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The History of HCG

In 1967, Dr. Albert T. Simeons, a British-born physician, became the foundation of a weight loss program that used a medication called HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), a hormone produced when a woman becomes pregnant.  Dr. Simeons discovered that if HCG can utilize the body’s own fat reserves for nutrition to the baby in periods of deprivation, than a small amount administered daily in non-pregnant women and men may assist in weight loss.  It is believed that HCG may assist in the removal of stored fat by liquefying the fat cell contents, utilizing it as energy and then eliminating it through the body’s own process.  Under the direction of a licensed physician, the patient would receive an injection of the HCG medication daily and administered into the fatty tissue (belly area preferred) for a period of 30-40 days.  Women on average may lose 25-40 pounds and men may lose 35-47 pounds in a 4-6 week period.

Dr. Simeons created a research manual, “Pounds and Inches” that focused on the use of HCG as a weight loss solution and found that HCG alone will not cause weight loss.  However, if used in combination with a specific low calorie diet, combined with some exercise, significant weight loss may possibly occur.  During his research, Dr. Simeons noticed several important factors including the lack of symptoms expected from a patient on a very low calorie diet.  For example, his patients had no headaches, hunger pains, weakness, or irritability as long as the low calorie diet was combined with HCG.

By the 1970’s HCG weight loss was the most widespread obesity medication administered in the United States.  Since then, there have been thousands of success stories using HCG for weight loss including a book that sold over 4 million copies that reached the New York Times Best Sellers List.  HCG has never been approved by the FDA as a weight loss medication and using HCG alone may not guarantee weight loss.  HCG is only a small part of a specialized weight management and lifestyle program.  In order for success, the entire program must be followed.



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