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Understanding Your Body Mass Index

The body mass index (BMI) is a screening tool to assess weight status.  You can use the calculation below to determine your BMI.  Keep in mind that BMI is only based on height and weight; it does not take into consideration your body composition or genetics.  A healthy weight for you may be higher than the BMI standards.  Your eating habits, physical activity patterns, other lifestyle choices, body composition and genetics are more important than any number on the scale in determining what weight is right for you.  Use BMI as a rough indicator, and consult a health care professional to help you determine what weight is right for you. 

How do you calculate BMI 

BMI is calculated by the following formula:  weight in kg / height in m2.  If you're not familiar with kilogram and meter measurements, follow the steps below to calculate your BMI.  

Step 1.  Take your weight (in pounds) x 705 
Step 2.  Divide that number by your height (in inches) 
Step 3:  Divide that number by your height (in inches) again 
Example:  Woman who is 53 and weighs 135 lb. 
     Step 1.  135 lb. x 705 = 95175 
     Step 2.  95175 / 63 = 1511 
      Step 3.  1511 / 63 = 24 
     BMI = 24 
BMI Standards


<  18.5

Healthy weight




Obese I


Obese II


Obese III




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