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Phase Two HCG Diet Introduction

Phase Two is the beginning of the very low calorie dieting in conjunction with HCG.  The first two days of Phase Two are considered gorge days.  The remaining 40 days are restricted to following a 500 caloric daily intake.  During this time you will want to look ahead into Phases Three and Four and begin to plan how you will successfully move from one phase to the next.

Phase Two begins with two days of gorging.  Gorging does not necessarily mean eating a gallon of ice cream and a bucket of fried chicken.  The purpose of the gorge days are to enter into Phase 2 feeling full and satisfied.  You want to introduce the HCG into your system while you are full so your body can recognize the HCG in a full state.  We will then drop our basil metabolic rate (BMR) from an average 1500 calorie a day intake during Phase 1 to under 500 calorie daily intake during Phase 2, helping activate the HCG.  The gorge concept is more about entering into Phase Two full, think of this like filling up your tank with fuel.  It is not about loading on carbs and sugars, it is more about a state of fullness, similar to how you feel on Thanksgiving.  Eat sensible meals on your gorge days, do not concentrate on calories, just eat what you like and eat until you are full.

During the low calorie days on HCG it is imperative to stay with the approved foods list and to maintain a calorie intake of less than 500.  Do not eat less than 250 calories daily, eating too little calories on Phase Two will cause a plateau in your weight loss just as well as eating well over the 500 calories.  This is a protein based diet, it is extremely important to intake two separate proteins daily, each weighing 4 ounces raw.  You do not want to eat the same exact foods on a daily basis.  Your body will get accustomed to this and you will see lower results.  Switch up your proteins, fruits, and vegetables on a daily basis to get the full benefit of the diet.

Once you have completed your last day administering the HCG Drops you will remain on the restricted calorie diet for the next two days, eating on your Phase Two foods.  This is important as the HCG is still in your system and any variance from the diet can still cause a rapid gain in weight.  Once Phase Two is completed you will want to slowly increase your calorie intake while eating on the Phase One Green Light Food list for the remaining 21 days of Phase Three.

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