commercials promoting products sold by the group's other companies, and discrediting products sold by competitors. Because I expose the drug companies and the fast food industry, most news shows will never have me on as a guest. Because I expose what the news channels are doing and how they deceive the public, I am constantly bashed and discredited by news organizations. Another example is the Larry King Show on CNN. I was scheduled to appear on Larry King because I had the biggest selling nonfiction book in America. Every major author has been invited as a guest on Larry King. When the executives at CNN heard that I was going to be a guest, they immediately ordered Larry King to cancel my appearance. They gave no rational explanation. My insiders at CNN tell me that the executives are petrified that I will expose the CNN news network, its drug company sponsors, and food company sponsors. Because the Larry King Show is live, I could not be edited. The major advertisers and senior executives do not want me to educate the public about their unhealthy products. As you can see, there is no objective journalism.

Do electromagnetic frequencies really affect our cells and cause weight gain?

Yes. All wireless devices, and all electrical wiring, create electromagnetic fields which adversely affect the cells in the body, creating hormonal imbalances leading to fatigue, depression, and weight gain. If you've ever been in your home when the electricity went out you would notice how amazingly quiet everything becomes. You will notice that you begin to feel calmer and more relaxed almost instantly. This occurs when people go camping and sleep in a tent or log cabin without electricity. Without all the electromagnetic fields, the body dramatically relaxes and normalizes. This is why you need some kind of device that can neutralize EMFs.

Do governments and corporations really work together to make us fat?

Yes. This is not a conspiracy theory. This is pure economics. Governments are pressured by corporations to write laws and do things that protect and increase corporate profits, even at the expense of citizens. Governments around the world have passed laws making corporations legal entities with all the same rights and privileges as human beings! In America, in airports and interstate highways, governments passed laws allowing only fast food restaurants like McDonald's and Burger King to be the exclusive food providers for travelers. Virtually nothing is homemade. This unholy alliance between governments and corporations is not new. Big Tobacco has paid off politicians, allowing cigarettes and other tobacco products to be the only item in America where the ingredients do not have to be listed! This was done because the tobacco companies did not want to show the hundreds of poisonous chemicals put in cigarettes. Ingredients do not have to be listed on food sold in restaurants for the same reason. Some of you may have watched the movie The Aviator. I recommend the movie. It shows how Pan American Airlines was paying off politicians to get laws passed giving Pan Am a monopoly for transatlantic travel. The bill that was promoted by the senator from Maine was actually written by the executives of Pan American Airlines! This goes on all the time. A company called Halliburton received massive construction contracts from the government without any other company allowed to bid. It is estimated that Halliburton has overcharged the government in excess of $100 billion in Just the last few years! Corruption between corporations and governments continues to rise. One tragic example is when corporations and the super wealthy of the world paid off U.S. politicians to write laws allowing stocks to be bought and sold without exposing the owners. This was because the corporations and super wealthy wanted to be able to buy and sell stocks on inside information without their identities being revealed. The day before the 9/11 tragedy these secret individuals or entities bought massive amounts of airline stocks hoping their value would go down. When 9/11 happened, the airline stocks crashed, and these anonymous individuals and corporations made hundreds of millions of dollars in profits. They obviously knew that the World Trade Center would be attacked by airplanes in this terrorist activity. The government could have easily required that the identities of those who profited be revealed. The government will not do so because it is more concerned about protecting the profits of these corporations and individuals than in protecting American citizens.

Can you define "homemade" or "made from scratch"?

Making things from scratch means you start with single basic ingredients. Some people are confused about what making something from scratch means. As an example, I had a friend who said she was going to make a pie from scratch. She went out and bought a premade pie crust, bought canned pie filling, and bought Cool Whip topping. This is not making something from scratch. Making a pie from scratch means using flour, water, eggs, salt, and butter to make your crust. It means getting fresh fruit, organic raw sugar, cinnamon sticks, and fresh lemon juice squeezed from a real lemon to make your filling. It means getting fresh organic raw cream and whipping it into whipped cream for your topping. This is making something from scratch. Cookbooks today teach people how to open up cans of soup, use premixed products, and making them believe they are cooking from scratch. These cookbooks are a joke. Because it's so hard to get good food in real life, I suggest doing what I do. I almost always make my own lunch, put it in a lunch bucket, and take it with me. It's easy, it's cheaper, and makes you feel fantastic knowing you're eating food with the best quality organic ingredients, made from scratch!

Do food companies really lie to us about their products just to make money?

Yes. McDonald's said they were taking trans fats out of their food; they have not. They lied to us for years about the fact that they were using beef fat to make their French fries. They lie to us now about the fact that they put sugar on their French fries. One food manufacturer had a pudding it called "lite." The label proudly said "One-third the calories of our regular pudding!" They were deceiving everyone, because what they didn't tell you was it was the exact same pudding, but the containers were one-third the size! Arby's makes a sandwich with something it calls roast beef. It is not roast beef at all. They actually had to payoff politicians to rewrite the laws which allowed them to call their artificial man-made product "roast beef." Companies deceive us with labels that say such things as "Made with real juice." We are led to believe that the product is real juice. It is not. The product is made WITH real juice. This means they can put in a drop of juice and the rest can be chemicals! The examples go on and on. Companies like Arthur Daniels Midland Company makes billions of dollars selling genetically modified, manufactured food products around the world. One of the largest privately held corporations is the international food giant Cargill, which is trying to monopolize how food is manufactured, sold, and distributed around the world. Their goal is to make local farms, fresh fruits and vegetables, and fresh meat and poultry a thing of the past! They want everything mass-produced, preseasoned, prepackaged, and made in such a way that these food products can be stored for years and years. In restaurants and in the food we buy, the ingredients listed are bad enough, but imagine all of the things that are not listed, such as over 15,000 chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, chlorine, and fluoride. These do not have to be listed on the label. The food can be genetically modified, pasteurized, microwaved, irradiated, gassed, or filled with other poisons, none of which have to be listed on the label. All of these things lead to obesity.

Do drugs really make us fat?

Yes. All nonprescription over-the-counter and prescription drugs cause disease and obesity. As an example, all decongestants, even those found in cough syrups, create high blood pressure. High blood pressure itself leads to obesity. High blood pressure medication creates dehydration and dry mouth syndrome. This also leads to obesity. All drugs have a cumulative effect by continually leaving trace toxic residue in fatty tissues in the body. This leads to obesity and other health conditions. This is why cleaning these toxins out of the fatty tissue by doing The Purification Program is so vitally important.

You're not a doctor. How can I feel good about your dos and don'ts in Phases 1, 2, 3, and 4?

Every single do and don't in all four phases of this protocol come directly from medical doctors and credentialed experts. Thousands of licensed health care practitioners around the world use these dos and don'ts with spectacular results. No negative side effects are experienced. These are not my recommendations. I did not create or invent them. I am simply reporting on what doctors around the world are using successfully. All the backup references are in the Appendix of this book, and in the books listed in the bibliography, and each of those books' respective bibliographies.


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