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Chapter 1
Lose Thirty Pounds In Thirty Days ... Guaranteed

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
Mahatma Gandhi

You are about to learn about the greatest medical discovery relating to obesity and weight loss of all time. The cause of obesity and weight gain has finally been discovered. The cure has also been discovered. It has been used and tested for over thirty years by 100,000 people with virtually 100% success. The most amazing fact is that the true cause and cure for obesity and weight gain has been systematically and purposefully debunked, discredited, and hidden from the public. Now, for the first time since the cause and cure of obesity and weight gain was discovered over thirty years ago, this information is finally being revealed to the world!

This is not my discovery. I am simply reporting on the facts relating to this medical discovery. The cause and cure for obesity was discovered by a top British medical doctor over thirty years ago. He opened a clinic in a hospital in Rome, treating the rich and famous for over twenty years. His clients included hundreds of members from various royal families throughout Europe, major Hollywood celebrities, and some of the wealthiest people in the world. He was paid enormous sums of money to keep the cure a secret. The results were spectacular.

Before I go on telling you about the history of this discovery, I want to explain in simple terms what results you can expect. When you do the "weight loss cure protocol", as it is now called, you should lose about one pound per day. This means in thirty days you should lose approximately thirty pounds. Exactly how much weight you will lose will depend upon how much total weight you need to lose. If you only need to lose thirty pounds total, then you are more likely to lose twenty pounds in thirty days. If you need to lose 100 pounds, then you could expect to lose more than thirty pounds in the first thirty days. I have reviewed thousands of files of people that have done this protocol over the last thirty years. Almost everyone loses about one pound per day while on the protocol. This is important. The weight loss cure is not a diet, not an exercise program, not a psychological behavior modification program, or some other system that is supposed to help you lose weight. The weight loss cure actually addresses and corrects the psychological cause of obesity, weight gain, and inability to lose weight.

When you read this book cover-to-cover you will learn the true cause of obesity, weight gain, and the body's inability to lose weight. You will learn why food companies are making us fat on purpose. Most importantly, you will learn the simple protocol that you can easily do that will cure the basic underlying cause that makes us fat. There is absolutely not even one weight loss diet, program, system, pill, or anything else that addresses the true cause as to why we are fat. Even the government admits that nothing works for permanent weight and fat loss.

I know from personal experience that nothing works because I have virtually tried them all. I have struggled with weight my whole life. When I was growing up there were only one or two kids in each class that were considered fat. We were called "husky" or "big boned" or "healthy looking". I was that kid. Compare this with kids today. Statistics show that if we were to use the same standards of what was considered "fat" back in the 1940s, where less than 1% of the children were considered overweight. I was on of the overweight kids. Throughout my life I tried everything to lose weight and keep it off. I went to "fat farms" for weeks at a time; I hired persona trainers and exercised as much as five hours a day. I tried every pill sold, every new diet, every miracle device, subliminal tapes, hypnosis, laser therapy, and more. I bought the prepackaged food. I even hired a private chef to prepare specific meals that would help me lose weight and keep it off. I tried every diet you've heard of: the blood-type diet, the low carb diet, Atkins, South Beach, low calorie, vegetarian, food combining, high protein, raw, the grapefruit diet, the chocolate diet, NutriSystem, Lindora, Herbalife, SlimFast, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and probably a hundred more different kinds of diets. I tried every specific kind of exercise program, every herb, and homeopathic or nutritional product sold that promised to reduce my appetite, burn fat, and solve my weight issue forever. I drank so many different miracle protein shakes that it virtually drove me mad. I would lose some weight, but always gained it right back. Nothing really ever worked.

Many of you are in a similar situation. You've tried everything, yet nothing really ever works. When I say works, what does that mean? Yes, if you do any diet and exercise program you may, in fact, lose some weight. The problem is during the diet, exercise, or weight loss program you are usually hungry, grumpy, fatigued, have food cravings, need to use super human willpower, and feel deprived and miserable. The weight you lose is never the fat in the problem areas. You actually lose water, structural fat, and muscle. The biggest problem is that these weight loss programs lower your metabolism, and increase your appetite. They actually make it so the body gains weight quicker, stores more fat in the problem areas, and makes it even harder in the future to lose weight and fat. This is why when you stop the diet, exercise, or weight loss program you very quickly gain all the weight back, plus more! The scariest thing is the weight you gain back is the fat that is stored in the problem areas that is virtually impossible to lose. Diet, exercise, and weight loss programs actually make you fatter in the long-term.

The fact is, fat people and thin people have different ways in which their bodies operate.

Here are the common problems that people who are overweight have to deal with. Individuals who are dealing with weight issues, generally speaking, have the following characteristics, which are quite different from people who are not dealing with weight issues. These are some of the common denominators that virtually all fat people have:

1. Their body metabolism is slow

What this means is when a fat person eats food their body does not burn the food as fuel at a very high rate. People who are naturally thin burn food and calories quickly. Up until now there has never been a treatment that truly addressed this particular problem. This is one of the reasons why when a person goes on a weight-loss program and actually loses some weight, they gain all the weight back very quickly. If you don't correct low metabolism then you are destined to be fat your whole life.

2. High hunger

Thin people can never understand this. A fat person is physically hungry more often and at a higher intensity than the naturally thin person. Thin people always say that fat people don't have enough self-control to stop eating. This is not true. The thin person cannot comprehend the physiological, intense, and almost constant hunger that the fat person has to deal with. It has nothing to do with self-control. This is a real, gnawing, tortuous, intense physical hunger. This is one of the reasons why naturally thin people and exercise gurus have no right to author a book on how to lose weight. They have never really had to deal with the real issues that overweight people deal with.

3. Eating when you're not hungry

Fat people also have a problem with "emotional eating" or cravings. Certain food cravings fall into the above hunger category as they are physiological in nature. Other food cravings or emotional eating occur when you are physically not hungry, but you are "hungry" to fill an emotional need. This is actually physical in nature. I have read over 300 diet books and only two give any real solutions that address this problem.

There are two other issues relating to obesity. The first is genetics. As amazing as it sounds, genetics do not play a major role as a cause for obesity. Genetics do determine general body shape, but are not the main cause for a low metabolism, intense and constant physical hunger, or emotional eating.

The other issue is that specific foods, or kinds of foods, actually make you gain weight very quickly. Nutritionists and doctors always talk about calories, fat, protein, carbohydrates, and sodium. Some are now more advanced and talk about simple carbohydrates, complex carbohydrates, and the glycemic index levels of foods. (Foods high on the glycemic index fall into the category of highly refined or super highly refined, causing massive spikes in insulin secretion, leading to increased food cravings and hunger, and making the body increase fat deposits.) Some talk about saturated or unsaturated fats. All of these components have some level of importance. However, nutritionists and doctors virtually never mention the most important and significant components of food which lead to weight gain and obesity. The most significant components of food that play the largest role in weight gain and obesity are food additives, chemicals, and food processing techniques! It's not the food itself; it's not really the calories, the amount of fat, the amount of carbohydrates, sodium, glycemic index level, or protein. It's how food is processed and the man-made chemicals and additives in the food that actually cause weight gain and obesity. These include bovine growth hormone and antibiotics injected into meat, poultry, and dairy products, flavor enhancers, such as monosodium glutamate, artificial sweeteners such as NutraSweet (aspartame) and Splenda (sucrolos). This also includes man-made sugars such as high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, dextrose, sucrose, fructose, highly refined white sugar, processed molasses, processed honey, malto dextrin, etc., plus the over 15,000 chemicals that are routinely added to virtually every product you buy, including conventionally grown fruits and vegetables. Man-made trans fats such as hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils cause weight gain and obesity. Additionally, food processing techniques such as pasteurization, which is now done on virtually every product in a bottle or carton, homogenization, and irradiation (which is done to over 50% of all food products sold in America) all cause weight gain.

As part of the "weight loss cure protocol" all of these issues are addressed and corrected easily and permanently.

As I tried various methods to lose weight I experienced several problems that most of you are familiar with. While on every "weight loss program" the first problem was that the weight didn't come off very quickly. This was always frustrating and de-motivating. With the "weight loss cure protocol" this problem is solved. I lose 6 pounds the very first day. I lost 29 pounds in the first 21 days. I lost a total of 40 pounds in 6 weeks. When you are losing weight every day this keeps your motivation to continue with the program very high. The next problem with every other weight loss system I tried is that I was always hungry and miserable. With the "weight loss cure protocol" mild hunger only lasts for a couple of days. Then, almost miraculously, hunger is virtually non-existent. This made staying on the protocol very easy and pleasant. With other weight loss programs I was tired, grumpy, and had food cravings. With "the weight loss cure protocol" I had tons of energy, was happy and excited, with no food cravings at all. With other weight loss programs you don't actually lose the fat in the "trouble areas". No matter how much weight you lose you still have fat around the hips, thighs, buttocks, and waist. Your stomach never gets flat. With the "weight loss cure protocol" you are actually burning and releasing the fat in these troubled areas. Your body is completely reshaped. You lose massive amounts of inches. Your stomach gets flat! Your waist gets much smaller. It's the only method known that burns and releases these secure fat reserves, dramatically changing the shape of your body. The before and after photos of people who have done this protocol look as though they have had liposuction! With most other weight loss methods time-consuming exercise is required. Although exercise is always encouraged, with this protocol no exercise is required. While I did this cure I purposefully did no exercise at all to make sure these spectacular and almost miraculous results could be achieved without exercise. In reviewing the records of thousands of people that have done the "weight loss cure protocol" over the last thirty years, I can report that no exercise is required and the spectacular results are considerably achieved without any exercise!

This weight loss approach is quite different than anything else in the treatment of obesity. There are no hunger and food cravings. You have increased energy. You lose weight from the very first day. You lose approximately one pound per day. You lose fat in the trouble areas. You lose massive amounts of inches. Your body is completely reshaped as if you got liposuction. Your success in reducing inches and fat, combined with no hunger, no cravings, no feelings of deprivation, and no depression keep you motivated to stay on the protocol. There has never been a weight loss treatment that is so easy and works so well. One of the most exciting things that people experience is a fast and dramatic flattening of the stomach. Weighing yourself in the morning, and looking at yourself in the mirror, is one of the most exciting and motivating experiences patients do while on this protocol.

Every person who has lost weight in the past knows that the process of losing weight is hard, miserable, frustrating, depressing, and full of deprivation. Even with massive exercise, fat in the trouble areas is virtually impossible to lose. This protocol solves all these issues.

The biggest challenge with all other weight loss programs however, is keeping the weight off permanently. No other weight loss system corrects and cures the basic problems overweight people deal with or the true cause of obesity. When you stop a weight loss program, statistics show that almost everyone gains the weight back very quickly. We all know that we actually gain the weight back faster than we lost it! This is because no weight loss program cures and corrects the low metabolism, the intense and constant hunger, or the emotional eating and food cravings. This "weight loss cure protocol" does in fact "cure" and correct these problems. When you finish the protocol your metabolism is reset to the normal level. The emotional eating issues and food cravings are gone forever. This means when you finish this protocol you will be able to be a normal person in relation to your eating and weight. Your hunger will be completely normalized. You will be able to eat any food you want. Your body will burn the food you eat so that it does not turn to fat. Your hunger and appetite mechanisms will be regulated so that you have an intense feeling of fullness with no physiological food cravings. You will have no desire to eat when you are not hungry. For some of you, this will be a new and life-changing experience. Imagine going to a buffet and eating a normal amount of food and feeling totally full and satisfied. Imagine not having to deal with willpower or deprivation. Imagine not being hungry throughout the day. Imagine no longer being a slave to food and your weight. This cure might be the answer to your prayers.

As I mentioned, I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I've constantly dealt with hunger. I had to use willpower to reduce the amount of food I ate. I was constantly thinking about food, desiring food, and wanting food. When I ate foods I enjoyed in the amounts I wanted to, I would gain weight quickly. Because my metabolism was abnormally low, as it is with most fat people, I would gain weight even if I ate normal quantities of food. For the last 20 years I have researched almost every known weight loss treatment. Like Oprah, my weight was constantly going up and down like a yo-yo. I would work really hard with diet and exercise and get my weight to 195 pounds, then in just a short period of time I would go back up to 240 pounds. At my peak I weighed close to 300 pounds. The lowest I ever got was 185 pounds. The whole process was hard and made me miserable. It was always easy to gain weight and very difficult to lose it. In my first book "Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About", I list 32 dos and don'ts that help you lose weight and keep the weight off. Since doing these things my weight situation dramatically improved. Still, I was not cured. I still dealt with low metabolism and high hunger. This meant keeping the weight off was unpleasant and difficult. I also dealt with an inability to flatten my stomach and lose the fat in the problem areas. My search for a solution to the obesity problem has been going on for over 20 years.

I read over 300 books on weight loss. The problem with the majority of these books is they are written by people who have never personally had a weight problem. These authors never had to deal with the issues that fat people deal with. They were never seriously overweight or obese. They never dealt with constant and intense physical hunger. They never experienced massive and overwhelming and compulsive food cravings or emotional eating when they weren't hungry. They never looked in the mirror and saw grotesque fat deposits over their body that no matter how much diet and exercise they did, they still couldn't lose it. These so-called weight loss experts could never tell me how to lose weight easily, reshape the body, and lose the trouble area fat and keep the weight off for good. They only shared theories that did not address the true causes of obesity.

The other group of authors who write these weight loss and diet books are people who are still fat themselves! It annoyed me when I read these books. If the information in the books actually worked, then why was the author still fat? Why was the author unable to reshape their body and lose the fat in the trouble areas? Obviously, these authors didn't know what they were talking about. Their ideas and weight loss systems obviously didn't solve and correct the true causes of obesity. It is interesting to note that I personally met and interviewed many of these weight loss and diet gurus, fitness and exercise gurus, and executives who run the weight loss pre-packaged food companies, diet pill companies, and weight loss aids companies. I can tell you this, these people have either never had a weight problem so they don't know what they're talking about, are still fat, which means they don't know what they're talking about, or are simply in the weight loss business to make money. After 20 years, the search for the most effective and permanent weight loss method seemed to be an impossible task. I was about to give up.

I began thinking that maybe it would be better to give up the weight loss miracle search. I was tired of going to restaurants, wanting and craving food, yet constantly depriving myself of the pleasure of eating. I was getting fed up with constantly being hungry. I was tired of constantly having to motivate myself with such phrases as, "Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels." The thought of resigning myself to the fact that I would be a jolly fat guy for the rest of my life began to have much appeal. The only true weight loss miracle, if there was one, would have to be something that was incredibly easy to do, or I was no longer interested in even trying it. It had to work fast; it had to get rid of the fat deposits in the trouble areas; it had to reshape my body and flatten my stomach. Most importantly, when I finished losing all fat, inches, and weight I wanted, I needed to be able to eat anything I wanted, any time I wanted, as much as I wanted, and never gain the weight back. I had to live without deprivation, without using willpower, without crazy exercise, without hunger, and without craving and wanting food all the time. I actually thought, although this was a tall order, that the end result was an achievable goal. I had seen people who had never had a weight problem. They eat everything they want, as much as they want, without exercise, yet always remain thin. The question was, is there a way to get my body to operate like theirs?

My idea for this ultimate weight loss miracle was exciting. However, I felt finding such a cure would be like hitting the lottery. But you know people do hit the lottery! I didn't know it, I didn't expect it, but I was about to find the greatest weight loss discovery of all time ....

In the Bavarian region of Germany an anti-aging clinic exists for the rich and famous. Kings, queens, members of royal families around the world, celebrities, and billionaires routinely come to this small, semi-secret anti-aging clinic. The medical doctor who runs the clinic administers anti-aging therapies such as chelation, blood oxygen, and most importantly, live cell therapy. In my first book "Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About", I tell a story about how I was born with a deformed heart and was treated and cured with live cell therapy. I explained how this all-natural, non-patentable, inexpensive therapy has been made illegal in America by the FDA because it would adversely affect the profits of the pharmaceutical companies. Live cell therapy is one of the most effective health enhancing and anti-aging treatments in the world. The rich and famous who secretly received this therapy experience almost super-human health and vitality. Some people get the treatment once in their life. Others get several treatments in their lifetime. Most, however, receive the therapy every year or two. Having had the treatment over 20 years ago, I decided it was time for me to start a regular administering of live cell therapy. The treatment is painless, takes 5 minutes, has no side effects, is inexpensive, and would allow me a nice vacation in Bavaria. I was looking forward to experiencing Oktoberfest, hiking the Alps, and doing some sightseeing among the castles and lovely villages throughout the region. When I arrived at the clinic the doctor gave me a private tour of the patient archive room. I first had to sign a confidentiality non-disclosure statement promising not to reveal the names of any of the past or current patients. I looked through thousands of photographs of past and current patients who regularly come for the live cell therapy. What I saw blew my mind. It was virtually a who's who of world leaders, billionaires, celebrities and royalty. This had to be one of the best kept secrets in medical anti-aging therapy. The doctor and I chatted about my medical condition and what I had hoped the treatment would achieve. A complete battery of blood tests and hormone tests were done in addition to dozens of other medical tests to assess my condition. Many patients come with serious medical conditions such as heart disease, MS, arthritis, diabetes, or cancer. The doctor is very clear that he does not treat these conditions; he only administers the anti-aging treatments. These therapies promote health in the body by stimulating and revitalizing internal organs and glands. Only the body heals disease. I had no pre-existing known medical condition. I simply wanted a "tune-up". I had no symptoms that needed to be dealt with. The doctor asked if there was anything specific that I wanted to achieve physically. I joked that I wished I could lose some weight and keep it off forever! The doctor paused and very seriously and matter-of-factly stated that there was a cure for obesity that I could receive while at the clinic. I was about to brush him off figuring it was just another diet and exercise program. I was, however, intrigued when he used the word "cure". I asked how it worked. He went on to say that a British medical doctor, in the late 1950s, discovered that all overweight people have a low metabolism, constant and intense hunger, and massive food cravings, causing them to eat when they are not hungry. This M.D. also discovered that fat is stored in three areas of the body; and third, secure or abnormal fat reserves, which are known as the "problem areas". In women, these problem areas include the hips, thighs, buttocks, waist, stomach, and behind the upper arms; in men, the upper chest, back, neck, waist, and stomach. These secure or abnormal fat reserves (the problem areas) are never released no matter how much diet or exercise you do. The body retains these fat reserves as a survival mechanism and will only release them after 90 days of starvation as a last resort so that the person does not die. They are also released during pregnancy so that if a pregnant woman has no food, the unborn fetus still receives the nutrition needed to be a fully nourished healthy baby. The doctor went on to say that the protocol developed by this British M.D. virtually cures the cause of obesity. During the treatment, which lasts between 3 and 6 weeks, a person will lose about a pound a day. You will have no hunger and your energy levels will be high. You will have no food cravings and you will not feel deprived. You will not need willpower. Although exercise is encouraged, you do not need to exercise. Most importantly, the weight you will be losing will be almost all fat. You will lose very little, if any, muscle. The fat you lose will be from the problem areas or the secure fat reserves. This means your body will be reshaped. It will look as if you have had liposuction. You will not lose the structural fat that you need for good health. When you are finished with the protocol your hypothalamus gland will be reset. Your internal body weight set point will be lowered. Your metabolism will rise and be reset at a much higher level. Your physiological hunger will be reduced dramatically back to a normal level. You will no longer experience food cravings or need to eat for emotional reasons. You will be cured and you will not gain the weight back.

This sounded too good to be true. If this was real, this was an answer to my prayers. I was highly skeptical. The doctor then escorted me to the confidential patient files. Being a best-selling author in the health field, a journalist, and having signed the confidentiality non-disclosure agreement, the doctor allowed me to review the patient files. Incredibly detailed and accurate records were kept on the people that had been treated with this weight loss protocol. The statistics were astonishing. Almost everyone lost a pound a day from the very first day they started the protocol. The before and after photos were startling. Every patient saw a dramatic flattening of their stomach. Wherever the patient held on to fat shrunk the most; the waist, hips, thighs, buttocks were all completely reshaped. Remember, this was without exercise of any kind. With women, even though some lost 60 to 80 pounds, the breasts did not reduce, but rather became firmer. Men lost the spare tire around the waist and the fat around their upper chest vanished. The faces of these patients did not look drawn, rather the skin glowed, was taught and tight, and wrinkles diminished dramatically. Everyone looked 10 to 15 years younger. The weight loss numbers were astounding:

- 7 pounds in 7 days
- 10 pounds in 7 days
- 12 pounds in 7 days
- 18 pounds in 7 days
- 12 pounds in 14 days
- 16 pounds in 14 days
- 21 pounds in 14 days
- 18 pounds in 14 days
- 20 pounds in 21 days
- 25 pounds in 21 days
- 35 pounds in 21 days
- 45 pounds in 21 days
- 20 pounds in 30 days
- 28 pounds in 30 days
- 35 pounds in 30 days
- 45 pounds in 30 days
- 60 pounds in 30 days

These are actual results from actual patient records. The weight loss numbers were beyond anything I had hoped for. Every person's results were slightly different based on a multitude of factors, including age, gender, and how much they needed to lose. The heavier a person was the faster they lost. One statistic that stood out was everyone who was 60 pounds or more overweight lost at least a pound a day during the 6-week treatment. Most importantly though was the fact that the weight they were losing was not muscle or structural fat - these people were losing almost 100% fat directly from the problem areas, completely reshaping and re-sculpting their bodies. The results were fast and effective. There has never been a weight loss protocol that burns off these secure problem area fat deposits and reshapes and re-sculpts the body so effectively. Nothing even comes close. The fact is the majority of weight loss protocols never even touch these problem area fat reserves.

The comments from the patients in these records repeatedly stated that they were not hungry at all, had tons of energy, and were overwhelmingly excited about the results. Since many of the patients come back annually to the clinic, the long-term effects were of great interest to me. These thousands of records proved that people could lose fat faster than any other known weight loss system and do so virtually effortlessly. The big question was would the weight and fat stay off? In follow-up observations the statistics showed 85% of the patients kept the weight off (within 10%) after one, two, and five years. The most exciting statistic was no one gained all the weight back. The other important point was in the very small percentage that did gain some weight back; the record showed that these people gained the weight back very slowly. It was actually hard for them to gain the weight back. I compared this with every other weight loss method. Remember, with other weight loss methods the weight comes off very slowly. It is hard to lose the weight. You gain the weight back quickly and easily. It is very frustrating! This protocol was exactly the opposite. You lose the weight and fat quickly and effortlessly, and it is very difficult and slow for you to gain the weight back. Remember, over 85% kept the weight off. No other weight loss method comes close with these successful results. Needless to say, I was utterly impressed. More than that, I was excited and motivated to start the protocol. I felt like I had found Aladdin's lamp and the genie was granting my weight loss miracle wish.

I woke up early the day I was to start the "weight loss cure protocol". I believe I was about to start a brand new chapter in my life. Up until now I had been consumed with the constant battles with my weight - hunger, food cravings, constant dieting, losing weight and gaining weight, spending thousands of dollars on pills, powders, potions, teas, and every weight loss program sold. I was sick and tired of having clothes that were either too tight or too big. Could it be that I would never have to be on a diet ever again? Could it be that I could eat whatever I wanted anytime I wanted and as much as I wanted without having to worry about gaining weight? The thoughts of what my life was going to be like as a thin person with a normal hunger and appetite, without any crazy food cravings, and never having to deal with willpower, deprivation, or feeling hungry was so exciting I could barely stand it. I knew I was not alone; I knew that obese, fat, and overweight people were now the vast majority of Americans. The overweight problem is starting to permeate the globe. Back in the 1940s less than 1% of the American population was considered obese. Less than 10% were considered overweight. Using the same standards as were used in the 1940s, today over 80% of Americans are overweight! Over 50% are obese. On CNN it was reported that the average woman in America is 5'4" tall and weighs 165 pounds. This means that the average woman in America is medically classified as obese. America is by far the fattest and unhealthiest country on planet Earth. Every year more and more people are on diets, eating diet food, choosing low calorie, low fat, low carb products, and consuming record amounts of diet pills, powders, and potions. Record numbers of people are purchasing exercise equipment and working out in gyms. The diet and weight loss industry is estimated at over a $150 BILLION a year business. Yet, each year people are getting fatter and fatter. Nothing is working. So many questions filled my mind. If this weight loss cure, discovered and developed by a prominent British medical doctor, was so effective, why has it remained a secret for over 30 years? If there are tens of thousands of long-term success stories why doesn't everyone know about it? First it had to work for me before I investigated further and told the world about this medical weight loss miracle cure.

Here are my personal results. Before I started the protocol I weighed 231 pounds, with a 42" waist. Five weeks later, I weighed 195 pounds, with a 34" waist. I did not exercise at all during the protocol. I was slightly hungry for the first 2 days, but then I had virtually little or no hunger at all. The two things that all my friends noticed mostly were that I looked 10 years younger and my skin was incredibly clear. The other most exciting thing to me was everyone noticed how flat my stomach was. This is very exciting for anyone who has a weight problem. The protocol was everything that I had hoped it would be - no hunger, no food cravings, no grumpiness, no feeling of deprivation, no fatigue, a dramatic loss in not only weight but fat; most importantly a dramatic reshaping of the body with the burning of the secure problem area fat deposits. Although this is not a diet, I am happy to report that this will be the last "diet" you will ever need. The success rate of this protocol in keeping weight off forever is unmatched, nothing comes close. The speed and amount of weight and fat you lose is unmatched, nothing even comes close. The ease and effortlessness in which you lose weight and keep it off is unmatched, nothing even comes close.

Before you learn the exact protocol it is important to know the real untold reasons why you are fat, why you have a low metabolism, why you have intense and constant hunger, why you have uncontrollable food cravings and eat when you're not hungry, and why it is so hard to lose weight yet so easy to gain it. It is also important that you know why this weight loss cure has been debunked, discredited, and hidden from the public for so many years. You must also know the truth about the tens of thousands of people, including major celebrities, royalty, and other members of the rich and famous who have secretively been treated with this protocol and the spectacular, miraculous results they have achieved. I am not a medical doctor. I am a researcher, investigator, and journalist blowing the whistle and reporting on one of the best kept secrets in the area of weight loss.


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