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Phase Four:  “Life Maintenance”

A Total Wellness Experience

Phase 4 Introduction

in·san·i·ty [in-san-i-tee] – repeating the same act over and over again and expecting different results

In Phase 4 we are introducing a lifestyle change.  Looking at our habits over the years and making a plan of action to avoid them and start a new!  It is vital that we understand the necessity for a lifestyle change after our success on the HCG Program.  We cannot revert back to the same habits that led us to obesity because they will only lead us back to where we started.  We must create this change in our lives and COMMITT to them!  When thinking of the changes you want to begin making in your routine go back to your SMART goals: 

Specific – have I described details rather than general ideas of the goal?

Measurable – can someone else measure and see that I reached my goal?

Attainable – is this goal actually reachable?

Realistic – even if it is reachable, is it realistic that I am willing to do what it takes to reach it.

Timeline – do I have a deadline for reaching this goal?

The most important aspect of your SMART goals in this phase is to make sure they are Attainable and Realistic.  You do not have to set goal to join a new gym and workout with your new personal trainer four days a week if this is not going to be attainable financially and realistically fall into your daily routines.  Now is the time to review your daily habits and begin to make little changes, changes that will excite you and help motivate you to move towards your path of health and wellness.  As we have said before, just making the effort to take a daily stroll around the block will help you move towards a healthier state and is something that you can easily fit into your daily routine and can easily afford!

For some it is harder to make these changes than others.  It is hard to have such a paradigm shift in our lifestyles; especially because of socialization – the ways we were raised – our habits are deeply rooted.  We have to deal with our daemons, face the habits we have developed in life that led us to the path of obesity and COMMITT to changing them!  You do not have to do this alone!  Find support in your friends or family to make the changes.  When looking for a support buddy think of someone who has the same desire you to do make the change.  Find someone who needs your support just as much as you need theirs.  Avoid all the negativity of jealous friends who want to make the changes you are creating, but do not have the will power to do so themselves!  You are doing this for YOU!  Do not think of what your peers say or what they think you need, do what is right for yourself.

After completing Phase 2 most dieters report a whole new mindset towards the foods they want.  Embrace this new mindset!  Use it to help motivate you towards the end result, maintain a healthy state of wellness!  Read on in Phase 4 for more information on maintaining your new healthy state of being!

Glycemic Index

Foods with a low Glycemic Index value (the 0-100 index ranks foods based on the effect they have on blood sugar levels) slowly release sugar into the blood, providing you with a steady supply of energy, and leaving you feeling satisfied longer so that you're less likely to snack.  Foods with a high GI value cause a rapid, short-lived rise in blood sugar. This can often leave you feeling fatigued and hungry within a short time. Eating high-GI foods could lead to overeating.

Diets based on GI index encourage you to eat foods with a low GI value and avoid those with a high GI value. Most GI diets also recommend cutting down on fat, especially saturated fats. This means many of the foods which have a low GI value but are high in fat are still limited.

All meal plans on the Glycemic Impact Diet are made up from the following principles:

Approximately 40% of calories are from unrefined, complex carbohydrates, including whole grains and whole grain breads and cereals, and whole pieces of fruit instead of juice.

About 30% of calories are from lean protein (fish, chicken and the occasional beef and pork) with vegetarian options that include soy protein, tofu and textured vegetable protein.

About 30% of calories are from healthy fats, including nuts, fatty fish, avocado and olive oil.


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